St. Augustine Beach

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This pictures are from our first day in St. Augustine; after 5 hours in the car, we got there tired but we still wanted to walk around. The lady in the hotel lobby recommended us to go to the beach. We were expecting a street with restaurants like South Beach..hence why I was wearing booties! We are very lucky to live in Miami…honestly, Miami's ocean is so gorgeous that we weren't too surprised about the beach there (plus the sand was all shells!). We ate at a restaurant by the sea…delicious! Hope you like the pics! XOXO


Estas fotos son de nuestro primer día en San Agustín; después de unas 5 horas en la carretera, llegamos cansados pero con ganas de conocer un poco el pueblo. La señora del hotel nos recomendó que fuéramos a la playa (que honestamente pensábamos que era como Ocean Drive en Miami , es decir un malecón…pero era playa playa y nosotros con zapatos cerrados jajaja). Supongo que estamos malacostumbrados a lo espectacular de las playas de Miami Beach pero no nos sorprendió mucho…también nos llamó la atención que la arena era 100% conchitas de mar. Comimos en un restaurante a orillas del mar, y comimos riquísimo. ¡Les mando un abrazo grandísimo!!

FOREVER 21 b&w crop top
2020ave crochet kimono
PRIMA DONNA burgundy hat
RAY BAN sunglasses


  1. Amazing photos and such a great look!

  2. Another great post. Those leather shorts are fabulous.


  3. Love the hat with this outfit.
    Xo, Belen
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  4. Me encanta el toque bohemio ;)

  5. Seriously such a beautiful place! The place full of shells is just gorgeous and of course your outfit is so on point!

    Love, Karina
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