Pineapples & Piña Coladas

Thursday, December 11, 2014

With the sweet @NatyBaby from A Love Affair with Fashion

With our wedding photographer, the AH-MA-ZING Julia from Darling Juliet

I can officially say that my wedding lasted at least three days and it went by SO fast. I cannot imagine how fast I regular wedding goes by. We had so much fun…you have no idea! I just felt so loved and grateful…our friends and family are just THE BEST.

I wore this the day after the wedding; we hanged out by the pool and the beach..there was a fun lazy river we headed to…we went karaoke…the games were endless (yes I have some crazy friends that have games for everything).

Right now, I'm just day dreaming and wishing we were there again…with my pineapple shirt on and a piña colada on the hand!


Se puede decir que nuestra boda duró oficialmente al menos tres días.. y no tienen idea lo rápido que paso. No me quiero ni imaginar lo rápido que pasan las bodas regulares de un par de horas. No tienen idea lo bien que la pasamos. El cariño de nuestros familiares y amigos era algo indescriptible <3 <3

Utilicé este look justo el d´â después de la boda; un día que pasamos entre la playa y la piscina. Hubo 1000 juegos…por que si, mis amigos pareciese que crecieron en un campamento y los juegos nunca terminan.

En estos momentos, ando toda nostálgica deseando que estuviésemos allá otra vez…con piñas en la camisa y piña coladas en la mano.

M by MONTSERRAT MURILLO military green shorts
OLE panamá hat
PIETRO NYC camel bag
NINE WEST black sandals


  1. Your wedding looked absolutely perfect. <3
    I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

  2. love this look! you look adorable

  3. congrats! and cute outfit pieces!

  4. You look precious! Love it :)



  5. I love this outfit!!

  6. I'm in love with that pineapple tank! Perfect for summer!

  7. Aww congrats on the wedding! I love your outfit, the top is so cute!

  8. Awesome post!

  9. So fun! Congrats! I love the outfit! xx

  10. You look so cute - I just love this whole look! It's so effortless & laid back plus cute <3


  11. So cute!

    XoXo :) nikki