More than fitness, it’s a lifestyle..with JCPenney Active

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I love January, it’s the first chapter of new beginnings. I love setting goals and really pushing myself to achieve them. Last year I started working out, I went above and beyond my goals and I worked out at least 5 days of the week- the whole year! (yes, I’m proud).

Reason why I’m excited to partner this new year with JCPenney to get in the mindset that being active doesn’t mean fitness, it’s a lifestyle…you can be active in your everyday life- it doesn’t matter if it’s a hardcore HIIT class or if you are walking the dog for 30 minutes. Your body will thank you; even if it’s just  for 10 minutes, your body will thank you…#SoWorthIt.

To stay extra motivated I got some fun workout pieces from JCPenney- there were many affordable on-trend items but I went for some colorful leggings, matching sportsbra and shoes, and a cool sweatshirt that says “This is what Fierce Looks Like”. All these pieces worked perfectly from the gym to a casual run around the park. JCPenney is continuing its partnership with the YMCA. This January, become a new Y member during Jan 15-31, get bounceback JCP coupon on Active/Xersion!

While in Ecuador, I basically lived in my brother’s gym (yay to family businesses). I did as many classes as possible. My favorite was the Functional Gym, my body was so sore the day after…I think it still is. My Active Goals for 2017 is running the extra mile (literally and figuratively). I want to push myself; lift more, run faster,, become stronger.

What’s your active goal for 2017?


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This post was sponsored by OPTI-FREE®. All opinions are my own.

I’m not naturally a morning person; I’m the type of person that prefers sleeping until noon. But we all know that the early bird gets the let’s start our mornings with a big smile on our face and try to make mornings less irritating.

If you can, do as much as you can the night before. You can plan your outfit, blow dry your hair, pre-prep breakfast, organize your bag, etc. This means no running around in the morning...and even sleeping more calmly because you know everything is ready to go as soon as you wake up.

We all do it: “5 more minutes PLEASE!!”; but this doesn’t help. Those 5 (then 10, and then 15) extra minutes of sleep are not enough...and they turn into stressing out about being late. Just be honest with yourself, set an attainable alarm, wake up instantly, and brush your teeth. The worst part of sleeping is waking up, so why do it many times a day!

We have all been there. You get home from work and there are 1,000 excuses not to exercise...but what about doing it in the morning? Exercising in the morning gives you an extra dose of energy, will keep your stress level down...and it has been proven that doing cardio before breakfast is even more efficient for weight loss. You can also try sleeping in your workout clothes so as soon as you wake up, you are ready for a walk...and ready to conquer the world!

After a long night (6-8 hours) without water, your body is mildly dehydrated...this causes fatigue and irritation! If you are feeling too tired, what you might need is more simple as that!

5) ELIMINATE ILF* Irritating Lens Face
I started wearing contacts 10 years ago. I put them on before applying makeup or heading out to exercise...and I take them out before removing makeup. I’m always looking for all-day comfort, nothing is as irritating as having dry, dirty or uncomfortable contact lenses. I’ve been using OPTI-FREE® Puremoist® for years now to clean and disinfect my contact lenses because it keeps my lenses comfortable and helps me prevent Irritating Lens Face (ILF).*
*ILF: a fun term to refer to the face you make when dry, dirty or uncomfortable contact lenses irritate your eye, resulting in winks, eye rolls, and general faces of discomfort that can really ruin a moment.

Just like #4, our body’s metabolism and blood sugar is at its lowest in the morning. Solution: a breakfast to re-energize us! Two easy breakfasts:
- Banana pancakes: mix one rip
ened banana with one egg and cinnamon and you have healthy pancakes with no flour! These are my favorite.

- Egg Frittatas: mix two eggs with your fave veggies and potatoes and put them in a cupcake holder.

Bake at 350°F until they turn delicious!

You don’t have to be 45 minutes doing your makeup—makeup should be about enhancing your favorite features and not transforming your face.
For the everyday life, you don’t need more than 10 min. (hey, take as long as you need for that wedding you are attending next month!). Set up a small makeup kit for the everyday stuff so you don’t have to be looking for the products you want. It’s all about looking like you spent a lot of time when you actually didn’t. Go for bb cream, concealer where necessary, blush (leave contouring for special occasions), mascara, neutral shadows, brow powder, and brown eyeliner.

If you need a little something-something while getting ready, put some music on.

Before starting your day, repeat a positive affirmation—something in your life you want to adjust, or replace. It can be a simple “I can do it” or “I’m grateful for my life”—but these affirmations help reduce cortisol levels by more than 40% during stressful situations.

If you were able to wake up at least 5 minutes earlier, take those 5 minutes for yourself; maybe enjoy your coffee or tea while reading the news, try a new braid, or meditate by the bed. You deserve it! 


