How to Revive Your Hair on Lazy Days? DRY SHAMPOO!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

When I wash my hair, I have to mentally prepare to DRY it and STYLE it (just because it takes me so long!).  When I was a kid and a teen, I would wash it every single day. I was the kid who arrived every morning with wet hair to class.

As an adult, I realized that 1. that's not healthy for my hair 2. I cannot show up with wet hair and 3. Who has time to style their hair every day!?

My secret weapon is DRY SHAMPOO: my favorite is Dove Dry Shampoo Volume + Fullness because besides absorbing oil it transforms my hair from lifeless to bouncy. Dry shampoo is amazing to revive and refresh my hair on those days I don't have the time for a full blow-out- or if I'm feeling extra lazy (raise your hands ladies, I know I'm not alone !).

So continue reading to see how do I use it!!

What happens BEHIND THE SCENES- Holiday Shoot with Car

Thursday, December 28, 2017

During the month of December, I did an amazing campaign with BMW for Instagram. It's my second time working with them and I love how it's all about showcasing my favorite spots in Miami while doing it in style in these amazing cars. I'm not going to lie,  I wanted to keep this one SO SO much. We got to have it for more than a month, and I got used to the luxurious little features that make driving well amazing.

Okay but back to it. Some funny things happened while shooting this campaign and I wanted to share it with all of you for many reasons. 
1. Because are not as perfect as it seems in social.
2. Because I like keeping it real. 

So tell me if you like this idea.

We had to shoot this setting TWICE, because the first time you couldn't see it was a BMW- which I totally get, if it's a campaign with a brand, you should be able to recognize it. So yes, I had to get dressed the same, do my makeup the same, put Chiki in a sweater, etc.

The presents were empty the first time we shot- this time, they had a lot of stuff in them.

Also, I had not announced my pregnancy. The first time we took them, this skirt fit me fine...the second: NOT SO MUCH. Wen we took these pictures so part of me was covering my little bump with the presents.

I think this one was my favorite setting out of the three.  We were going to see the Nutcracker, but we got dressed HOURS before to be able to get this photo without hundreds of people trying to park. Even though, there was nobody there; the security guard came and tried kicking us out. We said we were promoting the nutcracker- which was true!! Later that night, I found out BMW was a sponsor of the theater's valet- so maybe that's why he believed us.

Fashion-wise, this skirt did not fit me anymore. (but it was perfect for the occasion!!!). So if you would see me from behind you would see half of the zipper folded haha. 

The whole story behind this was picking up my Venezuelan Holiday dish for Christmas. However, the backdrop at LaLatina is very busy and not really pretty. We went to Wynwood because HEY the coolest walls are there! Also, the version I posted has the sign on the wall photoshopped!!!

This was published on Christmas Day but we took them a few days before- remember content must be approved so things you see live aren't always really LIVE!

Do you like this whole behind the scenes!? I'll do more if you guys want!

Velvet Boots and Maxi Dress

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Aren't these burgundy velvet boots what fall dreams are made of? 🍁😻

This look was part of an Instagram partnership I did with Ebay (so YES, the full look is from it). The boots are originally from Zara- not sure which season, but they were brand-new for a fraction of the price! The dress is Free People, I love the print and how flowy it is. It was perfect to hide the first trimester bloating and I know it will be roomy enough for the upcoming months!

I've been wearing the hat non-stop. I also got it in black- so perfect for any look! Definitely one of my favorite purchases this season- and so Miami "fall".

Hope you are having a little break this Holiday! Love you guys! 

¡¡Díganme si estas botas de terciopelo no son un sueño otoñal!!🍁🍂😍 El look completo lo conseguí en Ebay como parte de una colaboración que fue solo para Instagram. las botas son originalmente de Zara- no estoy segura que temporada (es algo que me preguntaron mucho). Las botas y el sombrero son mis compras favoritas esta temporada! 

El vestido es de Free People, una marca que me encanta por su estilo bohemio con el cual me identifico mucho. Fue perfecto para esconder lo hinchada que estaba el primer trimestre, y sé que voy a poder  seguir usándolo los meses que vienen.

