THE FUNNEST GIRL IN THE WORLD...with Garnier Color Styler.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

**Pronto viene el tutorial y video en español, tengan paciencia!!! **

Hey everyone! Months ago, I went to the hair salon to get a pink ombré. I absolutely loved the result but I hated spending the whole day at the salon just for a style (that would fade as soon as I got in the shower).

But recently, I’m having so much fun playing with Garnier Color it me or are the funnest color combinations endless? I’m really excited about this collaboration with Garnier because this new line of temporary color comes in 5 bold shades, it’s extremely easy to use and you don’t even have to rinse the color. It comes out after just a few all the fun, without the commitment. Check out my step-by-step tutorial below:


1.Make sure your hair is clean, dry and untangled. Also, use an old towel or shirt around your shoulders to avoid staining your clothes.
2.Put on gloves provided in the pack. This is very important because you should not apply the product directly to the hair;
3.Section off the part of your hair you wish to color- Garnier Color Styler is perfect for streaks and color accents- it is not recommended for coloring your entire head.
4. Shake bottle vigorously to ensure color is mixed.
5. Gently squeeze out a few drops (3 to 4) on the gloves.
6. Next apply a thin coat in a downward motion directly to the hair while smoothing the hair, starting at the base. * Apply in small sections until you have even coverage. Also,don’t use too much product, otherwise your hair will start to feel rough.
7.To ensure all product on the glove is used grab hair with fingertips and twirl around hand.
8. After the color is vibrant, wait until the product is completely dry and then comb through using either a wide tooth brush or comb. You can use a hair dryer to speed up drying the color.
9. If you make a mistake, apply hair oils to help remove the color quickly.

Do you want to be crowned “The Funnest Girl In The World” and be the official Garnier Color Styler spokesmodel for 72 hrs?

It’s simple: just snap a selfie, tell us why you’re the Funnest Girl in the World in the caption, and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #FunnestGirl! 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Garnier USA and Style Coalition. All opinions expresses are my own. 


  1. Love this Dany! eres mi más grande inspiración para realizar mi blog, espero me puedas seguir without the commitment ;)

  2. me encantooooo la union de esos dos colores se ve hermosa, hace mucho q no me hago algo loco en el cabello me gustaria probar eso .) un abrazo desde Colombia.

  3. I enjoy listening to your voice. Your voice is as beautiful as your outfits. I liked this video you put together. Only knock on the video is that the audio quality could be a bit clearer in some parts of the video. Otherwise, I think you and your outfit are beautiful. Great post of yours here!

  4. do you know if these are available in latin america??