Saturday, March 10, 2018

I love planning trips...especially road trips! I like spending hours and hours looking at Airbnbs and hotels for every stop.  Maybe you remember our trip to California or the one at a gorgeous glass cabin in Georgia.

As freelancers (with a baby on the way), we have been trying to take as much work as we can . We have months that are non-stop and then weeks when we are staring at the wall thinking how to make money. That uncertainty of the upcoming months can be nerve-wracking. 

We definitely wanted to go on a baby moon. However, without even noticing, weeks went by and I wasn't allowed on cruises anymore and planes get a little stricter...so the options for a babymoon kept getting more limited! 

Last month, Gabe and I had a few days off. I told him, let's just pack out bags and go to a city in North Florida. We got in the car (with Chiki, of course!) basically without no destination, no hotel, no plan!! 

Last year, when our flight got cancelled to Fashion Week because of Hurricane Irma, I was able to get the reimbursement of our hotel as credit in an app called Hotel Tonight. So I thought, let's just go and I'll find a hotel for a cheaper price and use that credit.

While in the car, I posted something on IG stories and a friend who went to school with Gabe sent me a message asking where we heading. Honestly, I thought she lived in Georgia or North Carolina and I quickly answered "Around St Pete!!!". Little did I know that she lived 15 minutes from there, and we ended up staying with her, her husband, and their cute puppy: LUNA. 

It ended up not being a baby moon but an amazing adventure with friends. They took us out to a few restaurants, to  a pet friendly Clearwater beach, and to the Dali Museum (more on the museum later!).  

It's true that magic moments in life are definitely spontaneous!

 Have you ever hopped in a car with absolutely no plan or destination? Or were we a bit crazy?

Like I've said, I'm trying to buy only maternity essentials and I've been wearing a lot of pre-baby clothes that had an elastic around the waist. This one barely closed but I thought it was still cute!

Chiki was so happy at the beach. It wasn't alarmingly hot- actually there was a delicious chilly breeze. We put some umbrellas down, and together we fell asleep while reading a book in the sand. Chiki has been so cute during the pregnancy.

This is LUNA! My friend's pup!

St. Petersburg, its charm, and this gorgeous tree! 


  1. I love this! It sounds like you had a fab trip, I'm loving the cute photos!

    Happy Thursday!

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