Small Home Gym Essentials From QVC

Sunday, February 28, 2021

 *Sponsored by QVC and ShopStyle Collective. This post includes affiliate links. All opinions are my own.* 

As we move into the new house, I’m excited to partner with QVC as they have amazing deals in home and electronics (as well as apparel, beauty, and so much more).

In the previous apartment, we turned the balcony into our workout station. So, I knew that I wanted to have a small gym corner with items that wouldn’t take a lot of space, but we could use almost on the daily.

Here are some of the home gym essentials I recommend if you want to start your own little workout corner:

- FITNATION Walking Treadmill :  I definitely recommend a cardio piece- you can adjust the speed from 0.4 to 3.7 MPH with a remote control. I really like that it folds flat, it’s not heavy and you can even hide it underneath a sofa.

- Cubii Jr. Compact Seated Elliptical: this one is especially great if you are working from home, but you still want to move. It includes 8 resistance levels and a non-slip workout mat, and is very lightweight but feels sturdy! You can also incorporate weights, watch your favorite show from your sofa and get your exercise on!

Medicine Ball: there are so many brands and different weight options. Get one that challenges you, but you can still do at least 10 reps with. They are great for improving agility and range of motion.

Resistance Bands: if you don’t have a lot of space, loop resistance bands are lifesavers. I really like kits that include difference resistances (light, medium, heavy)- there are so many ways to use them, and they truly maximize your workouts.

Foam Roller: I really recommend having a foam roller and using it after your work out. It helps release tension in your muscles, or relieve muscle soreness, and improves flexibility. 

If you are thinking of starting your own little gym, or you want to check out some of the deals  at QVC, you can use the following codes: OFFER ($10 off purchase of $25+ for first time costumers) and HELLO10 ($10 off purchase of $25+ orders for second time costumers).

What else should I add to my gym corner?

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  1. I am going to get one of those treadmills!