Thursday, February 16, 2017

I’m not going to call it a full rant but kinda! 

A couple of friends have been asking why I am not sharing pictures over here as often as I used to...and the reason is simple: I want to be more present, I want to enjoy life without looking at it through the screen of my phone. That’s the reason I’m so bad at Snapchat or IG stories; I like to put my phone down when I’m out with my friends or even at work events. I like having a real conversation with the people I’m with, instead of scrolling down my phone while pretending to listen. We need more “me” time to get inspired and find ourselves, we need more “real we” time to become better partners, better friends, better people! 

He estado medio desaparecida por acá, y la razón es simple; quiero estar más presente en vez de sentir que vivo a través de la pantalla de mi teléfono.  Creo que por eso es que soy tan mala en Snapchat e IG stories; me gusta poner mi teléfono en la mesa cuando estoy con mis amigos y hasta ignorarlo cuando estoy en eventos del blog. Me gustan las conversaciones de verdad, no de las que le hablas a alguien y mientras están texteando a otra persona. Creo que todos necesitamos más tiempo para nosotros, para inspirarnos, para crecer...y necesitamos más tiempo real con los demás para ser mejores amigos, mejores parejas, mejores personas.


  1. That´s actually true, we need more "we time"..I am sometimes like that when I come home from work, where I don´t use phone at all, cause I don´t have time for that.. and then when I come home I want to check what´s new and sometimes I realize that I´m just pretending that I am listening to my fiancee..and then I put my phone down and actually listen to him, what does he want to tell me after all day not seeing each other..what´s new, how is he, what´s new at work..and so. :) Yeah and the outfit is perfect, I feel like I need the jeans like this in my life.. i used to wear it all the time when I was at secondary school but since then I haven´t owned one.. :)

  2. I totally agree with your's too important to be present and really live life :)

    Be Happy with Fashion

  3. I want a close up on the shoooooes, super cool

  4. Tienes toda la razón! A mí no me gusta estar hablándole a alguien y que te esté interrumpiendo todo el rato el sonido del móvil y que dejen de mirarte. Me ha encantando el post de hoy, y me ha gustado mucho el outfit con los pantalones de campana. Los zapatos son preciosos! Un saludo!

  5. That's such a fabulous look. And I agree with you about needing more me time to be better people to the ones we love.

    Inez | My Small World

  6. I read your article carefully and collected it, great!