BUSINESS OF BLOGGING: Behind the Scenes of a Beauty Campaign

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I love sharing "Behind The Scenes" posts because you get to see a little bit of what goes behind a"the life of a blogger". Here are the official pictures that were published but I want to tell you ALL about it.

In April, I was reached out for a perfume campaign that would go live during "Mother's Day".  

Before even saying yes, since it had to do with my mom, I texted her and I asked her for her fashion/beauty icons when she was young (without mentioning it was for a campaign). In her top 3, she mentioned was Elizabeth Taylor, so it made sense and I said yes!! For me it's very important to only partner with brands that I truly believe in.

Instead of just taking pictures with the perfume and mention it would be a great gift for Mother's Day, I got immerse in the concept. I saw two Elizabeth Taylor movies, I googled her story and her life.  I was so fascinated by everything: her obsession with jewels, her marriage, her work, the HIV/AIDS foundation, and more.

Before taking the pictures, I watched a several beauty tutorials on how to recreate her look. However, I also wanted to still be a version of ME inspired by HER. Since she loved blue eyeshadow to make her violet eyes pop, I went for a blue eyeliner wing (which she also sported for a while in the 50s). I liked that my makeup was definitely a classic old Hollywood look with a twist. I did my eyebrows a little bolder and more angular than usual. Last touch? Red lips of course!

Let's talk FASHION. I knew I needed a big statement necklace (hey I don't own diamonds, so this was the closest I had). I was inspired by a photo where she is wearing a fur shrug in bed so I added this jacket to recreate the style.

The brand wasn't specific about the content but they wanted different pictures for IG and Facebook and a mix of flat-lays, product shots, and portraits.  I liked this concept because it challenged me to play with the product.

There was also a little "issue". I was 8 months pregnant in April and due anytime in May. Since the focus of the pictures was beauty and the perfume, I didn't want my bump to be distracting somehow. It was so funny to see me trying to hide my bump  (you can see it in the pictures with Chiki, but those were cropped for social media). And with the fur jacket, most of my belly was out, it was hilarious!

But wait, not only I was worried about the bump in the pictures...I was worried that I would have to post them after giving birth since it wouldn't make much sense. Nico waited a few days after Mother's day, so it ended up being perfect timing.

When researching Liz Taylor's like, I saw she absolutely loved maltese dogs- she had several white fluffy pups during her lifetime.  I Instantly thought "Ok, I have to include Chiki in the pictures".

For this second set of pictures, I switched to a blue smoky and more of  pink shimmery lip. I was also inspired by some classic photos of her in a robe...I did my best to recreate how glam she was.

Do you want to see more of what goes behind a campaign?

Let me know!

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  1. this was really interesting, cause we couldn't know all this. I loved it