Sunset walks and Fur-friends in Punta Blanca

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I absolutely love walking in the sand by the sunset, it is the most magical moment of the day. We started walking and walking until I found this cute dog that desperately needed a friend. I don't know if his owner was around but he was so friendly. He walked with us for a while, right by my side.

Yes, I know I'm the crazy girl petting dogs everything. But how can you not too? Dogs are so precious!

Amo caminar en la playa durante en el atardecer- es el momento más magico del día y si es en el mar, aún más especial.

Nos fuimos caminando sin destino y caminamos hasta donde no se podía caminar más. Encontramos este amiguito canino, que nos acompaño lo más que pudo- tan tierno.

Siempre que comparto fotos de viajes, hay alguna donde hago amigos perrunos- ¡¡pero es que son mi debilidad!!

Beach Day in Punta Blanca

Friday, January 26, 2018

You, me (a plus one), and the sea! 

I already did a REMIX on this dress from WhoWhatWear x Target. I've been meaning to wear it over a swimsuit for SO LONG. I even took it with me to Miramar Beach but I forgot to style it. I loved how it looked with this half and half one-piece swimsuit and the head scarf for mixing prints.

Like I've mentioned, the scarf is from my friend Valentina at Silk by MVTrends. I wore it different ways during this trip and I've been thinking of doing a mini tutorial on ways to style it. Let me know what you girls think.

Santorini Vibes in Ecuador

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Our stay in Punta Blanca (in Ecuador) was very family oriented. We were staying right by the ocean and it was all about spending time as a family.

This day, Gabe and I decided to walk around to see what we could find. So we wouldn't take the same pics over and over.  We first found this lovely blue door and we had seen some Santorini-looking architecture from the distance.

Apparently what we were seeing was a beach-club, we asked the security guard if we could take some pics around it and totally let us in. I hate asking these questions but Gabe is not as shy. So we ended up enjoying SUCH an amazing view from the tower.

Nuestra estadía en Punta Blanca (Ecuador) fue realmente familiar. Como les conté , nos estábamos quedando frente al mar y todo fue muy de disfrutar esos días en familia.

Pero claro, teníamos que aprovechar para tomar fotos. Nos pusimos a caminar a ver que encontrábamos. Lo primero fue esta puerta azul e la cual me enamoré. Estábamos caminando hacia una arquitectura muy "Santorini" y queríamos ver si podíamos llegar ahí.

Nos dimos cuenta que era como un club de playa pero sin pena le preguntamos al guardia de seguridad si nos dejaba entrar. ¡Y SI! Terminamos arriba en una torre disfrutando de unas vistas espectaculares de la bahía.

Sun's Out... Bump's OUT

Monday, January 22, 2018

I'm not going to lie... watching my body change every day is both MAGICAL and WEIRD.

Even at my highest weight, my waist has always been small. So I guess I was very used to highlighting it - and my highwaisted stuff was the first thing that stopped fitting. Fashion-wise, this pregnancy has been about learning how to dress again and finding what fits instead of buying a whole wardrobe that will only last a few months.

When I was packing for this 2-week trip, I was nervous because the  body changes happen so fast that I didn't know if I was going to fit in the clothes I was bringing.

No les voy a mentir...ver mi cuerpo cambiar todos los días es MAGICO y RARISIMO.

Amo mi pancita- pero hasta lo más gordita que he estado, mi cintura siempre mi punto más delgado y estaba acostumbrada a vestirme para sacarle provecho a eso. Las cosas altas o a la cintura fue lo primero que dejó de quedarme, lo que ha llevado a aprender a vestirme diferentes cada semana. Me rehuso a comprar muchas cosas de maternidad que solo voy a usar por poco tiempo.

Cuando estaba haciendo la maleta para este viaje de dos semanas estaba muy nerviosa. ¿Qué pasa si lo que llevaba ya en dos semanas no me quedaba!?

Castaway and Lovers- Punta Blanca, Ecuador

Friday, January 19, 2018

Castaways and Lovers meet 🎶
Then kiss in Ecuador’s heat 🎶

Like I've mentioned,  Ecuador became the meeting place for my venezuelan family. It's where some of my family members live, and it's an easy trip for us in the U.S and for my brother in Chile.

A friend from Ecuador told me that at this pace, I've been to more cities in Ecuador than her. But our family loves road trips and exploring new cities.

