Baby #2 IS ON THE WAY!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Almost a year ago,  I wrote an article about "Are We Ready For Baby #2?".

We definitely have been ready for another baby for a while, but the pandemic changed our plans and we were just going with the flow. Since I haven't shared the news here on the blog,  let me just share it here too!

A few days after my birthday in October,  I found out I was pregnant. It was a bit of a shock because we weren't necessarily TRYING (not being too careful either).  You can  see Gabe's reaction in the video on IG. It was such a sweet reaction!

We waited a lot to share it, I was over 20 weeks- but I decided to wait because we had a scare at 17 weeks and just wanted to hold this baby tighter.

At the moment of this post, I am almost 29 weeks pregnant.  We have both been feeling great!

I'll continue to share more updates here, as I can write more and express myself! This has been like an open to the public diary for 10 years!

We were, and are, SO excited and happy. Nico is really excited to be a big brother and we can't wait to see them together! Leave any questions below! But you can see a few Q+A on my Instagram!


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