Tuesday, July 24, 2018

And “The-Most-Useless-Accessory Award 🥇” goes to..... the tiny sunglasses trend 🕶 
Actually, scratch that! showing off your eyes and hiding your under-eye circles sounds pretty useful to me 🤣💓 do you love or hate this tren

I'm going to link some fun styles below, in case you are looking for the perfect pair! 

((The lipstick color is: Thrill Seeker by Smashbox Cosmetics))


Y cuando pensé que estos lentes eran la cosa más inútil en cuanto a dí cuenta que esto de usarlos a media nariz hace que te tapen las ojeras🤣¿ que opinan ustedes de esta tendencia?

(( porque las conooooozco: el labial es Thrill Seeker de Smashbox, es uno de mis favoritos)

1 comment

  1. I actually love this trend but I don´t own any glasses like this cause I think maaany many types dont suit me at all.. So I have only 3 sunglasses I can wear and also I have a problem that as soon as I put the glasses on, I start to feel that my nose is tingly or how do you say it.. :D