¡¡Espero que estén descansando estas Navidades y preparándose para el 2018!!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS cuties 🎄🎄❤️❤️ from our little family (including gabebehind the lens) to yours!! Chiki was definitely not feeling it... he is like “I need a puppy agent, I’m not getting enough treats per picture”🤣🤣...or maybe he was just sleepy (probably just sleepy). But for real...may you feel the love of this special day! Love you all🎄❤️❤️


¡ FELIZ NAVIDAD🎄🎄🎄❤️! De parte de nuestra pequeña familia (incluyendo al que no se ve detrás de la cámara y al escondido en la panza) a la tuya!🙏🏼🙏🏼 Después de comer , yo lo que queria era ponerme mi onesie de arbolito navideño y tomar una fotito...pero alguien como que no estaba con muchas ganas!! Puede que sea sueño o que ande en huelga porque no le damos suficientes snacks por foto🤣... pero en serio esperamos que hayan disfrutado mucho con sus seres queridos! MIL ABRAZOSS !

VELVET and ROSE GOLD for a non-traditional HOLIDAY Outfit

Friday, December 22, 2017

I absolutely love getting feedback on what you girls what to see on the blog. This season something was clear,   we are a little bit tired of the same over-and-over-and-over recommendations of the sequin or red dress for the Holidays.

So today I'm incorporating some of the biggest trends for the Holiday but in a subtle way and with a color-combo that's not necessarily expected for this season.

I started with this GORGEOUS pink velvet bag from TOUS. There are two color combos I wanted to try with this shade of pink: burgundy + pink, and army green + pink. As you can see, I went for the army green. I love how the pink adds a touch of femininity to such a "tough" color. I wore a nude/camel sweater to keep the focus on the other pieces (and well, because I've been going for loose pieces to be comfortable during pregnancy- and they are perfect if you are planning to enjoy all the delicious food without worrying about the food baby haha)

To bring all the colors together, I added another big trend during the Holidays: METALLICS. In this case, floral metallics in my boots. It's such an easy way to add the trend without feeling too festive. They go great with casual outfits like this one.

The final touches: simple but statement accessories in ROSE GOLD (my absolute favorite). I'm loving this collection by TOUS because you can personalize each piece by adding pendants or medallions. For example: you can see that I added the little bear to one of my earrings and some stones to my bracelet.

What's your go-to non-traditional HOLIDAY outfit?


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Every year, we host an Ugly Sweater Party- it ha become a tradition within our friends and I love seeing everyone in fun Holiday sweaters. 

This year it had a Venezuelan twist, there were more tequeños and hallacas than anything else- let's say Ugly Sweater is an American tradition but in Miami we make everything our own.

If you look closely, my sweater has a gift on my belly and it says "Best Gift Ever". I got it at Target hoping I would be showing at list a little- but all I look is bloated! haha that's okay there still is the best gift ever in there.

Some of our friends have puppies and I told them to bring them so it ended up being a puppy party too! So let's call this a "Venezuelan Ugly Sweater Puppy Party"!

My lovely friends Valentina from MVTrends, Vicky Alvarez, and Gaby from Voguish Diet.

Alex from Legendary Alex

More lovely gals!
Vanessa Zambia, Valentina from MVTrends, Vicky Alvarez, Paola from Paola Sees, Veronica Luis, Stephi from Lady Epi, and Gaby from Voguish Diet.

Ricky and Alex

LadyEpi and VoguishDiet


Monday, December 18, 2017

AHHH!! Finally, I can share these exciting news with ALL OF YOU!


I'm actually tearing up as a write this for multiple reasons. Losing a baby at the beginning of the year was a big low for me- for us. I feel very lucky and very thankful as I know how difficult it is for some women to be able to conceive. Now I fully understand the term "rainbow baby"- that magical ray of sunshine that comes after the storm.

It is no secret that we were trying; after the miscarriage, my hormones levels took a while to go back to normal. After everything seemed back to pre-pregnancy, I had all my ob-gyn exams- and we got the green light to start trying again.

I found out I was pregnant in September - OMG that feels like so long ago. I cannot believe I have been keeping this secret for so many months. But of course, I wanted to make sure everything was alright. We didn't tell our parents until the first ultrasound at 8 weeks (where we saw the heartbeat, the most exciting day!!) Last time I was alone (Gabe had just broken his leg), and this time, we were together- holding hands and looking at each other proudly . It was exactly what I have always dreamed of.

I'm not going to lie, I'm still very scared. My heart beats off my chest at every doctor's appointment.  But I'm so hopeful and excited for 2018.

