My 2017 Fashion Resolution: Be Daring

Friday, December 30, 2016

Every year, around December 31st, I think of my next year’s resolutions. It always includes the classics: be healthier, exercise more, drink more water…and of course, professional goals. But I also always think of a Fashion/Beauty resolution- something that I didn't dare to do before and I want to do in the New Year.

I remember December 31st of … 2012 (maybe it was 2011), I wore red lipstick for the New Year’s Party…you probably have seen me wear red lipstick 1000 times here but I didn’t do it back then,  I loved red lipstick, I just thought it wasn’t “me”.

So what’s my fashion resolution for 2017? Be Daring.
I always love certain outfits, but then I look into the mirror and think that I might look ridiculous with it outside (in the real world). Sometimes I feel I’m a little basic with my outfits A  certain hater pointed it once and I agreed a little (because haters sometimes have a valid critique, it’s how we decided to take it and I took it positively). I thought: I absolutely love fashion, why am I so afraid to make mistakes? That’s exactly the fun part about fashion, looking back in 10 years and thinking how ridiculous we looked…but also how much fun we had.

 I also have been sharing my outfits for more than 5 years, I have found my style but I want to keep it fresh…I want to keep it fun- not only for you guys, but FOR ME!

So if you are like me and want to go for daring styles this season, start with a caged pump. Going daring doesn't mean losing versatility, opt for a black pair like these from Guess (available on Macy's). This pair absolutely goes with everything: you can wear them to dress up your favorite jeans and can accompany you to any girl's night out at the club. They make a statement and are definitely a modern take on the cage trend. If you aren't sure about the cage trend, check out some of my favorite -versatile- black shoes that will surely make a statement.

For jeans, go for that style you think you could never pull off...I promise you can! It's all about the right attitude! Think paint splatter jeans,  patchwork jeans, jeans with fun patches...anything! 

Get that statement coat you had been eyeing and wear it proudly. I got this leopard coat years ago and I was a little intimidated by it...not anymore, not in 2017!

Finally, don't be afraid to accessorize: add a trendy belt, a velvet choker, a hat (sometimes less isn't more)'s the best way to update a basic white tee.

What's your fashion resolution for 2017? Let's get out of our comfort zones!

** This post was made collaboration with Guess shoes x Macy’s. Thank you for supporting brands that keep Nany's Klozet going. All opinions are my own and content was 100% curated by me.**


  1. Me encantan el abrigo y los zapatos!! Muy estilosa!

  2. I agree with every single thing you wrote.. I want to be more daring as well..when I opened my wardrobe...I saw tree absolutely simple boring pairs of jeans...few absolutely simple white, beige blouses... few, beige, grey.. and I am asking myself where is something playful, colorful, daring?.. I have some pieces like that, but really don´t wear them that often.. So yeah...thank you for this post..♥ love you and can´t wait for your 2017 outfits :)

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