Disney after BLOGHER!

Friday, June 30, 2017

I know I know! It feels like I was just in Orlando but yes, I went back again for BlogHER.

BlogHer is the biggest woman conference in the U.S- with a focus on lifestyle and mom blogging. It was so inspiring to hear their stories. I also saw panels with Serena Williams and Laurie Hernandez (wow!).

I went with a group of 8 girls, and we all stayed in a house (very reality tv of us). But it was so much fun! We cooked, drank wine by the pool, went shopping...and of course, we headed to DISNEY on our last day there.

Our first stop was Animal Kingdom. I have not been there since 1999 when it opened and I was excited to see all the new attractions, especially Avatar. Which by the way, it is INCREDIBLE! I have not seen a 3D simulator like that, you have to go!

Then we headed for Magic Kingdom for the classic pictures by the castle and to see the fireworks! But it started pouring and I was exhausted! But here are some pictures of the day! Hope you like them...what do you think of my Mickey overload?

Lo sé, parece que estuve en Disney hace una semana. Pero es que volví a ir a Orlando para una conferencia llamada BlogHER, y aprovechamos.

Les cuento un poco de la conferencia, la cual es la conferencia de mujeres bloggers más grande del mundo. Uno sale de ahí inspirada y con ganas de seguir trabajando más duro que nunca. Dos paneles que me encantaron fue el de Serena Williams y Laurie Hernandez, increíble.

Fui con un grupo de 8 mujeres y todas nos quedamos juntas en un AirbnB (parecíamos un reality show). Cocinamos, paseamos, tomamos vino en la piscina que teníamos...y teníamos que ir a Disney todas juntas.

Nuestra primera parada fue Animal Kingdom. Yo no había ido desde que abrieron en 1999 y estaba muy contenta de ver las nuevas atracciones. De verdad que les recomiendo la de Avatar, quedé impresionada.

Después nos fuimos a Magic Kingdom para tomar fotos cliché con el castillo y ver los fuegos artificiales, pero empecé a llover durísimo y nos fuimos. Les dejo unas fotitos, cuéntenme que les pareció!

My Shopping Destination for Athletic Wear

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

“Sponsored by Finish Line and ShopStyle”

Fitness is an on-going state of mind, it can be easy to lose track. I personally love writing out mini goals every month; it can be trying out a new class or going meat-less for a week.  I also love treating myself from time to time to a few pieces of athletic wear, that not only keep me inspired but also work for casual occasions. So today, I want to tell you my favorite shopping destination for Athletic-wear: FINISH LINE.

Personally, I love the athleisure trend. I love how it is totally acceptable to wear sneakers and athletic wear for the everyday. So today I want to show you how the pieces I got at Finish Line work for running errands, working out, to travel, and more.

M-Track Days with BMW

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Homestead with BMW for their M-Track Days. For the next month, I'm going to be working with BMW, showing you my favorite spots around Miami. I also got to meet and hang out the other influencers who are part of this campaign: Eddie Otero, Stephanie from Style Bungalow, and Juanma. Gabe was a late addition, I'm sure the team could see how excited he was to be part of this. Check out that gorge photo I took of him.  🚙🚙 Stephanie from the Style Bungalow and I were the old ladies driving a little too slow while everyone was killing it on the track, but it was such an amazing adrenaline-filled experience! 🙌🏼🙌🏼We got to test the whole M-series, drag race, and do hot laps with a pro! 💙


La semana pasada tuve un día de esos increíblemente diferentes. Tuve la oportunidad de ir a un “Track Day” junto a BMW 🚙🚙(manejar los últimos modelos a toda velocidad, competir entre nosotros y más...¡demasiada adrenalina!).  Les cuento que voy a estar trabajando con ellos todo el mes que viene, y les voy a estar mostrando mis lugares favoritos en Miami, y el carrazo que me lleva con estilo a estos sitios. Aquí estoy con Stephanie de #TheStyleBungalow- muertas de la risa debatiendo cual de las dos manejó más como una viejita, creo que quedamos empatadas!👵🏻👵🏼Si se perdieron los IG stories...aquí pueden ver un pequeño resumen de este día.

10 Questions with Voguish Diet

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

For a while, I've been saying I wanted to start shooting with my best blogger friends. I've meet some incredible women in the blogger industry and besides being collages, I've become very close with some of them. I love that we understand each other but at the same time we know that this is not what defines us, that we are more than bloggers.

