Monday, May 14, 2018

I've said it every time I talk about pregnancy style- all I want is to be comfortable. If we could, we probably would wear leggings and a big sweatshirt to our own baby shower

However, this is the occasion where all eyes will be on you and on your bump (and the perfect excuse buy something cute). Regularly baby showers are thrown during the last trimester of pregnancy. I celebrated mine at 32-33 weeks and I felt it was the perfect time time. There was cute bump to show  off and my energy levels were definitely higher than the latter weeks.

Per usual, there are many things you should take into consideration:
- Is it a outdoors or indoors?
- What's the theme? Is it glam, bohemian, or more casual?
- Is it a brunch, a sit-down lunch, or more of an afternoon get-together with light bites?

My first baby shower (you can see all details about it HERE) was outdoors so I knew I wanted a comfortable bohemian dress that went with the theme. Also I didn't want to wear any heels so I wore booties and a hat.  However, for my second baby shower. I knew I had to dress up a bit more since it was with an amazing group of 12 fashionable bloggers + itt was at a restaurant and a sit down lunch.

Now that you know the what, where, when. Let's talk outfit ideas!


From Left to Right: Cara Loren, Barefoot Blonde, and Pink Peonies You can never go wrong with a white and/or lace dress. It shows off your bump beautifully and it has that angelic feeling of carrying a new life.  Go for a pop of color in your shoes (maybe hinting the baby's gender), and play with your hairstyle (buns and braids are a great idea).

If you are going for a body-con silhouette: make sure the fabric is stretchy enough so you will be comfortable all day. Breathable cottons are recommended.

Pregnant women look stunning in maxi dresses- and we sure are comfortable in them. These are a great option if you want to hide you swollen ankles and want overall comfort. You can wear your favorite sandals and look just as dressy as you would with heels.

Go for pastel maxis and floral prints. I also don't think it's necessary .but I think it's super cute when the mother is wearing pink/purple when it's a girl, and navy/blues when it's a boy. Also, the best way to show off your bump in a maxi dress is looking for dresses that cinch right above your bump.

You might be one of the "lucky" ones but pregnancy means gaining weight all over- and it's okay to be a bit conscious (I repeat, A BIT, you are stunning!! Looking for flattering silhouettes is not feeling shame the extra pounds).  Kimonos and dusters are a great way to keep the focus on the bump and keep it very flattering

They are also a great way to dress up jeans for a casual baby shower, or add a boho feel to any dress.


If the baby shower is in a garden, definitely stay away from heels. If it's a fancy sit down lunch, and you are not going to spend a lot of time standing up, go for your favorite heels.  I recommend shoes with a lower heel, a chunkier heel, wedges, booties, flats, or sandals.

What are you planning on wearing to your baby shower? or maybe share with us what you wore already? XOXO

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  1. surely I am in the maxi dresses category