At the beginning of the year, we went to the beach- a gorgeous beach called Punta Blanca in Santa Elena. From what I saw, this area has mostly beach houses people from the city rent.  My family found this house on AirBnb and it fits 16 people-  GORGEOUS. You crossed the street and the beach is RIGHT there.

Como les mencioné, Ecuador se ha convertido en el punto de reencuentro para mi familia. Mi hermano vive allá y es un viaje rápido para mi desde Miami y para mi otro hermano en Chile.

Una amiga ecuatoriana me dijo que a este paso, ya conozco más ciudades en Ecuador que ella. Pero es que a nuestra familia le encanta viajar y explorar pequeños pueblos.

A principios de año nos fuimos a la costa, a esta hermosa playa llamada Punta Blanca en Santa Elena. Por lo que pude ver, en esta area hay muchas caras de playa de gente de la ciudad que se alquilan. Nosotros encontramos esta en Airbnb y cabían 16 personas- muy linda y muy cómoda. Aparte solo cruzabamos la calle y ya estábamos en la playa.

I have to tell you everything about the scarf I'm wearing in my head.

 My dear friend Valentina- who is also a blogger at MVTrends- launched a scarf collection called Silk by MVTrends.  Every scarf is inspired by a city- and OMG they are all so stunning (wait, and I haven't mentioned they are only $25!!!). Mine is called SEVILLA .

Because I was at the beach, I was inspired to wear it on my head often. This is such an easy way to fold, but I got a few requests to do a tutorial. What do you girls think? Should I?

Antes que nada tengo que contarles del pañuelo que estoy utilizando- ¡¡porque me llena de orgullo!

Mi querida amiga Valentina- quien también es blogger en MVTrends- lanzó esta colección llamada Silk by MVTrends. Estoy enamorada, cada uno de los pañuelos esta inspirado en una ciudad y cuestan $25!! ¡BELLOS y ECONOMICO!

Cuando estaba planeando los looks, definitivamente quise usarla en la cabeza para la playa. Es muy muy muy fácil de doblarla así pero me han pedido varias veces que les haga un tutorial. ¿Qué dicen?

The dress is from ASOS maternity, it was one of my first purchases when I found out I was pregnant. I got a few dresses that I thought I could wear throughout pregnancy and that they were versatile enough.

My issue with pregnancy clothes is that they are definitely made for the later months. Everything I got is STILL huge (and here I was 20 weeks, halfway there!), My solution: belting it with one of my favorite belts. I think it ended up adding a fun touch to the look.

El vestido es de ASOS Maternity, y fue de las primeras compras que hice al enterarme que estaba embarazada. Compré varios vestidos que sentí que podía usar bastante- ya me conocen, yo y la versatilidad.

El problema con la ropa de embarazo es que es toda para cuando ya estas inmensa. Aquí iba por la mitad ¡¡ y todavía me quedaba grandísimo!!!  Por eso le agregué el cinturón doble- y me encantó el resultado bohemio que le dió.

Some of my favorite picks from ASOS Maternity.


REMIX: 4 ways to wear Polka-Dot Maxi Dress

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The core of this blog started with style remixes (a.k.a different ways to wear the same piece); and even though I keep talking about expanding the topics, I also want to revisit what was one of you favorite sections. 

Here I'm styling a dress from Who What Wear in 4 different ways. I got this dress right before Swim Week and, my fault, I didn't try it on. When I got home, the fit was a little different than I expected. I think the round neck gives it an "old lady feel". But instead of returning it, I took it as a challenge  to style it in cool different ways, and it became a versatile piece.

The key to its versatility was its buttons down the front. I was able to open the top a bit to show my bralette, to open the bottom to show my skirt, or fully open it over a swimsuit.

Let me know which was your favorite outfit and how would you wear it.

The Day I told my Parents I was pregnant

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

After loosing that first baby at the beginning of the year, I promise I would not even tell my parents until I could see a heartbeat. Besides feeling heartbroken, the hardest part was breaking the hearts of people that were just as excited as I was- you might say, I wanted to be sure everything was okay before sharing any type of news.

Funny story: my mom was in town when I took the pregnancy test. I literally peed on it and it showed positive, and she was on her phone OUTSIDE the bathroom.  I must have the best poker face because she had no clue, she was even giving me "fertility tips".