I'm starting this section with Gaby from Voguish Diet. She is an amazing blogger and Youtube, also from Venezuela (venezuelan power IN THE HOUSE!).  We met a few years ago, when she had long hair with pink tips and I instantly loved her edgy style. I definitely identify with her style and I envy her height and long legs!

So I asked her 10 simple questions so you can get to know her better and follow her if you love her as much as I do!

Let's get started!

Tenía mucho tiempo diciendo que quería empezar a tomar fotos con amigas bloggers. Por mucho que la gente diga que esta industria es superficial, me siento muy afortunada de decir que he conocido a mujeres INCREIBLES, talentosas bellas. No solo nos entendemos a nivel profesional pero sabemos que esto no nos define (y no, no hablamos de likes o de moda todo el día- al contrario).

Voy a empezar esta sección con Gaby de Voguish Diet. Ella tiene un blog de moda y también un canal de Youtube. Es venezolana (VENEZUELAN POWER!!). Nos conocimos hace un par de años, cuando ella tenía el cabello largo con las puntas rosadas. De una me llamó mucho la atención su estilo edgy, me identifique mucho. Y con mucho cariño le envidio la altura y sus piernas largas jajaja.

Empecemos con 10 preguntas sencillas para que la conozcan mejor y la sigan si todavía no la siguen.

My favorite Little Things in Life...with TOUS

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life isn't the big moments, life isn't about waiting for graduation, that big promotion at work, that cool vacation, or the big wedding. Life is all that happens in between these "big" moments- and they are worth appreciating.

Here are some of my favorite little things in life:

1. Morning cuddles with Chiki and Gabe. This is probably my favorite little moment ever. I absolutely love waking up and appreciating another day together. Totally guilty of pressing the snooze button a few times just to spend more time with them.

2. Walks or rides in the park. I live right in front of the ocean, and there's nothing like crossing the street and just hearing the ocean (plus I've been lucky enough to see dolphins from time to time!). I'm been trying to ride my bike more often, it's just liberating.

3. Wearing that special jewelry or bag whenever I want.  Sometimes we invest in a piece but keep it in the original bag until we have "something" special. I'm the other way. I'm an advocate for wearing your favorite pieces all day every day! Here I'm wearing the TOUS collection Ivette; so dainty, so beautiful. Perfect for the every day AND for a special occasion with that beautiful outfit.

La vida es lo que pasa mientras esperamos por los momentos más importantes: por esa graduación, ese ascenso en el trabajo, la vacación esperada, o la boda soñada. Pero la vida es todo lo que pasa entre esos momentos grandes- y estos mini momentos son los que debemos apreciar más.

Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes algunas de mis cositas favoritas:

1.  Abrazos mañaneros con Chiki y Gabe. Creo que es mi momento favorito de todos los días. Amo despertarme y apreciar otro día juntos. Soy culpable de darle al botón de "snooze" más de lo que debería para que este momento dure lo más posible.

2. Paseos en el parque. Soy super afortunada de vivir tan cerca del mar, y no hay nada como cruzar la calle, ver el puerto y oír al mar (aparte he tenido días extra especiales, que estos paseos terminan con delfines a la vista). También he estado intentando manejar mi bici más, es tan relajante.

3. Usar ese accesorio, ropa, o cartera cuando quieras sin ninguna razón específica. Hay ocasiones donde guardamos esa pieza para algo "especial". Pero yo creo que deberíamos hacer lo contrario, si ahorraste para una joyita o una cartera, úsala TODOS los días que quieras. Aquí estoy usando la collección  Ivettte de Tous; muy delicada, perfecta para el día y la noche, para una ocasión especial o para el día a día. 


Monday, June 12, 2017

I got Chiki in 2008, after a long crazy internet search (and after almost getting scammed a few times).  I love being a "fur mama", it has thought me so many things about life and about myself. Today I'm going to share 10 random "Chiki" stories.

1.  I support adoption 100%, and I know my next pup will be adopted. I guess when I was 18 I was naive and I didn't think adoption first. However, I was very against "pet-shops". I wanted a dog that came from a good home, not treated as a product in a store. So yes, I bought him (but as the frugal gal I am, I got him for a great price, AND from a good home)

2. I had the option to pick between him and two other boys. One was crazy, bitting my hair and jumping around. The other was hiding underneath the sofa (super shy!). Chiki was in between, and he is still the most perfect dog in the whole world.

3. In my previous home, I used to live by a lake where we would take him to play. When he was a puppy: one time he ran following some ducks and he ended up in the lake. I'm never going to forget his face, he was so confused (he had no idea how or why he got wet).

