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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I absolutely love visiting Orlando.  There's something so magical about being just a few miles away from all the theme parks. For a while, me and my friends were planning a chill trip together; so when Encort Resort reached out to stay at their luxury homes for four nights, it was an instant YESSS!!. And I have to say, we had the best time!!

Encore's Encore’s luxury homes have accommodations for 10-28 guests (the houses range from 4 bedrooms to 13 bedrooms!). We were a group of 14 in a 8 bedroom house and there was definitely room for more people! It is very family friendly; we had a "Frozen" room (yes, a very girly room with decor from the movie Frozen- my niece would have not leave the room!).

We got there late at night (all of my friends have 9 to 5 jobs- you know #adulting) and the day after we headed to Disney. I'll share another blogpost on that day in Disney but as you can imagine, it was a blast. Encore offers free transportation too and from the parks  at certain hours- so convenient!

After a long day in Hollywood Studios, we ran straight to the private pool to relax. If I'm not mistaken, all of the houses have private pools- and some of them have game rooms  movie rooms!


On our third day at the Encore, we got pampered with a private chef. He arrived with all the ingredients and while we sipped white wine, he was cooking the most delicious fajitas I've had in a while.  My friend Gaby (from Voguish Diet) and I wish we had paid more attention to his step-by-step cooking.  The black beans were absolutely some of the best beans I've had (I already said that but I had to say it again- they really were THAT good). I think everyone had at least three servings, and we couldn't move afterwa

THE BEST GROUP OF FRIENDS! Enjoying the best fajitas!

Ok, before you judge: we were ALL playing together! It's a game called Jackbok (that has little games: Faking it and Whiplash are our favorites).  
Faking it is about finding the faker. Everyone gets a task that you must answer but the faker doesn't get anything and must try to blend in. For example: it might say raise your hand if you own a dog. It's so much fun!
Then Whiplash is completing a sentence or answering a question and then people vote on the best answer!


For breakfast, we cooked pancakes and arepas. I was in charge of the arepas, I cooked 18 arepas (record for me!!)


At the clubhouse you can find the Shark lounge and the Finns restaurant. While on the terrace, you can see the Encore’s private AquaPark, which includes a huge drop slide, water slides, a beautiful pool, Surfin’ Safari children’s splash area, and cabanas.

As you can see in the pictures, we had a blast in the children's area. Our average age might be 30 but those two days we felt like we were 10. We got on every slide, ran every time the water bucket fell- and I want to thank the staff because they let us play with all the little kids! 

We had rented the volleyball court one afternoon but it was pouring. They also have  soccer fields, tennis, and basketball court.

Oh, and try the Piña Colada! Well, virgin Piña Colada are always better!

Can't wait to go back!

Special thanks to Encore Resort for the invitation.

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  1. so cute!! I've never stayed there before when I go. Thank you for sharing! <3