Making classics fashionable…with Anne Klein

Monday, December 8, 2014

It's that time of the year…when wearing sequins and sparkle is not only acceptable but encouraged! For the anniversary party at the PAMM museum during Art Basel, I decided to wear this gorgeous sequin blazer with some basics (a simple white tee, coated jeans and black pumps).  

Accessorizing such a statement piece can be a little tricky. So I went for a delicate set from Ann Klein that captures two current trends in jewelry: tricolor (rose gold, silver, and gold), and the stackable look. The bangles and watch look great together, but can be easily paired with other pieces!

Even though, the Ann Klein set retails for around $150; Amazon is having a fun sale that runs from 12/3 to 12/16; where you can get the set 25% off using the promo code WATCHES25 at checkout. Hurry and click here to take advantage of this sale, it's a great gift for someone special (or yourself). XOXO


¡Y estamos en esa época del año… donde usar lentejuelas no solo es aceptable sino oportuno! Utilicé este look para la fiesta del aniversario del museo PAMM durante el Art Basel…quise usar este blazer espectacular dorado con varias piezas básicas (como la camisa blanca, zapatos negros y unos jeans de 'cuero).

Agregarle accesorios a una pieza tan llamativa puede ser complicado. Por eso opté por este set delicado de Ann Klein , que tiene dos tendencias muy importantes cuando se trata de accesorios…la tendencia tricolor (es decir usar diferentes tonos de metál, oro, y plata); y agregar muchas pulseras a tu look. Las pulseritas y el reloj de este look se ven muy lindas juntas pero también puedes usarlas fácilmente por separado.

Aunque este set de Ann Klein cuesta alrededor de $150;  Amazon tiene un especial que dura desde el 3 de diciembre hasta el 16 de diciembre en donde puedes comprar este set con un 25% de descuento al usar el código WATCHES25 al momento de pagar. Corre y aprovecha este descuento…es un regalo muy lindo para alguien especial (o por si quieres consentirte a ti!). ¡BESOS!

CHANEL 2.55 flap bag
HENRI BENDEL earring studs


  1. love that blazer!

  2. oh my, such a wonderfully chic look! :) and that blazer - wow!

  3. The glamorous sequin blazer is such a head-turner! Love that it matches so well with a casual chic top and jeans too! And the watch is such a classy piece, beautiful tricolor design!


  4. I just love it when bloggers style sequin outfits for everyday wear <3. You look so festive <3

    Maggie A

  5. Me encanta esa chaqueta de lentejuelas, es espectacular!

  6. omg maybe you know my addiction with paillettes this year...
    that jacket is so perfect for new year's eve!!!

  7. GLAM girl!!! I loved this glitter blazer at first sight...when I've senn it on Insta on you <3


  8. You look so beautifully festive in your sequin blazer. Absolutely breathtaking!

  9. Ahh I love the sequins! xx

  10. I love this outfit so much!

  11. How gorgeous is that sequin blazer?! Obsessed!


  12. Absolutely adoring this look, that jacket is amazing!

    Mad For Fashion For Less
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  13. Loving the shoes, the jeans and that blazer!!

    The Life of JP