4. His name is Chiki but originally his name was "Yogi", yes like Yogi the bear. He was so tiny that we would called him "Chiquito" and it just stuck

5.   The first time I bathed him I couldn't stopped laughing. He looked like a little rat. He still hates bathes, but he hates the blow-dryer even more. 

6. I always dreamed of keeping one of his puppies. However, all the female dogs we met were neutered so he never had puppies. We got him neutered last year because he was starting to suffer from the prostate (for exactly that, not being busy enough in the sexy department). 

7. He only plays with two toys. A ball and a plush dog that he humps. The ball is like his girlfriend, if he can't find it he goes crazy (we have tried giving him other balls, nope, that's the one he wants!)

8. He is the most friendly dog ever. Since we travel a lot for work, we have to leave him with friends and family- and some of our friends fight to take care of him. However, he gets very jealous if there are other dogs around, and he doesn't understand little kids (or why they pet him so weirdly haha).

9. He has given us a few scares. One time he swallowed something plastic that got stuck in his intestines and he could have died if we had waited a few more days to take him to the vet.

10. When he was little, he would wake me up to take him out. Now he just LOVES to cuddle. If he sees that I'm waking up, he just gets closer so I can cuddle him. It's the cutest thing ever.

Do you have a dog? a pet? Tell me something fun or cute about them!

Fishnets, overalls, and clear aviators

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I remember reading a fashion on quote that you should never wear more than two trends at once. But like I always say, rules are meant to be broken- there is always a way to break them.

And the easiest way to break this rule is to keep the colors and prints toned down. As you can see, this is only black and white. If the overalls were floral, the fishnets of color,  a bright hat..it would have been too much.

Today I want to start answering little questions that I always get.

Let's start with....


Everywhere! I have a little folder in my computer where I save pictures I like. It can be while I was browsing an online store and loved how they styled a certain item.

I also use the save button on IG a lot (you can also do collections there, which is very helpful).

I love following bloggers with very different styles, that keeps me out of my comfort zone and makes me want to try fun trends. In another post, I'll share my favorite bloggers.

I love Pinterest for specific things. I have a few boards like Blogger Style, Celebrity Style, Travel, flat-latys, etc.

 Polyvore when I need extra inspiration on how to style an item. I put a similar item and I see the sets people have done with them, very useful!

Now it's your turn to tell me who and how you get inspired fashion-wise?

ps: if you have a question for me. leave it down below!

Una vez leí una frase que nunca deberías usar más de dos tendencias a la vez. Pero como siempre les digo, las reglas están hechas para romperse- especialmente en la moda.

Esta regla es fácil de romper cuando mantienes los colores y los estampados sencillos. Como pueden ver acá, todo es blanco y negro. Si fuese todo colorinche y llamativo, fuese DEMASIADO.

Quiero empezar a responderles las preguntas que siempre me hacen (y si tienen alguna otra, déjenla abajo!).

Empecemos con:

¿En quién o qué te inspiras cuando se trata de estilo personal?

¡De todos lados! En la computadora tengo una carpeta llamada "insto" donde guardo todas las fotos que me gusten o me inspiren de alguna manera. Tal vez cuando estoy en una tienda y me gusta el estilismo. O en una página de chismes y veo un look cool de alguna celebridad.

También he estado usando mucho el botón de guardar en IG (no he usado lo de las colecciones, pero suena interesante...muy Pinterest).

Amo seguir a bloggers con diferentes estilos al mio. Eso me mantiene fuera de mi zona de comfort y me inspira a tratar tendencias de una manera distinta. En otro post les hablaré de mis bloggers favoritas actualmente .

Por supuesto Pinterest para cositas específicas que puedo anotar en el buscador. Polyvore me gusta para buscar piezas y como las han combinado otras personas (me ayuda en esos días que me siento como estancada).

Ahora les toca a ustedes contarme quien y como se inspiran.

PD. recuerden que si tienen preguntitas pueden dejármelas abajo.

Learning to love my body again... Gingham + Slides

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I took pictures of this look a few months ago and I couldn't post them because it was hard to see that person in the photos. It was a few weeks after the miscarriage and I'm still dealing with learning to love my body again. 

After "it" happened,  I had to rest for a few weeks (no exercise). And being 100% honest, I was eating my feelings away. I gained a few pounds and I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. In a way I was (and still am) upset that my body 'failed' me.  It's such a hard feeling, you repeat yourself that that little phrase isn't true- but you can't stop but FEEL it.