We finally saw the baby the second week of October at almost 9 weeks, and the cutest little baby (whom I called a snowman for a while). We were traveling  to Ecuador the next day. I was doing a little talk/conference about blogging with a beauty brand down there. My parents would join us by the time I was finished with my duties. Since my parents had been in Quito a few times, we decided to go to little towns around the capital-  these beautiful pictures were taking at "El Lago de San Pablo" (SO STUNNING!).

We picked our parents at the airport and headed to this town directly. The whole ride I kept looking at Gabe like "OMG when are we going to tell them". We stopped to eat at this beautiful restaurant right by the lake and it was the perfect setting too! (This sounds like I'm gonna propose!!).

To tell them, I had created a fake online quiz on "what type of grandparent are you?" (remember I have a niece and a nephew so my parents are already grandparents and some quirky ones I might add). The final result was something along the lines of "you are ready for grandchild #3!!"

They should have figured out I did the quiz, but they didn't , which made it even funnier. The questions very definitely targeted to them, with things I joke around. I don't know if it was because I was so nervous, but it felt like they took SO LONG to finish the quiz. 

My mom finished it first and she knew she had to keep her poker face (see, I definitely inherited it from her) in order for my dad would be surprised. BTW we recorded all of this...HILARIOUS! 

The food arrived and my dad started to eat - even though we were all being pushy like OMG please JUST. TAKE.THE.TEST . He kept eating empanadas and saying: I already know I'm an awesome grandfather.  Definitely annoying for us (including mom who was dying to give me a hug)!  After 10 minutes, he finally took the test and got his result and he still DIDN'T get it.  

Rolling my eyes I showed them the ultrasound of my little snowman!

I'm so happy I got it all on video, it was such a funny but beautiful moment. I loved being able to tell my parents in person- especially since we don't live in the same country. Seeing their big smiles was priceless and a moment I won't never forget.

At this stage in pregnancy I was just sleepy all the time, so this trip was packed with naps and, of course, we couldn't do things we had planned (like horseback riding!) but hey, there will be time for all of that later.

The views were absolutely stunning and I hope you enjoy the pics. Gabe killed it per usual.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

I'm probably confusing you all with this jumping back and forth. But let's clarify it so i's not confusing: these pictures are from October.

As a reminder, I was in Quito for a blogger talk I gave. Then we stayed some extra days exploring different towns. We visited many bazaars that were happening- explored volcanos. SO STUNNING!

Hope you like the pics!

H&M faux leather shorts
CLARK USA black ankle boots
Hat- bought on local bazaar
FOREVER 21 sunglasses
FOREVER 21 sweater


18 things I'm looking forward to 2018- HAPPY NEW YEAR

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

So ready for you 2018🎉🎉
Midnight kiss for three (quick one with my awkward grab because my dad was the one taking the photo🤣🤣).

So instead of looking back to 2017, like I've done in the past. I want to look forward to this amazing year that's about to come. So let me list 18 things I'm looking forward to 2018.

1. Let's start with the baby ones. Obviously, I can't wait to meet BABYBOY in May.

2. Feeling the baby kick real hard.

3. Laughing at the random things Gabe tells the belly every night.

4. Turning the den of the house into a tiny tiny nursery.

5. Seeing Chiki with his baby brother! 

6.  Do a baby moon around February, to definitely make sure we enjoy the last moments together (well, until he turns 18 and leaves the house haha). Okay I'm going to stop now with baby stuff because it will be like a hundred things since I have so much to do and get ready for.

7.  Turn 30! OMG I'm turning 30 by the end of the year. I'm actually excited, the 20s were amazing in  their own way and I can't wait for this exciting time.

8. Bond with my niece and nephew in Ecuador this first week of the year there.

9.  Revamping the site to NANY. 

10. Continue working with brands I love.

11. Seeing Gabe grow in his photography business.

12. Spending time with friends. I want to do more "escape rooms" , and host more theme parties.

13. Sharing more blogging tips on the blog. I love inspiring you girls to know your worth and keep killing it.

14.  I want to do a cruise, but I think it will be either ASAP (most cruise lines don't let pregnant woman get on a cruise after the 24th week) or with the cutest baby by the end of the year with my family.

15. Sharing more personal blogposts. The word closet always made me feel like I had to stay fashion-focused and leaving it behind means opening more to you guys.

16. I should start finding a house. So I'm looking forward to the process. But this might be something for 2019!

17. To do fun maternity shoots!

18. To hear more from you guys: what do you want to see? TELL ME!