Nany's Klozet x Melao launch party.. at Blush!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hey girls! I almost forgot to share this pics from the launch party of my capsule collection with Melao. There were actually two events at two different locations and times. I had absolutely so much fun; I felt so grateful and loved to have my friends and bloggers friends there. Also, I was so proud of myself when I saw the girls trying the collection on. Finally, there was a giveaway during the event where you could win your favorite piece of the collection by sharing your favorite pic. 

Remember that you  can get most of the collection at Blush Miami and on their website (click here)


¡Hola chicas! ¡Feliz día! Hoy quería compartir con ustedes fotos del lanzamiento de mi colección para Melao. El evento fue en dos tiendas Blush de Miami. La pasé espectacular; muchos amigos y bloggers fueron a apoyarme. Como les conté, me sentí muy querida y agradecida. También sentí un orgullo gigantesco al ver a las chicas probándose mi ropa. Durante el evento hubo una rifa; donde si compartías una foto usando el hashtag #nanyxblush, podías ganar tu pieza favorita de mi colección.

Pueden conseguir la colección en las tiendas Blush Miami y en su página de Internet (haciendo click acá). ¡Abrazos inmensos!


  1. Beautiful you - beautiful event - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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  3. I've never see a more beautiful view (aside from top of the hub perhaps) of the city. The windows are really high and they go through the length of the room.

  4. This place is so beautiful and romantic. They have a gorgeous patio area that is draped in white. Just gorgeous!! The room has a separate bar area with bartenders too.

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