BABY SHOWER #2- Hosted by fabulous bloggers

Thursday, August 2, 2018

OMG! I should have shared this post ages ago.  But let me tell you a funny story, my dear friends (and bloggers) Kelly Saks and Erika Thomas planned this baby shower with some amazing blogger friends. 

At the time, I wasn't 100% sure of the name "NICO". I mean, it was our first and favorite option but we were still thinking of other names, just in case.  But when friends asked me, I would tell them we love Nico. Something happened along the way that Kelly thought that was the official name and it was so cute, she put his name all over the decor. However, since I had not shared the name publicly, I kept these images to myself...but hey, the shower was too cute not to share with you.

This was my second shower. I had one with family where I planned it all (you can see EVERYTHING about it here). Kelly also texted my husband asking him about the theme of our nursery (you can also see the nursery HERE); since it was all about animals, they went with that theme. It was all a surprise and I absolutely love how different my showers were.

The shower was at the EAST Hotel at Quinto la Huella. We had such a delicious lunch, played games, and I felt extremely blessed because Nico has the most fashionable aunts ever.

- The Diaper Cake: so cute and so useful! I took them home and we are still using them. 

- "It's a BOY" gold balloons that made the perfect backdrop for pictures.

- Animal Crackers were perfectly on theme!

- Newborn clothes hanging over the diaper cake. This was also a cute detail that I got to take home, Nico is still wearing these cute outfits.

- Baby's First Library: Kelly and Erika asked the guest to bring a book so Nico could start his own little library. I've started reading to him as part of the night-time routine so these came so handy.

- The Sign book: all the guest got to write the sweetest messages for Nico. I can't wait to show him all of this when he is older.

- Charm "labor" bracelet: each guest picked a charm for a bracelet and they gave it the best energy. I took this bracelet with me in my hospital bag and I know it came with the most amazing wishes from the sweetest girls ever.

Check out all the pictures. Wasn't it BEAUTIFUL?


With Erika Thomas and Kelly Saks.

The beautiful table setting with leaves, gorgeous tropical flowers, and personalized mini champagne bottles.

With Angeles Almuna, Erika Thomas, and Martha Dominguez.

With the most amazing group of friends: Martha, Angeles, Ana, Gissi, Jana, Kelly, Erika, Karla, Netty, and Ria.

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  1. I cn guess how anxious you were before, waiting for him.
    So great tips for a baby shower, it was super chic