Fragrance Beauty Ritual

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is it me or is getting ready just as fun as the special occasion? 💓 From doing my makeup & hair, to trying a few different outfits, even spritzing my favorite fragrance. To me, a fragrance is so much more than a scent you wear…it can become your beauty signature, it says as much of your personality as the outfit you are wearing! 

So what if you could personalize it? I'm loving the #FlowerbombTwists because you can use them as a base in pulse points (think wrists, neck, and décolleté) to complement and enhance the #Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum..such a timeless beauty ritual.

While in Boston, I feel in love with this corner of our Airbnb and I had to take pictures. I took this dress for the wedding, but ended up wearing my back-up dress. Yes, I definitely change many times and take several options just in case I'm not feeling it. This dress is from Fame & Partners and it is such a dream. I love that site because you can customize the dress (height, the train, or other details). It's my go-to for wedding/prom/special occasion dressing..check it out!

Hope you like the pics!

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