How to do my everyday waves? ...with Sally Beauty

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hey girls! I’ve done many tutorials over the past 5 years I have been blogging…from Old-Hollywood waves to fishtail buns. However, I think I have never done my everyday waves…which, I get tons of questions about.

After my favorite curling iron broke, I headed to my local Sally Beauty for a new one. After careful consideration, I went for the “Hot Shot Tools XL Ceramic Curling Iron 1 1/4 Inch”. I’ve heard great reviews about it and I wanted to share not only my first impression of the wand but also a quick tutorial on how I’ve been doing my hair with it for the past few weeks.

#1 WASH & BLOW DRY (preferably the night before).
I like washing and blow drying my hair before going to sleep. I’m not 100% sure why but I feel that styling my hair the next day makes the style last longer. I don’t blow dry it super straight…as you can see, it is still VERY frizzy and it still has a lot of curl to it.

The easiest way to curl (and keep it organized) is to section your hair in parts. I start from the bottom and continue moving my way up. This is what works for me…especially because I have a lot of hair.

I set the Hot Shot Tools XL Ceramic Curling Iron at 380 degrees F. It goes up to 450F but over the years, I realized it’s okay for me to go a little lower than that (maybe your hair curls easily at 300F or even 250F…it’s important to understand that we are all different). Also, I wouldn’t recommend holding your curl in the curling iron for more than 12 seconds. The finer the hair, the less time it should be! Just check it by touching the strand until it gets warm. This curling iron has a pulse auto-heat control, which maintains precise temperature for interrupted and consistent heat.

I like curling my hair OUT- which means that each strand of hair goes AWAY from my face when curling. If you want the curls to blend: curl all the strands in the same direction…if you want a sexy messy hair, curl each strand in a different direction. Either way, I would recommend that the hair around your face should be curled AWAY from your face for a supermodel-hair effect.  The ceramic and tourmaline of the curling iron emit far infrared heat and negative ions…in simple words: it seals the cuticle and eliminates frizz….hello soft, shiny, and frizz-free curls.

I also realized the barrel of this curling iron is longer- which is great for long hair because it allows more hair to come into contact with the barrel…this means you will curl your hair faster and the curls will last longer. 

After curling all my hair, I like to wait at least 10 minutes before opening the curls with my fingers and/or brushing them out. Generally I do my makeup and get dressed in the meantime. 

After opening the curls with my fingers, I apply a little bit of hairspray to make sure the curls last all day. I’ve been using ION Color Solutions hairspray- which I got the same day I dyed my hair blue/teal (oh about that, remember to check out my guest post on Sally Beauty Blog where I share the step-by-step on how I did).

I hope you liked this easy tutorial! If you try it, don’t forget to tag me and @SallyBeautySupply ! With #SallyHairDare XOXO

Disclosure: This post was part of a three month partnership with Sally Beauty Supply. All opinions are my own.