I'm slowing learning to love it again, by taking care of it: exercising, eating healthy, filling my self with positive thoughts. I know it won't be easy but I'm getting there.  Part of me wants to open another "healthy/fitness" section. I want to share my journey from a "real perspective" (not from a nutritionist or trainer).  Let's see if I'm finally courageous enough to do it!

With so much love,


Estas fotos las tomé hace un par de meses, pero no me atrevía a publicarlas porque no podía ver a la persona de estas fotos. Fue unas semanas después de la pérdida y definitivamente sigo batallando eso de volver a amar y aceptar mi cuerpo.

Después que "aquello" pasó, tuve que estar en reposo por un par de semanas. No podía hacer ejercicio y si les soy honesta comía de más para evitar algo la tristeza. Engordé varios kilitos, pero todo era parte de este resentimiento con mi propio cuerpo- de no "haber podido". Se que me van a decir que no me sienta así, pero es imposible no sentirlo. Mi cuerpo me falló de alguna manera y eso es un hecho.

Poco a poco estoy en proceso de volver a querer mi cuerpo, cuidarlo haciendo ejercicio, comiendo saludable y llenándome de pensamientos positivos. Se que no será fácil pero ahí voy. Parte de mi quiere abrir una cuenta o sección de "ser saludable" desde un punto de vista más real (no de una nutricionista ni entrenadora). Vamos a ver si finalmente me atrevo.

Mucho mucho amor.


Lace-Up Jeans and Clear Aviators

Sunday, June 4, 2017

When I started blogging, I wouldn't wear jeans at all. Maybe you guys even remember me saying that it was like a challenge.

Looking back, I know what it was. Jeans are a comfort zone. It's very easy to wear a jeans and a tee and get out the door. I'm glad I stopped wearing them for a few years because it made me think outside the box and play with different trends and styles.

However, jeans nowadays are nothing but fun. Come on, look at these lace-up! I got them at Forever 21 for $34.90, they also have a legging version for $20.  I personally just feel a lot more comfortable in jeans (I still say it out loud people, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS). I'm going to link more options below, the side lace-up is GORGEOUS too.

I have a few outfit ideas on how to wear these  jeans but I was heading to a blogger- where Gabe was talking about photography. So I felt like just doing a simple white tee and sneakers (I later up changed to these amazing boots)

Final trendy touch? Clear aviators!! Love them! I got them in clear and yellow since the price was so great!

Have an amazing week loves!

Cuando empecé a blogger, creo que NUNCA me vieron con jeans. Estaba hasta en mi preguntas frecuentes, ¿por qué no usas jeans?

Las cosas han cambiado, pero en ese momento quería salir de mi zona de confort y  no me arrepiento porque eso me obligó a utilizar diferentes tendencias y jugar con distintos estilos.

Aparte, los jeans de hoy en dá están más divertidos que nunca. ¡¡Y estos jeans trenzados son la prueba!! Los conseguí en Forever 21 por $35, también tienen una versión en leggings for $20. A mi personalmente me gustan más los jeans, me siento más cómoda y son más versátiles. Repitan conmigo "Los leggings no son pantalones!". Abajo les voy a dejar varias opciones, hay unos con la parte trenzada de lado que son hermosos también.

Tengo varias ideas en mente pero ese día quise usarlo de la manera más básica: con una camiseta blanca. Ibamos a un panel donde Gabo iba a hablar de fotografía. Originalmente tenía unos sneakers (ya que el panel era por el día) pero luego me cambié a estos tacones.

¿Toque trendy final? Estos aviadores transparentes. No me resistí y ya que estaban a buen precio, compré los amarillos también.

Feliz semana amores.

Spring Denim Guide…with DENIZEN® from Levi’s® Jeans

Friday, June 2, 2017

Jeans. We rely on them. We wear them on a weekly basis. We dress them up. We dress them down. They never leave our wardrobe…and we are not complaining! 

I’m super excited to announce I’m going to be partnering with DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans as part of their Style Council for the rest of the year. I’m going to be showing you how to style jeans for every season and any occasion.  

Today I’m going to show you 3 ways to style 3 pieces from the DENIZEN® jeans spring collection. I’ve been a fan of DENIZEN® jeans for a while. They’re available at Target in stores and online, and I love that they are fused with ESSENTIAL STRECH; meaning that they move with you, they don’t lose their shape, and they are so flattering! I’m going to be pairing them with some of my favorite trends and shapes for this season.

Let’s get started: