BEST of 2015!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 was such an amazing year that I don't even know where to start.
Of course it wasn't perfect, but I like focusing on the positive...and it's always about counting our blessings. We got to travel more than ever, we both graduated our post-bachelor degrees. It really was an amazing year and I can't wait for all the amazing adventures 2016 will bring.


El 2015 fue un año INCREIBLE...tanto que este artículo me ha costado muchísimo escribir. Por supuesto que no fue perfecto , pero hay que enfocarse en lo positivo de todo y en las bendiciones diarias. Tuvimos la oportunidad de viajar más que nunca y tanto Gabo como yo terminamos nuestros estudios. Estoy muy emocionada por este nuevo año.

My year started doing an amazing commercial for Kmart. It was such a fun experience. If you haven't seen it, check it out!

This year I got my first tattoo that says DREAM...then I got an "8" in Roman numerals. I do believe our body is our temple and as our temple, we should decorate it however we want it. These two little tattoos are very significant to me and that's all it matters.

Then I went to NYFW with TRESemmé. We went to different runway shows and we enjoyed the VERY VERY cold New York City.

I went to Los Angeles for We All Grow Summit (which btw I'm going again this year and I'm going to be a speaker again. You can see what this summit is about HERE). I spoke at a Youtube seminar too with these two lovelies, Dulce Candy and Maiah Obando.

I did an incredible campaign with Guess, Luanna, Marianna Hewitt, and Lo Bosworth. We did it in New York the first day of Spring, even though it was snowing. I really admire Luanna and it was a pleasure meeting her! Then each did a separate video for GUESS showcasing their city...we shot around Miami, you can see both videos BELOW!

In March, we headed to St. Augustine (the oldest city in Continental U.S). It is about 5 hours away driving from Miami. We loved this small town! We might be going again soon because my parents want to go.

We visited Texas twice this year, the first time we went to Dallas and the second time to Austin. The first time I was doing a city guide for Sheknows and the second time visiting hidden gems with Chevrolet. Both times, we spent time with Ashley from Ashes into Fashion and her husband...they are the best travel buddies!

In June I went on a blogger trip to Tennessee for Bonnaroo. I got to meet Erica from The Fashion Philosophy and Grasie Mercedes. We were there with Teva but the music performances were so much fun.

After that we went to Las Vegas with my parents to celebrate my graduation (yay I did, I graduated with a Masters in Design and Media Management). The only downside to this trip : it was SO SO hot.  But we got to explore the Grand Canyon...and that was PRICELESS!

And then it was JULY...which means SWIM WEEK! As always, the best part of Swim Week was spending time with bloggers. This year we had a blogger slumber party and I stayed with 5 other bloggers in a gorgeous suite!

One of our resolutions for 2015 was traveling more within Florida. We headed to our closest friends to Key Largo for the weekend in August.

Another big project I was so proud to be in was #MyStyleStory with JCPenney...check out the final video below and you can see the whole post HERE. Since we were already in New York and Gabe was finally done with his doctorate internship, we stayed there for a couple of days!

Then the craziest month of the year arrived...September! We were in Puerto Rico and in California...but we traveled within Puerto Rico and road trip across California.

In Puerto Rico we went to Culebra to a friend's house...we were there with 10 friends and had the time of our lives.

In California we went to: Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Salvation Mountain, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica, and more!!

Ohh and while in San Diego...I dyed my hair BLUE!! This color doesn't go away hahah but 2016 is the time for a new color and cut.

Right before my birthday, we went to Austin as I mentioned above...such a cool city!

Months later, I was finally able to announce my biggest collaboration of the year. I customized a bag for Rebecca Minkoff. I was in New York in June to design it and it came out the last week of November. You can still buy it at

To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we headed to a long trip to almost-North Carolina- Georgia. We stayed in a gorgeous glass house and the scenery was spectacular.

And for our last trip of 2015...we headed South to Key West with our little puppy!!

We decorated our place for the first was our first Christmas in Miami so we finally got our tiny little tree!! We spent Christmas eve with Gabe's family and my family just arrived the 31st to say Good-Bye to the year.

Thank you for everyone who has supported me this year! YOU ROCK! Let's make each day count and make 2016 even better! XOXO


  1. Awesome year, awesome stories, awesome blog. Por un 2016 que sea aun mejor! :)

    1. Amen bella!! <3 Gracias por tu cariño en todos lados!

  2. La verdad es que has tenido un año bastante intenso por lo que se ve, pero ha estado cargadito de cosas buenas y especiales. Feliz año nuevo.

    1. jajajajaj sii mucha gente piensa que es solo viajar pero en cada viaje había mucho trabajo! Y amen! Feliz año para ti Celia <3

  3. Dani!! Se ve que tuviste un año muy divertido y con bastante trabajo. Muchas Felicidades!! Espero que el ano que viene, llegue cargado el doble! Un beso
    The Color Palette

  4. ¡Qué lindo post! Definitivamente 2015 fue un súper año. Te deseo que el 2016 sea aún mejor 😘😘😘

  5. You've had such a great year Daniela! I loved this recap so much. I can only dream and wish that this year is just as great for you, happy new year!

    Love, Karina
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    The Lovely Look