What happens BEHIND THE SCENES- Holiday Shoot with Car

Thursday, December 28, 2017

During the month of December, I did an amazing campaign with BMW for Instagram. It's my second time working with them and I love how it's all about showcasing my favorite spots in Miami while doing it in style in these amazing cars. I'm not going to lie,  I wanted to keep this one SO SO much. We got to have it for more than a month, and I got used to the luxurious little features that make driving well amazing.

Okay but back to it. Some funny things happened while shooting this campaign and I wanted to share it with all of you for many reasons. 
1. Because are not as perfect as it seems in social.
2. Because I like keeping it real. 

So tell me if you like this idea.

We had to shoot this setting TWICE, because the first time you couldn't see it was a BMW- which I totally get, if it's a campaign with a brand, you should be able to recognize it. So yes, I had to get dressed the same, do my makeup the same, put Chiki in a sweater, etc.

The presents were empty the first time we shot- this time, they had a lot of stuff in them.

Also, I had not announced my pregnancy. The first time we took them, this skirt fit me fine...the second: NOT SO MUCH. Wen we took these pictures so part of me was covering my little bump with the presents.

I think this one was my favorite setting out of the three.  We were going to see the Nutcracker, but we got dressed HOURS before to be able to get this photo without hundreds of people trying to park. Even though, there was nobody there; the security guard came and tried kicking us out. We said we were promoting the nutcracker- which was true!! Later that night, I found out BMW was a sponsor of the theater's valet- so maybe that's why he believed us.

Fashion-wise, this skirt did not fit me anymore. (but it was perfect for the occasion!!!). So if you would see me from behind you would see half of the zipper folded haha. 

The whole story behind this was picking up my Venezuelan Holiday dish for Christmas. However, the backdrop at LaLatina is very busy and not really pretty. We went to Wynwood because HEY the coolest walls are there! Also, the version I posted has the sign on the wall photoshopped!!!

This was published on Christmas Day but we took them a few days before- remember content must be approved so things you see live aren't always really LIVE!

Do you like this whole behind the scenes!? I'll do more if you guys want!

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