Sunday, October 29, 2017


If you have been following me for a while, you know I love being a Halloween baby (well, or almost Halloween Baby). All my friends know I'm all about dressing up and annual theme parties.  Some of my past themed birthday parties include: zombies, roaring 20s, cheesy 80s, masquerade, tv characters, and circus.

This year, I wanted to do VAMPIRES. I actually have been thinking of this theme for a while; but I didn't want people to think I was a crazy Twilight fan (cause I'm not, I swear haha). I think it is such a fun theme, it's easy, and it's TOTALLY HALLOWEEN.

Because my building can be a little strict when it comes to parties , we decided to celebrate at a friend's house (you know her...Gaby from Voguish Diet). For convenience and safety, we headed there in uberX.

Espadrilles for a Cold Front in Miami

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Yes, when we think of wearing espadrilles, we think of Summer and Spring outfits.  They have this fun and beachy vibe that looks amazing with light summer dresses and denim shorts. However, I personally believe they are a great transitional piece- they give you a little bit more coverage than a regular Summer sandal, making them great for those not-to-hot, not-to-cold days!

Sí, lo sé. Cuando pensamos en alpargatas, pensamos en zapatos de Primavera/Verano. Van perfecto con vestidos veraniegos, shorts de mezclilla, y pantalones de lino. Pero ¿ por qué guardarlos cuando empieza el otoño? Ya que cubren un poco más que una sandalia veraniega regular, son una pieza de transición perfecta para esos días que no hace ni tanto calor ni tanto frío.

Sharing my “Hair Journey” with Herbal Essences

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sponsored by Herbal Essences and ShopStyle

Change is good.
Change is necessary.
Change is possible.
Change is magic.

People say that you know a woman is about to change her life when she changes her hairand I couldnt agree more. Today Im very excited to partner with Herbal Essences to show you my hair journey and how I have embraced change.

My first hair transformationhappened when I was about 4 years old. I had the most beautiful bronze curls, but I would cry my eyes out and ask my mom why wasnt I born with bangs?. Yes, I thought people were born with bangs.  After months of continuous complaining, my mom took me to the hair salon. Little did I know that the perfectly blown out bangs would turn into two little curls on my forehead after the first shower.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

I've been a fan of TOUS since I was a little girl and I remember wanting everything with that cute bear. I've been honored to collaborate with this brand for the past three years and  I especially love how it continues to grow and evolve- how we all should continuously, no matter the industry we are in!

Today I want to talk to you about 5 accessories/jewelry trends for Fall 2017 that I'm excited to incorporate into my wardrobe and I'm actually wearing in these photos!

Let's get started!!

Creo que me enamoré de TOUS muy pequeña, cuando quería todo lo que tuviese esa hermosura de oso. Los últimos 3 años, he tenido el placer de trabajar con esta marca y compartir con ustedes las nuevas colecciones temporada tras temporada. Y me emociona mucho ver como sigue creciendo y evolucionando (¡como todos deberíamos hacer sin importar en que industria estemos!).

Hoy les quiero hablar de 5 tendencias de accesorios para este Otoño/Invierno que voy a estar incorporando en mi "klozet" y que estoy usando en estas fotos.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Friday, October 13, 2017

What's better than one Mickey 🐭? 💓💓Two Mickeys 🐭🐭

Like I shared on my last post, we headed to Orlando with a group of friends- and we decided to go to Hollywood Studios today! So much fun!.

About my outfit: I originally was going to wear a romper but Gabe actually brought TWO Mickey shirts so I stole one of his! I love wearing men's shirts, they are definitely more comfortable.

Dos Mickeys siempre son mejor que uno 🐭💓🐭
Estuvimos en Orlando con unos amigos  (como les conté en el post anterior) y pusimos ir  a Hollywood Studios... tenía mucho tiempo sin ir y de verdad que la pasamos increíble.

Sobre mi outfit: originalmente iba a usar un romper blanco-negro pero cuando llegamos me di cuenta que Gabe llevó DOS camisas de Mickey- así que por supuesto le robé una (lo hice cambiarse y todo).  Yo prefiero comprar camisas de hombres, me parecen más cómodas. 

Best place to stay in Orlando

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I absolutely love visiting Orlando.  There's something so magical about being just a few miles away from all the theme parks. For a while, me and my friends were planning a chill trip together; so when Encort Resort reached out to stay at their luxury homes for four nights, it was an instant YESSS!!. And I have to say, we had the best time!!

Encore's Encore’s luxury homes have accommodations for 10-28 guests (the houses range from 4 bedrooms to 13 bedrooms!). We were a group of 14 in a 8 bedroom house and there was definitely room for more people! It is very family friendly; we had a "Frozen" room (yes, a very girly room with decor from the movie Frozen- my niece would have not leave the room!).