I also want to take a sec to thank you for the love and support we got after I share my miscarriage story . It makes me even more excited to share these news with you.  A lot of you have been part of my life since I was 21 and about to graduate, you saw me get my first job, quit my first job, go back to school, get engaged, get married- and now I'm very happy that I get to share this new chapter in my life.

I want to do a Q&A video or maybe a LIVE answering all your questions. Let's see. But I just couldn't wait any longer!

Just in case you are wondering I'm 18 weeks!

¡¡AHHH!! ¡¡No tienen idea cuanto tiempo llevo queriendo poder compartir estas noticias con ustedes!


He llorado mucho escribiendo este post por muchas razones (aparte de ser una llorona que aparte tiene las hormonas alborotadas). Perder un bebé a principios de este año fue definitivamente uno de los momentos más difíciles de mi vida. Razón por la cual me siento muy agradecida de tener esta segunda oportunidad- se lo difícil que es para muchas mujeres poder salir embarazadas y sé lo afortunada que soy.

Ya obviamente no es ningún secreto que queríamos tener un bebé. Después de la pérdida tuvimos que esperar varias veces a que todo volviese a la normalidad. Cuando por fin bajaron mis hormonas, me hice todos mi exámenes para asegurarme que todo estuviese bien.

Me enteré que estaba embarazada en septiembre- WOW no puedo creer que ha pasado tanto tiempo. No compartir este secreto con ustedes fue complicado, y también nos aguantamos bastante para contarles a nuestros familiares y amigos. Pero como se imaginan queríamos asegurarnos que todo estuviese bien. Se acuerda que la vez pasada les conté que fui sola a las primeras citas ya que Gabe se acababa e romper la pierna. Esta vez fue exactamente como lo soñé siempre,  juntos, agarrados de mano mirándonos orgullosamente por esa nueva vida.

No les miento, tengo muchos miedos y temores. Cada vez que tengo cita, el corazón se me va a salir del pecho. Pero estoy muy emocionada y llena de ilusiones para este 2018.

También quería tomar otro segundo para agradecerles por todo el cariño. Sé que muchas me escribirán "lo sabía!!" pero no dijeron nada por respeto a todo lo que pasó anteriormente y eso para mí significa un mundo. Gracias a todas las que me han acompañado en cada momento importante; graduaciones, mi boda- y ahora en este nuevo capítulo.

Quiero hacer un video de preguntas y respuestas. Tal vez un LIVE respondiéndoles lo que quieran saber.  Pude haber planeado esto mejor pero es que quería compartirlo YA!

For the pictures, we wanted to recreate our engagement photo...but to add another bike for the baby! and of course, we wanted to add our furry first baby to it! I don't know why he wasn't in the original one but he is claiming his spot here too haha.

 The photos were taken by our wedding photographer: Darling Juliet. She is absolutely amazing- and we love that she got to capture this moment with us.


Friday, December 15, 2017

OK ladies! I’ve shared the perfect beauty gifts for the gals in your life, and some statement pieces you should get for yourself. Now, it’s time to shop for HIM! It can be your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, cousin, or friend- I hope this list helps you find the right gift the men in your life.. To do this gift-guide, I asked my husband and a few of my friends what they would like this Holiday, and I’m loving the variety. In my opinion they all work for every man and can be adjusted to fit their personalities

Wear your favorite jeans this Holiday Season…with DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans

Thursday, December 14, 2017

During 2017, as part of the DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans Style Council, I’ve been showing you how to style jeans for basically any occasion: from date nights, to summer vacations, to cozy fall looks and even rainy days.  

So, you guessed it! Since the holidays are right around the corner, let’s talk about how your 
favorite jeans are the perfect staple during holiday party season.

Here I’m wearing the Modern Slim Cuffed jeans. Because of the super-stretchy premium denim, they are so flattering and keep their shape all day. I took them with me to Ecuador and wore them several times – for radio interviews, to explore a volcano and then for this dressier dinner with my parents and hubby.  And you don’t need to spend a lot, because these are under $30 at Target!

Ok, back to the style tips: how to wear your favorite jeans for a holiday party?

Pick a statement piece. I would recommend something with a bit of a sparkle – It could be a 
sequin top, or my case, a metallic silver moto jacket. Then, add some killer heels: these cage heels look amazing with the cuffed jeans because you can really show them off.

