Bold Stripes and Pastel…with Walmart

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

“Sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle”

I’ll never get tired of saying it: BE.YOUR.AUTHENTIC.SELF!

For a while I thought it was about ORIGINALITY; then I realized that nobody does it like you do. Take a trend and make it your own. Take your talent and make it YOURS.  Whatever you do; if you put your heart to it, nothing will come even close.

If you ask me for a timeless print, I’d probably say STRIPES! So how can we make them fun for Spring 2019!? For the second part of this campaign with Walmart and ShopStyle that encourages you to show your unique style from corner to corner of the country, let’s talk about how to update your favorite print without hurting your wallet. Plus, I love how Walmart has a great selection of fashionable pieces for your personal style.

So, I’m updating my stripes by:
  1. Wearing them in a fun jumpsuit. You can dress it up with heels. Make it casual with a jean jacket, and rock and roll with a leather jacket. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Adding white sneakers. I’m a big fan of white sneakers, especially when paired with unexpected stylish pieces.
  3. Playing with pastel colors, not only in the print of the jumpsuit but also by adding the pastel pink round bag! 

This look was perfect for a little stroll in the Design District. Another great area in Miami where you can find delicious restaurants and cafes (and some amazing photo spots!)

What’s your favorite trend this Spring? How would you wear this jumpsuit? Let me know!


Walmart- LOVE Sadie wide leg jumpsuit (similar here) (or here)

Walmart- Feshionn IOB gold necklace


Saturday, April 6, 2019

The first room to come together in the new apt is...Niki's nursery!

If you saw my nursery reveal post when he was born in May, you'll notice that the theme remained the same! I didn't feel like changing the jungle/animal elements YET. I want him to choose his next room when he is older.  

However, I wanted it to have a little UPDATE- and the easiest way to do so is with: WALLPAPER! I absolutely love this one by Minted looks so good that everyone keeps asking me if I painted it myself (hey I'm not that craftyūüôą!) but props to my husband for putting it up almost perfectly! Isn't it dreamy!!??

The last post also had the SNOO bassinet, which I don't recommend. I wish we had used this big crib since day 1. This one is from Babyletto and it also converts into a toddler bed.

 I was also excited to get a glider! As we shared rooms in the previous apartment, there wasn't space for it! I'm loving it for reading/feeding time...oh boy, now I realize how much I needed it when he was tiny. But hey, I'm saving it for the next one!

What do you think? On the other side, there is the play area, but it's not perfect yet! 

P.S: since he is such an active baby, I had to bribe him with baby cookies so he would stay still for the pic hahaha.


¡¡Y el primer cuarto que les quiero mostrar es el de NICO!!

Si vieron su cuartico (que era en la esquina dentro de nuestro cuarto) cuando naci√≥, se habr√°n dado cuenta que el tema del cuarto es el mismo- ¡¡animalitos!!  Siento que todav√≠a est√° chiquito para cambiarlo...quiero que el pr√≥ximo lo escoja √©l cuando est√© m√°s grande. Tambi√©n entre tantos gastos durante la mudanza, preferimos mantener este lo m√°s parecido posible para comprar lo menos posible.

PERO, quer√≠a darle como un "refresh" (actualizarlo un poquito), y la manera m√°s sencilla es con papel pintado en las paredes. Me enamor√© de este de Minted... aparte que parece que lo pint√© YO (no se crean, no soy tan buena con las manualidades!). Pero el padre de la criatura si fue bueno poni√©ndolo.. ¿no les parece hermooooso!!?? 

Tambi√©n otra de las cosas que quer√≠a era una mecedora (cosa que no ten√≠amos antes por falta de espacio). Realmente es lo m√°ximo para leer juntos y darle su leche! y bueno el color neutral para que funcione a futuro! ¿Qu√© les parece? 

Del otro lado tiene el area de juego, pero no est√° listo. ¡Ya les compartir√© m√°s!
 *similar * Giraffe Plush Animal

Must-Try: HydraFacial

Friday, April 5, 2019

Sponsored by HydraFacial & The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

I cant stop talking about the importance of self-care, especially after starting your own family.  There is nothing that feels more fulfilling than spending time with my baby; but I need time for myself, to take care of me. Because: happy mama=happy baby.