Monday, January 16, 2017

You, by know, probably notice how much I love this skirt. I've worn it twice already, which means it is ready for a REMIX this wednesday. During the day I worn it with sneakers, I love how such a statement piece can be toned down for a casual look. At night I switched to heels and it was a perfect date night outfit.

I have a feeling I will still wear it a lot... so let me know in the comments how would you wear it! XOXO

Como ya se podrán haber dado cuenta, AMO AMO esta falda. Ya la he usado dos veces, esta es la tercera. Esto significa que ya esta lista para un REMIX- estén pendientes de este miércoles. Este look me encantó como se veía con zapatos de goma ya que es la manera perfecta de hacer una pieza tan de noche una de día. Pero cuando anocheció, me cambié los zapatos a tacones y fue perfecto para un par d eventos.

Se que la voy a usar muchas veces más así que cuéntenme como la usarían ustedes. ¡BESOS!

Las Peñas, Guayaquil // STRIPED ROMPER

Sunday, January 15, 2017

This day was one of my favorites. We went up the famous steps in "Las Peñas". This area is more than 400 years old it was the first neighborhood of Guayaquil. It has a colonial architectural flair and it was restored between 2002 and 2008. It was 

Este fue uno de mis días favoritos de este viaje. Subimos los famosos 400 escalones del Cerro de Santa Ana. Este barrio emblemático de la ciudad de Guayaquil fue uno de los primeros de la ciudad y tiene un estilo architectonico colonial muy lindo. Fue restaurado a principios del milenio y definitivamente es una parada que hay que hacer si visitas esta ciudad.

Visiting Guayaquil /// LOTS OF DENIM & STRIPES

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oh my! These pictures are from a while back, from our first trip to Ecuador (photos of the second trip are coming soon!). I saved them because a friend was trying to publish them into a local magazine...but not sure what happened with that.

So here they are :)

I'm Venezuelan but my dad and brother work in Ecuador so it's easier to meet there. This trip was my first time visiting this lovely country- all of these photos are from Guayaquil, which is a very hot and humid city (I feel it's even more hot and humid than Miami, and that's A LOT).

Ay Dios...estas fotos tienen ya un tiempito- pero no podía dejar de compartirlas. Son de nuestro primer viaje a Ecuador- en Navidad hicimos el segundo. Las tenía guardadas porque había una publicación de allá interesada en publicarlas pero eso no terminó sucediendo.

Así que finalmente las comporto con ustedes!

Como saben ( y para que no haya confusiones), soy venezolana pero tengo familia en Ecuador y últimamente es más fácil encontrarnos ahí. Guayaquil es una ciudad encantadora pero extremadamente caliente y húmeda, en eso se parece mucho a Miami.

I brought a lot of denim pieces: from my favorite button-down denim skirt to a cute denim jumper I wore with a striped tee underneath.

When traveling, it's great to stay within theme so you can mix and match everything to double up your little bag wardrobe.

Viendo las fotos, me doy cuenta que lleve muchas piezas de mezclilla como esta faldita que es de mis favoritas y una bragueta...amboa las use con camisas de rayas.

Considero que al viajar, en vez de planear cada outfit, busca un tema y que todas las piezas vayan con ese tema y colores para que le puedas sacar todo el provecho posible.

Parque de las Iguanas, Guayaquil/// OFF THE SHOULDER & SUEDE

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Montañita, Ecuador/// GLOOMY SWIM

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

On our first trip to Ecuador, we rented a place very close to Montañita (a famous little town known for being touristy and liberal-ish). The house was right by the beach...and even though it's definitely not a Caribbean beach, it was absolutely beautiful.

Most of the time we spent it playing card and bonding with the family but one day I put my black swimsuit on and headed to the ocean for a bit (the water was SO cold!!).

Hope you like the pics!

En nuestro primer viaje a Ecuador alquilamos una casa muy cerquita de Montañita. La casa quedaba a pasos del mar, y aunque la vista era distinta al mar caribeño donde crecí...igualmente era hermoso a su manera! Ame las rocas, a sus pescadores, los perritos cayendo en la playa...hermoso!

La mayor parte del tiempo la pasamos jugando cartas y compartiendo en familia pero un día me salí de mis pijamas y nos fuimos a disfrutar un ratito en la playa (el agua estaba HELADA).

Espero que les gusten las fotitos. BESOS!



Sunday, January 8, 2017

If there is one place to really admire New York's beautiful skyline is from the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a must stop for any tourist- we were there a year before during the summer time and also in 2013.

Si hay un lugar de donde se puede aprovechar espectacularmente la belleza de NYC, es desde el puente de Brooklyn. No es la primera vez que hemos estado allí. las invito pasar a ver mis posts pasados: el del año pasado durante el verano y también el del 2013