We got there late at night (all of my friends have 9 to 5 jobs- you know #adulting) and the day after we headed to Disney. I'll share another blogpost on that day in Disney but as you can imagine, it was a blast. Encore offers free transportation too and from the parks  at certain hours- so convenient!

After a long day in Hollywood Studios, we ran straight to the private pool to relax. If I'm not mistaken, all of the houses have private pools- and some of them have game rooms  movie rooms!

Sunset, love, and friends...in Miramar Beach, FL

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

 The week Hurricane Irma was about to strike, approximately 6 million people from Florida decided to evacuate to safety, to put just what you need in a small bag and go away with the uncertainty of what might happen to everything you left behind...everything you have worked all your life towards. It puts everything into perspective; that none of the materials things really matter. All of these things only weigh us down. I think this uncertainty also gave us a sense of freedom, of going with the flow, of driving without a destination for days. It took us to places we would have never imagined. It reminded us of living in the moment, of focusing in friendships/relationships, laughs, and making memories. Again, thanks for all the sweet messages asking if we are okay🙏🏼💓

DO IT FOR THE GRAM- the original picture is right above this one💓
As you can see, Vicky and I were terrified of the birds- laughing and screaming while Gaby from Voguish Diet was having the time of her life feeding them....but yeah,we got it and you would have never known how much screaming happened hahhaa


Cuando estabamos en Miramar Beach teníamos que aprovechar para tomar fotitos, uno de los días se nos ocurrió la "brillante" idea de darle papitas a las gaviotas para que saliesen en las fotos (si deslizan hasta el final pueden verla💓). Y como pueden ver, Vicky y yo estábamos aterradas mientras Gaby estaba gozando 🤣jajajaj yo nunca he sido muy fan de los pájaros...pero todo por la fotito para IG

We failed trying to recreate a pic from 2008...but this turned out cute right?


Queríamos recrear una foto que tomamos juntos en el 2008...pero fue un intento 100% fallido.  Al menos quedó linda también 💓💓 La foto la tomó nuestro amigo Alex (Lo pueden encontrar en IG como Legendary Alex)

When you are striking a "sexy" pose as a joke but you totally end up really liking the photo 🤣💓 We all got dolled up for fun by my friend Vicky (Vicky Alvarez!) and I seriously need to learn how to do my eyebrows like how she did them 😭😭


Cuando te pones a payasear con tus amigas pero te termina gustado full la foto 💓💓🤣 por cierto, Vicky nos maquilló a todas (naturalitas para la playa 💁🏻) y les juro que nunca me habían dejado las cejas tan fabulosas...¡me sale aprender de que YA! 


MUST VISIT in FLORIDA: Miramar Beach

Monday, October 2, 2017

💓Dreams are made of sand and sun...kimonos and swimsuits!
If you guys ever have the chance to visit Miramar Beach (close to Pensacola), GO🙌🏼 definitely one. We ended up here because of Hurricane Irma, but -besides everything- I'm glad it took us to this gorgeous place. Originally we were going to New York but we couldn't go to New York for NYFW, our flight was cancelled due lack of crew (completely understandable, people just want to be with their families and prepare for the hurricane). The airline couldn't give us back our bags until next week, so we headed home- repacked an emergency bag and started driving up north, as far as we could get. We drove for more than 17 hours, for a destination that's regularly 8 hours away. The traffic was just INSANE, but I'm happy everyone was just trying to stay safe running away to what could have been a catastrophe.  Thanks to everyone who kept emailing us to see if we were okay!


(((Inserte aquí una frase cliché sobre como cerca del mar, la vida es más sabrosa!)))🤣
No tenía idea lo lindas que son estas playas en la zona Noroeste de Florida; si tienen la oportunidad de ir, ¡tienen que ! ¡La arenas es tan blanca,el agua espectacular y tranquila, y los atardeceres ni se digan! 😍  Originalmente estos días íbamos a estr en NYC. No pudimos ir a Nueva York para la Semana de la Moda porque nos cancelaron el vuelo (por falta de personal, lo cual entiendimos porque todo el mundo lo que quiere es estar con su familias y prepararse para el huracán que ven . La aerolínea no nos pudo devolver nuestras maletas , así que corrimos a la casa a hacer una nueva maleta, montarnos en el carro, y salir manejando lo más al norte que podíamos. 🚘Manejamos toda la noche, más de 17 horas (una ruta que generalmente no pasa de las 8 horas). El tráfico fue una locura, pero me alegra ver que la gente realmente evacuó). Gracias por estar pendientes, por todos sus mensajes y lindos deseos.