Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Now that I have baby Nico in my hands, it is absolutely incredible to look back at these photos and realized he was in there. It is surreal. So to share these gorgeous pictures my dear friend Karla GarcĂ­a took for our maternity photos, I want to share 10 things I learned while I was pregnant.

You will definitely see the miracle of life different. Our bodies are simply AMAZING. I cannot believe bones, organs...a perfect little baby grew inside of me. This changed the way I see myself. Women are  incredible.

2) Listen to your body (and your doctor).
All pregnancies and all bodies are absolutely different. You might experience severe nausea, you might not experience anything at all.  You might want to continue your life as normal, you might want to nest and watch netflix all day.  Do what feels right and trust your instinct.

3)Take in all the advice but do what works for YOU.
Everyone will have some sort of advice. That's why when I share tips or tricks about any baby topic I try to emphasize that I'm sharing what worked for US. Listen to the crazy great grandma sharing her tips on how things were done in her days, listen to the hippie friend that goes with the flow, listen to your conservative cousin that's super strict with her kids.  You will find what works for you, there is no wrong or right. All mamas will do what's best for their little ones.

4) Don't be afraid to ask for help
I know we are multi-taskers and we want to be wonder women; but don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't feel bad if you want to take your time, if you want to sleep, if you want to be pampered.

The last few weeks of pregnancy

5) Try to be as productive as you can.
I don't know why but people LOVE to tell you "get some sleep while you can". Yes, it's true. You won't sleep as much as you want when baby is here... but sleeping ALL the time is not going to help during sleepless nights. It's not like sleep is accumulative. 

What will help? Do as much as you can. I wish I would have done meal preps, left several articles ready to be published, etc.

6) Ignore all the body comments.
 I remember as soon as I announced I was pregnant, I got a few "oh that's why you looked heavier". I would roll my eyes and think "no, I gained a few pounds because I went through a miscarriage a few months before and it included a lot of emotional healing and wine".

But I also heard it all, from "it must be a boy/girl because of the shape of your bump", "you are SO huge", "you are TINY". 

And honestly, it was annoying and unnecessary. Ignore all the comments and enjoy your pregnancy. Be healthy, indulge from time to time, listen to your body, and just nod and let all the body comments travel from one ear to another.

7) Share the news to your loved ones before 12 weeks.
 After my miscarriage,  I was a little hesitant about who to tell.  I didn't tell my parents until we heard the heartbeat just to be on the safe side. I guess I didn't want to give them hope just in case anything happened again.

And part of me regrets that decision because I needed their support, and either way, I would have shared the "bad news" because we need to talk more about the hard moments too. 

I also wish I would have told my close friends earlier. It was silly of me to hide it and make my poor husband drink double the mimosas and double the wine in our get-togethers. I wouldn't post it on Facebook but I think it is important to get that support from the people we live our day to day lives. 

8) Fashion-wise, don't buy a whole maternity wardrobe
Invest in just a few key pieces (like great maternity jeans/bottoms).  Most of the maternity clothes are made for the last weeks of pregnancy; I feel like my belly never filled some of the dresses I got correctly. So just take advantage of oversized pieces, be comfortable, and try to be creative with things you already got.