HIS & HER KLOZET: last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas for HIM...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's day is just a few days away...but if you are like me, you haven't bought anything yet. Even though, V-day is  absolutely about spending time with our loved ones, we thought about doing a last-minute gift guide. To make it more interactive and fun, we did it as a "his and hers" post where Gabo is wearing all the last-minute gifts. I think these ideas work for every man, no matter his personality. Besides that, the look is fun, young, and comfortable.

(1) A cellphone case: this is a super easy option. Nowadays, everyone has a cellphone and everyone wants to keep it well protected while showing off your personality.

(2) Sunglasses: I think all guys look so handsome while wearing sunglasses; and there are so many styles. I recommend this classic style because the best part is that you can borrow them (shh...it's a gift for you too).

(3) Watches: if you want to give a BIG gift, watches are a timeless option.

(4) A fragrance that you love: I have an obsession with fragrances...and there's nothing like a guy that smells nice. So, V-day is the perfect time to "make" him smell like you want him to. A great option is FIERCE, A&F's signature fragrance . For me, it smells like a masculine & confident guy. It also comes in 4 sizes, for every budget and personality.

(5) Beanies: they are so much fun...and hey, guys have "bad-hair" days too.

(6) Retro headphones: forget about classic headphones, the retro ones are not only great to listen to music, it's like an accessory too.

What are you getting this V-day?


Ya faltan pocos días para San Valentín... y si eres como yo probablemente no has comprado un regalito. Lo más importante es recordar que no se trata de los regalos, sino de compartir con nuestros seres queridos/pareja/amigos. Pero si igual quieres dar un regalito, se nos ocurrió hacer un "His & Hers" en donde Gabo está utilizando detalles que, sin importar la personalidad de tu chico, hacen excelentes regalos. Y aparte quisimos hacer un look muy casual, juvenil, y cómodo.

(1) Accesorios para el celular: este regalo no falla. Todos tienen uno y todos quiere protegerlo; por eso, regálale una carcaza o accesorio que vaya con su personalidad.

(2) Lentes de sol: a todas nos encanta como se ven con los lentes de sol y hay para todos los presupuestos. Este modelo es muy clásico  y aparte puedes pedírselo prestados (Shh... es un regalo para ti también).

(3) Relojes: si quieres dar un regalo más grande, los relojes son una excelente opción.

(4) Una colonia que te encante: a mi me encantan las colonias... y nada como un hombre que huela rico, y esta es la ocasión para insinuarle como quieres que huela. Te recomiendo FIERCE, la fragancia clásica de A&F- viene en 4 tamaños y para mi huele a un hombre súper masculino y seguro de si mismo. 

(5) Una gorrita: son divertidas, juveniles...y ayudan cuando su cabello no se está comportando.

(6) Unos audífonos retro: olvídate de los audífonos clásicos, los grandes están muy de moda...no solo funcionan para escuchar música, son un accesorio más.

¿Qué regalitos tienen en mente para "EL"?
Un abrazo grandísimo.

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Abercrombie & Fitch floral dress
H&M beanie

Abercrombie & Fitch camo pants
Abercrombie & Fitch belt
IKKON shirt
H&M beanie
RATID shoes
RAY BAN sunglasses
URBAN EARS headphones

Disclousure:  this is a sponsored post by Abercrombie & Socialyte. All opinions are my own; the topic of this post was my idea. This post has not been edited by third parties.

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