Most days self-care means sweating in the gym. Some days it means a much needed mani. But a truly special self-care day means: FACIAL!

I was super excited to try the HydraFacial experience at Skin by Tatum- and feel my skin healthy and glowy....spoiler: it was everything I expected AND MORE!!!

HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that delivers skin-health in as little as 30 minutes. It removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities. It can also be personalized to meet the needs of your specific skin type.

As soon as I arrived to Skin by Tatum, I got an amazing skin analysis in order to personalize my HydraFacial to my specific needs. This treatment addresses all skincare needs like: fine lines, wrinkles, texture, brown spots, enlarged pores, elasticity, and more!

One of my main problems was hydration (yes, yes I need to drink more water) and dark spots for not using as much sunscreen as I should.  I instantly noticed improved hydration, and more of an even tone (with a glow OUT OF THIS WORLD!!) with no discomfort.

The HydraFacial machine has tips with a unique spiral design that provides non-invasive skin resurfacing and temporary pore opening to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and extract impurities evenly without damaging the skin while ALSO delivering serums to the skin.

STEP #1 Cleanse + Peel. 
It removes dead skin cells and sebum. This allows the skin to reflect more light and appear brighter and healthier. This step uses a mix of salicylic and glycol acids to help loosen deep pore debris and dirt to prevent the formation of the pustules involved in acne.

STEP #2 Extract + Hydrate.
 Provides strong vacuum suction to remove blackheads and other impurities.

STEP #3 Fuse + Protect.
 Delivers a Pro antioxidant formula with potent peptides to restore healthy skin structure and function.

Right after my facial, I had an event. And the best part of this treatment is that you can return to your normal activities after. I put a little concealer, mascara, and my eyebrowsbecause it was a blogger event. But my skin felt SO amazing that no foundation was needed and I kept getting compliments about my skin.

One treatment per month is recommended to continue improving your results, and I want to be back as soon as possible!

Are you as excited as I was for this treatment?

You can find a provider by CLICK HERE!


Wednesday, April 3, 2019


 Last month, we said good-bye to the apt where we lived for almost 7 years...the one where we got engaged (literally Gabe proposed in the middle of the living room), decorated as newlyweds, and then first home to Niki.

 But we are SO excited for the new memories to come, the new see Nico grow, to see him have his own bedroom.

Yes, we shared our bedroom with him for 9 months; but then when we started sleep training, at 7 months, we basically moved out to the living room.  Yes, we gave up or bedroom so Nico could sleep peacefully in his own space. It was super annoying because we couldn't use the bathroom after he went to sleep, and every day we had to take our mattress out. Yes, first world problems...but as he grew, we definitely needed more space.

The house is not 100% ready but with a lot of love, it's coming together, while trying to make #MarieKondo proud haha.

The first room to be absolutely ready was Nico's room, and that would be my next post. Reason why I wanted to explain that we moved and that we are so happy to make this little apartment our HOME!

Who else loves HOME DECOR?


Y nos despedimos del apartamento donde vivimos casi 7 a√Īos; en el que nos comprometimos (¡SI!, Gabe me pidi√≥ matrimonio en la sala), el que decoramos como reci√©n casados, y el primer hogar de Niki. 

¡Pero estamos demasiado emocionados por las nuevas aventuras en este apartamento...por ver a Nico crecer corriendo, que tenga su propio cuarto, y nosotros felices de volver a tener el nuestro!! (que si leyeron mi post del sue√Īo, saben que Nico b√°sicamente nos quit√≥ nuestro cuarto y est√°bamos durmiendo en la sala).  Era parte de la vida, y sab√≠amos que eventualmente ten√≠amos que buscar otro apartamento.

Todavía el apartamento no está 100% listo pero ahí vamos, poco a poco...aparte intentando aplicar todo lo que aprendí viendo a Marie Kondo! He estado intentado documentar el proceso para después mostrarles antes y después de cada cuarto. El de Niki ya está listo y viene PRONTO.

¿Qui√©n m√°s ama decorar!?ūüôč‍


Monday, April 1, 2019

Nico's first flight!!! 

