10 things I learned traveling to NYC with a BABY

Monday, December 10, 2018

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of posts in the blog. I thought I got the hang of it when Nico was a newborn but as he got older, it definitely became harder to sit down and write. I absolutely love being a mom and the time I am free I've been trying to focus on my husband and friends.

But we just started sleep training and I'm excited to get back here, especially because I have so much to share.

Last month we traveled to NYC with a group of friends and I thought it would be fun to do a "10 things" type of list of all the things I learned in NYC with little baby. Like they say, if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere. This is a specific post for NYC, we have done a few trips by now so I'll be sharing one with all my tips and tricks for general traveling!

So let's get this started:

1) Our stroller is HUGE
I have not even thought of this before this trip, but our stroller is HUGE in comparison to NYC strollers. We would go to parks and our stroller was twice the size of any other out there. 

When we came back to Miami, we got the Doona Stroller/Carseat almost instantly since we want to travel a lot with the baby. Official review of the Doona coming soon- so stay tuned.

2) Our friend's help was crucial
I know we would have made it work without our friends but we were so grateful they were there. Not all subway stops have elevators so going up and down the stairs with the HUGE stroller would have been HARD without the help of our friends. If you are traveling alone (or with your husband), make sure to plan ahead and check which subway stops have elevators.

3) NYC's ubers offer car-seats
Just in case you don't feel like taking your car-seat. You can request an Uber with a carseat. That option isn't available in Miami but it is in NYC. I think it costs an extra $5 per ride- but it's very convenient in case of any emergency. I personally prefer the subway but now you know!

4) Changing tables are hard to find
Most NYC restaurants are tiny and they are in the basement with a tiny staircase that leads to it (aka hard to walk down with a baby)...and changing tables were scarce. The good news, Starbucks have changing tables and there are Starbucks in every corner.  Instead of running around, I knew that Starbucks would be a good option when we needed to change him.

5) Dressing him in layers was tricky.
What if he is too hot? What if he is too cold? 
We live in Miami so the less layers...the better. I tried dressing him in layers that would be easy to take them off when we were indoors or in the subway and then puck back on.

I personally don't know what I would have done with snow, so thankfully we experience semi-cold FALL days (aka delicious days!).

6) Stay Calm
I believe our babies feed of our energy. In NYC or any big city, there will be ambulances, police cars, alarms...these sounds can strike your baby. If you stay calm and act like nothing is happening, I think they won't be scared either. Nico fit right in like a little New Yorker.

7) NYC is very kid-friendly
A lot of people are afraid of traveling to NYC with kids because it is a fast-paced city. But I have to disagree, just like anywhere you can find activities that are kid friendly.
Some examples:
- Central Park (duh!): you can find a zoo, a carrousel, an ice skating rink, playgrounds, and more,
- Head to any museum. Considerations: Children's Museum of Manhattan and the Children's Museum of Arts.

8) The city kept Nico entertained
On the contrary to our trip to California, where we were mostly in a car driving around, Nico was so entertained by everything. The lights, the sounds, the streets, the people...everything was so fun for him.  Walk around, have fun...I'm sure your baby will have fun too!

9) You can find anything in NYC
If you forget anything, there's a pharmacy in every single street. We bought all the diapers and wipes there instead of adding so much bulk to our bags. We also ran out of formula and got that there too. So don't worry so much packing, because if you forget anything...you can get it by walking 3 min...or less!

10) The hotels feel smaller with a baby
We stayed at the Freehand and they don't offer cribs so we ended co-sleeping. I know some hotels offer cribs or pack-and-plays, call before making any reservations. But take into consideration that hotels in NYC are tiny and they feel even smaller with a baby and all the things you have to bring

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