Rain or Shine.. Dansko

Friday, November 29, 2019

Sponsored by Zappos.

I think over the years I've been blogging, it has been pretty obvious that I love a good pair of black booties. And if you are new here (first of all WELCOME!),  if you go back a few posts and you will see me wearing ankle boots so often!!

So I'm always in the look for a perfect pair that I know I will continue wearing throughout the years. Then I noticed that one of the main reasons I was messing up my boots was because they were not meant for the constant Miami rain. Yes, Florida is the sunshine state but it will surprise many people how often it rains here.

So the search for the perfect waterproof boot started. I didn't want them to look like rain boots either. And of course, I wanted them to be comfortable.

I headed to Zappos.com since it is one of my favorite sites because of its range of styles, outstanding service, and fast and free shipping. After a quick search, these Dansko boots, Becki, were like the perfect fit. Dansko is known for its high quality, undeniable comfort, and premium craftsmanship. I ordered them one night, and I got them the afternoon of the next day- Zappos fast shipping continues to surprise me!

They are perfectly versatile boots, I know that I can wear them with everything while also being prepared to the unpredictable Miami weather- and if you don't live in South Florida, they definitely work for the Fall/Winter and the Spring showers. They also come in a taupe color that is super cute!

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