 I'm definitely no expert when it comes to flying but Nico has already been to Mexico, New York and California. Before his first flight in October, I asked on IG stories if you all amazing mamas had some tips for me.  The response was incredible, I tried to saved whatever we thought would work for us and now it's my turn to share what we implemented.

I hope they can be useful to any first-time moms out there.

- Try to book the flight around his nap times if the flight is relatively short. If the flight is to Europe, for example, I've read it is better to book an overnight flight.

- If you are a small family of three, like us, when selecting the seats, pick an aisle and a window seat. If the flight isn't full, there might be a possibility that nobody will pick the middle seat...and you have to whole row for you! We did this and it worked! If the flight is full, I'm sure that person will be thrilled you are switching them from a middle seat to a window seat. 

- If you are traveling nationally, there isn't any fee for a baby that's traveling in your lap. However, always call the airline. For our trip to Mexico, we had to play a 10% of our flight for taxes.

- Also if the flight isn't full, you might be able to bring the carseat with you inside the plane. This is also, of course, safer for your baby.

Have your documents ready. For national flight, we weren't asked to show any proof of age but we also had his passport with us. 

When flying with a baby, you get an extra personal item (aka the diaper bag). So here are my recommendations on what to bring:
- DIAPERS: Add enough diapers for the length of the flight and extra for any surprises (like delays or poopy explosions!). 
- Diaper cream and wipes, of course!

- An extra shirt for me and one for my husband- again, just in case any spit-ups that can ruin your travel look.

- I added a few layers for my baby- just in case the plane go too cold or too hot. I dressed him in a short-sleeve onesie but I brought pants, socks, a cozy jacket, and a little blanket. We ended up using it all since it was cold at the airport but hot inside the plane.

- Bring some of his favorite toys and some he/she hasn't seen before; that way you can entertain them easily during the flight.

- If you can, bring the baby carrier. It's extremely useful even when the baby is sleeping in the plane.

- On your diaper bag, you can bring formula, baby food, AND water without any issues (yes, WATER!). The TSA crew will carefully check your bag but it is acceptable to bring food and water if you are traveling with a baby. Give yourself 15 min of extra time for this check.

- If you need to pump, major airports have areas where you can pump privately.
- Same with breastfeeding. I'm all for publicly feedings, BUT if you need some privacy...there are areas you can do it.

- Besides the diaper bag, you are allowed to check an item at the counter and another one  right before entering the plane. Regularly, you check the carseat at the counter and the stroller in the gate.  If you can only check the one at the gate, do so.  The items are not treated as well as they should as baggage.

- When going through TSA, you can wear your baby with the baby carrier, and you don't need to take it off. But some airlines might request you to take it off during take-off and landing.

- Check if you have early boarding- most airlines let you go inside the plane early so you can get settled with your little one.

- Try to tire your baby before boarding so your baby is ready to sleep as soon as you take off.

During take off and landing, make sure the baby is on the boob, with a pacifier or the bottle. This helps with the ear discomfort. This is probably the most important tip on this trip.

- You can ask the flight attendants to warm baby bottles. We didn't do it personally but this service is there for you.

- Changing tables are tiny inside the plane; so if you can, change your baby right before boarding and as soon as you land (of course, if timing permits!)

- Keep calm if your baby is crying, don't worry about anybody else. It happens and the calmer you are the calmer your baby be.

- The engines work as white- noise, that's why babies fall asleep relatively easy on planes.

- Get ready to adjust his routine.  If there is any time difference, add a quick nap or put him down to sleep earlier. Nico never noticed the 3 hour difference when coming and going to LA.
- When you arrive, request an UBER XL because of all the luggage, stroller/carseat, etc.

Hope this is all helpful and please add your tips below!


No me considero ninguna experta cuando se trata de viajar con beb√©s...PERO ya hemos viajado un par de veces con nuestro peque√Īito. Y quiero compartir con ustedes algunas de las recomendaciones que me dieron y que implementamos.

Espero que le sean √ļtiles a alguna mam√° por aqu√≠.

- Intenta que el vuelo sea durante su siesta si el vuelo es corto. Si es uno largo a Europa, es recomendado que sea de noche para que el bebé descanse lo más posible.

