All about TEXTURED HAIR…with AG Hair

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I recently chopped my hair again, even shorter this time around. Personally, I don’t like romantic curls on short hair…they just feel a little cheesy- at least ON ME.

For me, to make short hair modern and fun, it should be all about TEXTURE!

I love trying out new beauty products and finding new favorites. Recently I tried out a new line from AG Hair called: TEXTURE. I’ve been using them since “the chop” more than a month ago, and I’ve been getting tons of compliments and questions on how I get my hair to be “effortless”.

So here they are, the magic styling products behind my unfussed and perfectly imperfect hair, and the secrets of how I do it. Each product is enhanced with SEA COMPLEX, an infusion of three naturally texturizing and clarifying seaweed extracts plus anti-aging seaberry oil.

I was very intrigued by this product because it is described as “foam-free hair wash for dry/brittle hair.” We are so used to shampoos that lather a lot that it felt different
right away. It gently removes dirt and pollutants from the hair without any foam and you don’t need to follow with a conditioner (which is also a change for me).

Change can be scary (especially when it comes to hair) but I loved this change. You just have to massage a generous amount into wet hair and repeat as desired (for me, twice was enough). I couldn’t believe how clean, nourished, and conditioned my hair felt. The first time I used it I was in humid Ecuador, and my hair was instantly soft and had less frizz than the usual…and all of this without conditioner, I’m definitely impressed.


To reduce damage, I’ve been trying to air-dry my hair as much as possible. However, with all the running around sometimes I need the help of the blow dryer. I try to lower the heat to medium instead of high, only focus on straightening my roots and simply drying the ends.

I like adding the Sea Spray while my hair is a little damp because it adds grit, texture, and volume while also enhancing my waves. You can also use it after curling for beach waves to add extra undone texture and hold.


Using a medium size wand, I like curling JUST the top of my head.  Quick tip: do not curl the piece completely, leave the ends out for extra texture. I let them cool for at least 5 minutes, this is when I put my outfit on and/or finish my makeup.

For extra undone definition, this little product is MAGIC. The texture gloss enhances curls while controlling frizz and bringing moisture to dry hair like mine. Lightly finger comb the curls then emulsify product in hands and apply it to the styled hair. I like to apply it while twisting pieces and scrunching it to loosen the curls even more. 


This is an extra step but it works wonders. Use the Dry Wax, a matte finishing mist, to lock the hairstyle and add a matte textured finish. Random fun fact: my husband, Gabe, has been using this product for extra texture and hold. He used hairsprays before and they left his hair greasy and looking thinner. None of those things happen with the Dry Wax so it earns extra points for being a product I can share with the hubby.

Now I’m ready to go! 


FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Allure Magazine and AG Hair. All opinions are my own; the content was 100% curated by Nany’s Klozet.


  1. Nunca me quedaran asi los rizos :( y eso que he tratado! Seguire estos consejos a ver si tengo suerte algun dia de que me quede el cabello asi de espectacular!

    Estas preciosa, la ultima foto mi favorita!


    Remly M.

  2. Hola Nany, he visto muchas veces el sea spray pero la verdad me da miedo que con el tiempo me reseque o maltrate el cabello. ¿Cómo ha ido contigo? Me encantó el post. Felicidades por todo el trabajo!