Leo’s pregnancy story and little scare

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Wow. It’s been 8 months and I’m finally sitting down to write a bit more about my second pregnancy.  I wrote Nico’s birth story within a few weeks, it’s definitely so different with the second kid- whenever, I have a moment, I just try to spend them with either of them!

Here is the pregnancy announcement, from a year ago (oops! I am so sorry). I really miss writing in this blog!

But before I write about Leo’s delivery…let’s start from the beginning.

Leo wasn’t 100% planned as Nico. We have always wanted two kids, but the pandemic started when Nico was about 1.5 years old, and our planned shifted a little bit. *You can also read here "are we ready for baby #2?" from May 2020*

By August-September 2020, we stopped being as careful- like if it happens, it happens! A three year old difference felt good. Nico would be *hopefully* in school, and a bit more independent. 

I found out I was pregnant right around Halloween 2020, and oh boy I was surprised! There is a funny story actually. In October 2020, I was hired to create content for a pregnancy test company. It was purely for their usage, I didn’t have to be in the pictures or post them in my social media. The company sent me several pregnancy tests + ovulation kits.  I thought “oh well, whenever we really want to try for Baby #2, I already have these ovulation kits”.

After Halloween, I had a feeling I was pregnant. I just KNEW it! (with my previous pregnancies, Nico and the miscarriage, I also KNEW!) So I went ahead and took one of those tests I had in my vanity..and it was POSITIVE! I started freaking out and I texted my manager asking if the tests actually worked or they were made to say positive (as they had to show positive in the pictures).  They 100% were real tests, and we started joking saying that gig brought “fertility vibes” into my life.

This time, it was different. I told all my friends as soon as I found out. And I told my parents as soon as the pregnancy was confirmed by an ultra-sound.  I had a miscarriage in 2017, before Nico and I was so scared throughout Nico’s pregnancy that I did not enjoy it.  I learned that I really wanted to tell the people I would also share bad news with, people that have been there for me unconditionally.

Long story short, I had a lot of issues with my health insurance (“the American dream”, sarcasm included).  So it took a while for my OB to see me. 

By the time I was 17 weeks, I started bleeding after working out. I was working out a lot before getting pregnant, so  I wanted to stay active (with little modifications, of course).  We were shooting a reel and I noticed the bleeding and I started to freak out- because that's exactly how my miscarriage started in 2017...and this time, I had SEEN the baby, I  knew he was a boy, and he had a name.

I cried uncontrollably the whole trip to the emergency room- and because of Covid, I had to enter alone. I started crying even more thinking of all the women that had received bad news in those rooms ALONE- without their partners, without a hand to hold. That made me even more upset with the Covid situation, as I kept scrolling on my phone and everyone seemed to be partying out and about.

Thankfully, the baby was perfect. It was my placenta that was very low (placenta previa) and that's why I was bleeding. So I  had to be in bed-rest for two weeks: I couldn't carry my 2 year old, workout, do any lifting, etc.  I was told to reach out to a high-risk doctor.

The next day I saw my doctor, the midwife that also delivered Nico. He was horrible, he scared me saying what you SHOULDN'T tell a pregnant woman. He told me I would need a c-section, that I might need blood transfusions, that there were a lot complications, that they might need to remove my uterus.

It was really scared, I would hold Nico so close thinking I was just told I could die in birth. Obviously I changed doctors immediately, and my new doctor (Lorena Tinoco and her partner) were absolutely amazing, they explained everything to me and they would just check the placenta every time. It slowly started migrated towards the top of the uterus.

Around 25-26 weeks, I was out of the danger zone. I started doing pre-natal yoga and walking. and I could carry my toddler, it broke my heart every time we wanted me to hold him and I just couldn't.

Spoiler alert: I did have a great delivery (more on that later), vaginal delivery with no complications.

So if you have been diagnosed with placenta previa in early pregnancy- stay hopeful! Everything will be okay!!

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