- Si tu familia es peque√Īa, intenta escoger el asiento de la ventana y el del pasillo para ti y para tu pareja. En dado caso que el vuelo no est√© lleno, el asiento del medio estar√° vaci√≥. WHOOP WHOOP a la fila completa. Nosotros hicimos esto y funcion√≥. ¡Si llega a estar ocupado, le ofreces el de la ventana, y listo!

- Si el beb√© va en tus piernas, generalmente no hay costo. Pero siempre llama a la aerol√≠nea para asegurarte. Por ejemplo, M√©xico al ser internacional, tuvimos que pagar impuestos por √©l (unos $20).

- Si el vuelo no est√° lleno, puedes entrar con el asiento para el carro y ponerlo en su propio puesto. 

-  Por supuesto, ten la identificaci√≥n a la mano. En vuelos nacionales, no nos han pedido su pasaporte- pero siempre lo tenemos con nosotros.

- Al viajar con un beb√©, la aerol√≠nea te deja llevar otra pieza de equipaje peque√Īa (es decir, la pa√Īalera). Aqu√≠ les dejo un par de recomendaciones en cuanto a que llevar:
a) PANALES: lleva suficientes pa√Īales para la duraci√≥n del vuelo + tiempo en el aeropuerto + extra en dado caso de alg√ļn retraso o sorpresa de #2.
b) Toallitas h√ļmedas y cremita, por supuesto.
c) Una camisa extra para tí y tu pareja (otra vez, en dado caso que se ensucie con leche, buche, o comida de bebé).
d) Lleva ropita extra para tu beb√©. Yo siempre le llev√≥, sin importar a donde vayamos, un su√©ter, medias, pantalones abrigados, y una manta.  Todo esto en dado caso que en el avi√≥n/aeropuerto haga mucho fr√≠o.
e) Juguetes. Tanto sus favoritos como un par de juguetes nuevos que lo entretenga durante el vuelo.
f) Si puedes llevar el porta-beb√©, ¡excelente! A mi me ayud√≥ mucho.

En cuanto a la COMIDA:
- En la pa√Īalera puedes llevar todo lo que necesitas, comida de beb√© (en papillas o regular), f√≥rmula, leche materna, y agua (SI, AGUA!). Al momento de pasar seguridad, te van a revisar la pa√Īalera cuidadosamente, por esto a√Īade unos 15 minutos m√°s de tiempo.

- Si necesitas usar el extractor de leche, hay areas donde puedes sacarte leche o darle a tu beb√© pecho de manera privada. 

- Aparte de la pa√Īalera, puedes chequear una pieza al hacer check-in y otra en la puerta antes de entrar al avi√≥n. Regularmente estas dos piezas son el asiento para el carro y el coche.  Si viajas mucho, te recomiendo el Doona Stroler que es un 2x1.

- Puedes pasar seguridad con el portabeb√© puesto y no necesitas quitarterlo- pero considera que la aerol√≠nea puede prohibirlo al momento de despegue y aterrizaje.

- Revisa si te dejan abordar antes- la mayor√≠a de las aerol√≠neas lo permiten para que tengas tiempo de acomodar todo.

- Intenta cansar a tu bebé jugando, en la puerta para que se duerma apenas se suban al avión.

- Lo más importante es que tu bebé esté en el pecho, con un chupón o en su biberón al momento de despegar y aterrizar. Esto ayuda con la molestia en los oídos.

- Si necesitas calentar la leche, las aeromozas lo pueden hacer. 

- Los cambiadores en los aviones son MINIMOS. Nosotros intentamos cambiarlo justo antes de abordar y al bajarnos.

- Si tu beb√© esta inquieto o llorando, mant√©n la calma. Ellos se alimentan de nuestras energ√≠as, ¡¡cero estr√©s!!

- Las turbinas funcionan como sonido blanco, ¡lo cual ayuda a que se queden dormido m√°s r√°pido!

- Pide un UBER XL para que te quepan todas las maletas, coche, asiento del carro, etc.

- Prep√°rate para ajustar su rutina apenas lleguen, especialmente si hay alg√ļn cambio de horario.

¡¡Comparte tus tips conmigo!!