Exploring Miami Art Week…with Uber

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sponsored by Uber. All opinions are m y own.

We have been traveling a bit the past few months, but we came back just in time for Miami Art Week.

So let’s start with this:

Every December, Miami becomes the center of attention in the art world. The city hosts over 20 art fairs, 1,200 galleries and thousands of artists.  This means the city attracts art collectors, buyers, art lovers, tourists, celebrities, and more.

I’ve been living in Miami for over 12 years and it’s amazing to see how this event continues to grow and grow. It really shows that Miami is more than beautiful beaches and 80s movies.

During this week, the city is absolutely packed- and everyone. There are so many events going that it can be absolutely hectic to head to one gallery to the other. There’s also no parking ANYWHERE. So enter: Uber to the rescue.

This year, Uber set up sculptures by Emil Alzalmora not only as convenient pick-up and drop-off points around the city but also at the right, popular, chic spots. This made extremely easy to get around thanks to Uber’s flexible options.

But since we are talking art, let’s also talk about these sculptures. Emil shared that the sculptures not just reference the literal act of movement but represent motion as a metaphor relating to human progress and growth.

Since we were riding with the carseat/stroller (it’s a two-in-one, stay tune for the review fellow mommies) , we requested an uberXL (give me all the extra space with a baby!)….and we got ready to explore a few exhibitions around Wynwood.

Wynwood is one of my favorite places in Miami. It’s a bit of our backyard, so Miami Art Week is very exciting because it’s the time where a lot of walls change and the vibe is even more special. Walking around,  we found an interactive gallery with a ball pit and artsy swings - perfect for Nico (and the artist was there SO excited to see people enjoying his art). See? It can be very kid-friendly too. There’s absolutely something for everybody.


Have you been to Miami Art Week?

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  1. with a toddler is convenient to have someone that picks you up everywhere and to not have problems with parkings