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Thursday, October 29, 2015

On August, I was in New York for a photoshoot with JC Penney (check out the post "My Style Story"). While doing the fitting, I fell in love with this bright, so cool..and you all know how much I love fringe (even tomorrow's post has a little fringe!! haha).  The day of the shoot, I left my favorite jean jacket on set (a jean jacket I got at Forever 21 about 5 years ago, I bleached it and it is so soft by no!). The JC Penney team was so amazing that they not only returned my jacket but they also included the blue fringe jacked I loved so much (with a cute note that I got to have it!). It is such a statement piece that the first look with it had to be as simple as b&W. I had my regular jeans on and it looked a little Ashes Into Fashion offered  me her cool ripped jeans...aren't they so cool? I want to try to distress some of my old black jeans...let's see how that goes. I wore this to go have dinner with my friends in Austin...we saw this cool wall and we had to stop to take pictures (and it matched my look perfectly). On this trip, I wore my hair a lot in a half pony (Ariana Grande-ish)...but my hair was out of control and it was the only way it looked okay. Hope you are having a fantastic week ! XOXO


En Agosto, estuve en Nueva York para una sesión de fotos con JC Penney "My Style Story"- ahí me probé esta chaqueta de flecos azul y me enamoré. Por casualidades de la vida, dejé mi chaqueta de blue jean en el set (mi chaqueta de jean favorita, que yo misma decoloré y es de esas que lleva años en mi "klozet). El equipo de JC Penney no solo me mandó mi chaqueta si no que también me dijeron que notaron lo mucho que me había gustado la chaqueta de flecos azul, y me la regalaron!! Es de esas piezas que definitivamente es el punto principal del look; por eso la combiné con piezas B&W. Los jeans se los robé a Ashes Into Fashion por el día...voy a intentar romper unos míos así. Esto lo utilicé para ir a camino encontramos esta pared super cool y quisimos tomar fotos ahí.  En ese viaje estuve usando mucho el cabello en una media cola alta (medio Ariana Grande) pero es que mi cabello no se estaba comportando y era la manera más fácil de peinarlo! ¡Les mando un mega abrazo!!

MISGUIDED black ripped jeans (borrowed from Ashes Into Fashion)
H&M black ankle booties ---- FOREVER 21 round sunglasses


  1. I love the colour of this jacket too! So vibrant x

    Wonky Lauren

  2. Im in love with your denim!

  3. Woao me encanta el look! Y si, esa chaqueta esta espectacular tan solo ver el color me enamora!
    por cierto tu cabello se ve divino!

    Miss Pj style

  4. Wow! It's been a long time since I visited your blog and your hair is so great. I love this color.
    Your outfit is gorgeous as always, nice jeans. Thank you for sharing
    super smash flash 2

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  6. Hey there rockstar! Absolutely love the look. Great photo shoot. And and and...the streaks are ike super cool. Keep rocking!