Thursday, March 1, 2018

I love being a blogger. I love the flexibility of it.  I love being able to travel,  sleep until noon, and choose my own schedule.

However, just like anything- all of that comes at a price.

Sleeping until noon turns into writing at 3am, traveling turns into non-stop "content creation" trips, and choosing your own schedule becomes into "you are always working" schedule. Reason why it's really important to manage your time correctly- to keep you sane, to keep you productive, and to keep you inspired.

So here are 5 tips to manage yourself as a blogger, a creative, or a freelancer.

1)Yes, the obvious one: create a routine. 

Like I said, it can be hard. The netflix shows are tempting...and procrastination comes knocking down your door. The more you follow a routine, the easier it is and the more natural it'll come to you.

 Try to imagine that, even though you work for yourself, you have a 9-to-5 or a boss.

 I like grabbing one of the dozen little notebooks I have and I write down  all things I should do daily. From listing clothes on Poshmark, to being active on social media, answering emails, sending invoices, writing and scheduling posts, etc. 

Then I divide those tasks throughout the week, so it's a reasonable and manageable routine. Don't put too much pressure on your shoulders,  because it will lead to procrastination...AGAIN.

2)  To-Do Lists are your best friend

My mom is the queen of to-do-lists. She ALWAYS writes down this HUGE list of things she has to do and then she proudly puts a huge check mark when she is done. I love that, she never forgets anything...and it's definitely because of her little-big list.

Write them down at least weekly and make sure to add them into your routine. I like ranking them in terms of urgency. 

If you are a blogger, it's also very useful to have a CONTENT calendar- that way you can create the content you need ahead of time. This means: write down all the blogposts ideas you have for the upcoming month. For example: in January you can hurry and do all the Valentine's Day posts- just like magazines do. 

3) Don't answer emails on your phone. It's OKAY to disconnect.

Gabe (my husband) does this all the time and it drives me CRAZY.  I like sitting down, grabbing my computer, and slowly answer the emails I receive on that day.

Yes, you will receive important emails that need an answer ASAP- but most of the times, it can totally wait.  That way you can enjoy your time with family and friends without saying "oh, it's work" or "let me answer this real quick". It's definitely more productive when you answer from your computer, all at the same time. PLUS, there will probably be less grammatical errors (unless you are a phone typing pro, which I'm NOT).


I really want to expand on the previous tip, because disconnecting is extremely IMPORTANT.

  As content creators, it's really common to be on our phones 24/7 : recording, snapchatting, using IG story, editing pictures on the go, answering comments, etc. And let's be honest, this just stops you from enjoying LIFE!

When I go to blogger events, I take some photos but I don't publish anything until I get home. 

WHY? Because I like being present. I love networking, having actual conversation with friends and fellow bloggers.  Then, I get home and while sitting down with my dog on my lap, I write captions, add filters, and all fun stuff that makes everything look "perfect".

And if I do this while attending events, I try to be even MORE present with friends and family or when we are on vacation. We get our content out of the way , and then make sure to enjoy ourselves.


I can tell you what works for me, but we are all what feels right. Do what you feel comfortable doing.

When it comes to outfit photos, I like taking them before arriving to the event or to whatever we are doing that day. I try to incorporate the photo-capture process of blogging very organically. I know this has to do with me being very lucky that my husband is a photographer. But I know girls that KILL it with a tripod, there is no excuse.

Also, I have friends that take a full day to shoot 5-10 outfits and then they have content for the next few weeks. Again, as long as you are following your routine and you are able to enjoy yourself....YOU ARE DOING GREAT!


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  1. Love your tips! I have started doing to-do list recently, and it's very helpful for someone forgetful like me. I hope I do it sooner. I'm also easy to be distracted. The tips will be very helpful for me. Thank you!

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  3. Muy buenos consejos!! Cuando se trabaja desde casa es fácil entretenerse en otras cosas. Yo tengo que organizar un plan de trabajo cada poco tiempo para no caer en la rutina y seguir activa. Me ha encantado leer tu post, me hacía falta. Un saludo!!

  4. Love these tips!! SO helpful for me!

  5. Great post Nany!! I really love the advice about disconnecting. It's really so tempting to get distracted with all of social media or Netflix haha! But I have tried this and found that I am way more productive if I don't text or reply to DMs or even watch my favorite shows.

  6. I love your dress. I'm pregnant too and I'm looking for more outfits so I can look cute too while My number one tip is to lists. Everyday single day religiously I write to do lists. they do really help.

  7. Excelenteeeee! Si definitivamente haré un lista a veces trabajo sobre la marcha o la creatividad del momento... Pero otros días no y paro por semanas por falta de planificación.

    Mi consejo es no publicar todos los días, así no nos saturamos ni a nosotros mismos ni a los demás y tenemos un poco mas de tiempo parar crear contenido nuevo!!!