Anytime, Anywhere COMFYDENCE…with Hanes.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last year, I had a blast partnering with Hanes and I’m so excited to continue the conversation on how to #BeComfydent- because when you are comfortable, you are confident.

The beginning of the year was definitely not the easiest; but with Gabe quickly recovering from his surgery, we are ready to start traveling again and enjoying every second to the fullest!

I absolutely love road-trips. I always have. In Venezuela, my dad’s family lives in a city 10 hours away from the capital. So it was a common trip for us. I’ve always loved having the flexibility of departing whenever you want, stopping along the way to enjoy the scenery, and bonding with your friends/family.

But as a fashion blogger, I have to admit I get very excited about packing beauty products without any liquid restrictions and bringing more outfits than necessary because no extra weight fees.  I always change my mind, I have to bring OPTIONS. But I always go for versatile pieces that I can mix and match.

Since we are in the topic of packing, I have to share my Summer Innerwear Staples; because comfort and confidence start with the first layer of clothes!  My absolute favorite are the Hanes Cool Comfort® Microfiber Hipster Panties; no panty lines, just enough spandex for all day comfort, and a microfiber that keeps you cool (perfect for the upcoming Summer days…or Miami/South Florida years!!).

Bags packed, we headed to Orlando! When dressing for a road-trip, think COMFORT first; but you also want to feel confident and cute (in case you find any fun photo opps along the way, or you are stopping at a restaurant). My travel uniform is jeans, a comfortable tee, a third layer (in case the person in charge of the A/C loves blasting it!), and a hat (so it doesn’t lose its shape in the luggage). Here I’m wearing Hanes Nano-T® V-Neck Shirt in black. Confession: I’ve been stealing Gabe’s black Hanes tee for the past few months…it was about time I got my own, and with a slimmer fit that’s very flattering to your silhouette. I personally always go up a size in tops because I prefer a roomier fit. This tee is so easy to dress up or down!

Now I’m ready for the all the shows, attractions, and rides this city has to offer!

How do you stay COMFYDENT wherever you go?

FTC disclosure: this post is sponsored by Hanes. All opinions are my own. All content was curated 100% by me. I only partner with brands I truly trust and love. For 10% off your next $50 order from now until 9/1, use promo code NANYTEN. Exclusions include C-Life, C-Europe, Clearance.

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  1. I love the idea of comfydant, being a very lazy person I always tend to wear comfy cloths more than anything but I don't always look cute !! I like the tips, super helpful and I can still be me πŸ‘Œ Road trips are my favorite thing to do, gives me time to relax, listen to some good music and get the chance to watch the sunsets on the road, just amazing 😍😍.

  2. I read your article carefully and collected it,great!

  3. 😍😍😍