There you go! With this easy formula, you shouldn’t be scared to wear jeans to a holiday party. With the right top, heels, and accessories, you won’t feel dressed down. Instead, you’ll be more comfortable than your friends (while looking just as fabulous!).


FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans. All opinions are my own, outfits were 100% curated by me.

Metallic Moto Jacket
Plaid Top
Cage Pumps
White cat-eye sunglasses


WHERE TO? To Santa's Enchanted Forest...with Uber

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This is my second year spending the Holidays in Miami without my family. It's definitely bittersweet since I'd love to be spending them in Venezuela. My best friend from high school used to say that "friends are the family you choose for yourself"- and this saying is even more true during the Holidays where I feel very grateful for the "family I have chosen".

To make new Holiday traditions and take advantage of this amazing cold front we are having in Miami,  we headed to Santa's Enchanted Forest with UBER and a couple of friends from AUSTRIA! 

Keeping my Venezuelan Holiday traditions. Special Guest; Voguish Diet

Sunday, December 10, 2017

I've been living in the U.S for more than 10 years; and it's really important for me to keep my Venezuelan Holiday traditions alive 🎄🎄

One of the most delicious Holiday dishes in Venezuela is " pan de jamón" (direct translation would be Ham Bread but that name doesn't show how delicious it is)- well it's definitely my favorite. 

Since I'm not much of a cook, I invited my friend Gaby from @VoguishDiet to help me out! 

So today I'm excited to share one of my traditions. Check out all the images to see more  about our cozy look, our comfy but trendy sneakers, and how we did the delicious "pan de jamón" that is such an important part of any Venezuelan Holiday- no matter where we are! 

Aunque llevo más de 10 años en Estados Unidos, para mi es super importante continuar mis tradiciones navideñas venezolanas donde quiera que esté🎄♥️🎄.

 Mi plato favorito en Navidad es el "pan de jamón"; si no eres de Venezuela, te invito correr a un restaurante venezolano y probarlo. ¡Es mi favorito!

Como no soy la mejor cocinera, invité a mi amiga Gaby de @VoguishDiet para que me ayudara. Aquí estamos esperando que se cocinara pero sigan viendo para más fotos de como nos quedó el "pan de jamón" , más sobre nuestros looks y estos zapatitos de terciopelo muy navideños!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sponsored by Yummie and ShopStyle

Ok girls! I asked in a recent post what you wanted to see and two things were clear:
  1. You want to see more REMIXES (aka wearing the same piece at least 3 times)
  2. You want to see more fall/winter looks because, yes, I live where it barely gets cold. But I’m down to creating fall outfits for inspiration.
I love leggings,  I think every woman does. They are comfortable, versatile, and if we could, we would wear them every day. Reason why I was so excited to find Yummie, a body positive brand that hopes women embrace their shape/curves. Besides having the cutest styles, Yummie leggings are very flattering by comfortable slimming around the tummy.

To combine fashion and comfort, I wasn’t sure if I should get the leggings in suede, denim, faux leather, with a mesh detail, or in VELVET. As you can see by the title, I picked the velvet pair. I think it was my inner- Nany loves Christmas which leads to a velvet obsession. This fabric is very elegant so it works from day to night; from running errands to a date. 

So let me show you three ways you can wear this ‘Velvet & Shine” pair.

STATEMENT pieces you should get this HOLIDAY …with Burlington

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

As any Holiday Season , I’m sure you are hitting the mall and the WWW trying to fin the cutest outfits for all the Holiday parties. Today I’m super excited to partner with Burlington to show you some GORGEOUS statement pieces you can currently get to be the most stylish gal this Holiday...or hey, the price-points are SO-amazing you can also get them for the fashionable ladies in your life.

Anniversary Staycation in Miami Beach with KAY

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Wherever life takes us, we go together (even if he is behind the camera most of the time!) ❤️ This month is our 3rd wedding anniversary and we started celebrating with a little staycation a few miles from home... MIAMI BEACH! I got ready by packing a few swimsuits, a romantic dinner outfit, and this necklace, aka early anniversary gift, from KayJewelers I haven't stopped wearing! 


Aunque casi siempre está detrás de la cámara, con él todo es mejor! (¡momento cursi) ❤️ Este mes es nuestro tercer aniversario y empezamos la celebración con una mini estadía en Miami Beach. Hice una mini maleta con trajes de baño, un outfit para cenar lindo, y este collar, un regalito de aniversario adelantado, que no me he quitado! Sigan viendo este post para ver más sobre nuestra estadía en el Hotel Faena en Miami.

