BEAUTY: How I'm trying to get my natural curls back

Thursday, September 6, 2018

My hair was naturally curly; so much straightening over the years has soften the wave. I did a keratin treatment almost a decade ago. I really miss my natural texture; especially because I think I didn't know how to style it back them.

I've been trying to wear my hair as natural as possible from time to time to get my curl back. Also this little routine saves me a lot of time. Hey, sleepy mamas raise your hands! Keep reading to see how I did the curls in the main picture!


    Mi cabello es naturalmente rizado. Pero después de tantos años planchándolo, la onda se ha suavizado mucho. Pero últimamente quiero recuperar mi rizo, y eso significa darle un descanso a la plancha lo más que pueda . En el colegio siempre llevaba mis rizos al natural; pero no solo los productos han mejorado enormemente desde el 2006 si no también creo que yo no sabía como peinarlo.

    Esta rutina que les comparto abajo para lograr los rizos/ondas de arriba también me ayudan mucho cuando estoy apura. Como una mami nueva, no tengo demasiado tiempo para plancharme o rizarme el cabello y esta rutina me toma menos tiempo.

    1. Use hydrating products; especially a conditioner that works for your texture.

    I always say that the magic starts in the shower. Look for products that nourish your hair without adding any weight. A good suggestion is the Pantene Breakage Defense In-Shower Foam Conditioner

    2. Blow-Dry with a diffuser.
    If you want to control the way your hair dries, use a diffuser. If you have the time, let it air dry. Another technique I do, but I'll probably share it in another post is to braid your hair in two french braids and let it dry over night.

    I'm using the Dyson blow-dryer, I've been using it for almost two years and it's amazing. It dries my hair extremely fast.

    3.  Use a curling iron on little pieces around the face or top of the head.

    I'm very picky about the pieces that frame my face; so in order to have more control, I curl them.

    Do you always style your hair or wear it naturally?