10 FASHIONABLE WAYS to #BeComfydent

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I believe that you can achieve anything when you are confident + comfortable. Reason why I’m so excited to partner with Hanes again to continue talking about the importance of feeling comfydent.

1) Always start with the first layer: UNDERWEAR. Go for breathable and soft fabrics. My current faves: my Hanes Cool Comfort® Microfiber Brief Panties
- no panty lines and so comfortable even in the hottest Miami Summer day.

2) Stop letting a size define you. Don’t squeeze yourself in a smaller size of jeans - your clothes will fit better if you wear the right size…and you feel better comfortable because you will be able to move around.

3) Try that fashion trend you are afraid of BUT absolutely love. Don’t be afraid to break the fashion rules- I’m petite and I’m always wearing trends that magazines say I shouldn’t and I love that feeling of “See, I can do whatever I want”

4) Don’t feel guilty about splurging from time to time. Take it as an investment, never as an impulse buy. You worked hard, you saved some money…you deserve that pair of designer shoes and that new it-bag. Go buy it…and it might be just a fashion item but it will give you #GirlPower!

5) Try a new hairstyle, hair cut or hair color. It doesn’t have to be a full transformation- but little changes can give you a boost of confidence. Just make sure it’s a style you can do on the everyday.

6) Wear a bright lipstick. My favorite is red lipstick- it has a confidence boost power, especially when it’s that perfect shade for you. Go for a liquid matte so you can be comfortable and not worry about retouching.

7) Your smile is your greatest accessory, it radiates confidence from within. So show those pearly whites whenever you go, whatever you are wearing.

8) You don’t always have to wear heels to feel confident. I’ve realized that those extra inches might make my legs longer, but my feet do not appreciate it. I prefer to be wearing killer sneakers and be able to mingle, explore the world, and be me!

9) If you love an item in your closet, don’t be afraid to wear it and re-wear it. Just be creative and find different ways to make the full outfit look different.

10) A good bra is everything. You can be wearing the most gorgeous dress but if you feel a wire poking your skin…comfydence goes out the door! The Get Cozy ComfortFlex Fit® Wire Free Bra is EVERYTHING! It has smart sizing…which means the perfect bra size instantly. It also has a sleek silhouette that won’t show under any outfit. I went out of my comfort zone by wearing with my white overalls and floral bomber.

What are your secret weapons to stay COMFYDENT?

FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hanes. All opinions are my own.


  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! Especially agree with number 3.


    1. what is your favorite "fashion rule" to break? :)

  2. Awesome tips! Number 8 is so true for me because I feel just as confident in sneakers as I do in heels!

    1. definitely! I love my heels but we do not need them <3

  3. You are the cutest Nany! #2 is a big one to keep in mind. For years I kept buying smaller sizes to serve as an incentive to slim down.

    But you're so right. Buying clothes that fit are most flattering and the most comfortable. When I accepted my body (and size), that's when my style was able to shine through!


    1. I feel you with the incentive to slim down...but like you said, nothing like accepting our body <3 so proud of you babe!

  4. Awesome tips Nany!I love number 3 coz im petite too...have a great weekend girl!


  5. Awesome tips Nany!I love number 3 coz im petite too...have a great weekend girl!


  6. You look so DOPE, love the saying becomfydent haha totally agree!
    Tip #2 always need to remember this.

    Stay DOPE!