Holiday Makeup Looks with METALLICS & Holiday Gifts.. with Ulta Beauty

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Brought to you by Ulta Beauty. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Nany’s Klozet going.

I always tell you girls how an outfit isn’t complete without the right beauty look. As a fashion girl, I love using makeup as that finishing touch- that last accessory that makes my outfit. I love how beauty is about expressing yourself and having fun with the trends.

This Holiday season, there is one trend I’m ABSOLUTELY LOVING: METALLICS LUSTER. You can add this trend to your lips, your eyes, or your nails. My first advice is to focus on one metallic at a time- let them sparkle (literally and figuratively).

So today I’m going to share 2 Holiday Makeup Looks with this trend. All the products I’m using are available at Ulta Beauty; and you are definitely going to add them to your Santa’s wishlist. Then at the end, I’m going to share some perfect gifts you can find at Ulta Beauty for all the 
ladies in your life.

WINTER 70s inspired: flared jeans, turtleneck, and colorful coat.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Feeling the 70s inspiration in this full look by Modcloth . As soon as I put it on, it reminded me of my favorite photo of my mom in the 70s with flared jeans, a turtleneck, and a coat over the shoulders. I love how everything comes back in style, what's your favorite decade?

I'm also getting lots of requests for more winter looks- which is so hard living in Miami but this one definitely is a great look for colder days. The colorful confetti  coat is a DREAM and it is more versatile that you would think. 

Con este look de Modcloth me sentí muy setentosa . Apenas me lo puse, me recordó a una de mis fotos favoritas de mi mamâ a mediados de los 70s donde está usando unos pantalones bota ancha, una camisa de cuello alto y un abrigo sobre los hombros. Me encanta como las tendencias siempre regresan, ¿cuál es tu década favorita en cuanto a la moda? .

También me han estado pidiendo más looks de invierno- y aunque se me hace difícil (y a veces parezco una loca en suéter en Miami) me gusta la idea de mostrarles variedad en todas las estaciones. 

¿Les gustó?


Thursday, November 30, 2017

I’ve lived in Miami for 10 years and I cannot believe I JUST went to my first NBA Game!

I know it can be tempting to watch from home but the energy in the American Airlines Arena is absolutely electrifying, and it feels great to root for your city.  Plus, you never know if you are witnessing a history-making slam dunk in real like. It can be a fun-date with your boo or a fun time with your friends!

I love how sports can bring together groups of people no matter what! While planning to go with a few friends, the girls had no idea what to wear. This got me thinking  “ok, I have to do a ‘what to wear to an NBA game’ . These types of articles were always my favorite to do when I started blogging because I love talking about real situations, real tips, real fashion, real girls! 

It’s time to show your TEAM SPIRIT
You don’t necessarily have to wear your team’s jersey but come on, it’s the perfect time to do it and wear it proudly (either if they win or loose!). 

For the two looks I’m showing you, I’m wearing the Miami Heat NBA Women’s Jersey. I thought it would be fun to show you two different ways to style it. Either with a cute pair of distressed boyfriend jeans or as a dress if you are feeling a little girly.

Stay COMFORTABLE- preferably in Sneakers
I love heels, but it’s time to have the time of your life (and I don’t know about your local stadium but the stairs at the AAA are steep and scary when wearing heels!!).  So rock your favorite pair of sneakers to a ball game. Here I’m wearing the Nike Sportswear's Air Force 1  and I’m loving them- so comfortable and FULL of style.

Talking about comfort, bring a small cross-body bag. It will be easier for security and you will only carry what you really need; aka, your cellphone, credit card, ID, and emergency cash!

Bring a denim jacket, a bomber, or a leather jacket. It adds another fashion layer to help you show your style. Sometimes it can get a little cold inside but if you are too excited jumping around for your team, you can always tie it around your waist.

For that full sporty look, add a baseball cap! Extra points if it’s suede or velvet!
Don’t be afraid to wear your fashionable glasses, these clear aviators are always a great extra touch!

What would you wear to a basketball game?
Let me know which of the two looks is your favorite.

Thanks to Nike & Reward Style for partnering with me in this post. Thank you all for supporting the brands that keep Nany going.