A day in Vegas with Kohls and Jennifer Lopez

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Las Vegas to preview Jennifer Lopez’s fall collection at Kohl’s AND we got to see her amazing show. But this wasn’t all, we also got to meet her…TWICE! So let me tell you all about it!

I was also super excited to meet the other girls I was sharing this experience with: Desi Perkins & Cara Loren. The first day we had our styling session with Jennifer Lopez’s stylist Rob.  Each one had a one-on-one with Rob where we tried different pieces of the collection.  There were many that caught my eye and others that simply impressed me because they are meant for the body and not a hanger (meaning that they look so gorgeous on). All the jeans fit like a dream…we all want that JLo booty, right?

By the time our styling session finished, I had already picked two looks: one for the backstage tour and one for the actual concert at night. Originally I was going to wear the maxi dress with heels for the concert, and the jeans with the top for the day. However, I felt the maxi dress was light, flowy…perfect for the heat; and the jeans were perfect to dance the night away. This really shows the versatility of the collection. While we were picking up our things…the team surprised us and  the one and only JENNIFER LOPEZ walked in. She started chatting with us for a while about why she wanted to partner with bloggers and how she wanted us to show that it is not all about designer pieces but about fun pieces that are also affordable. We were left in absolute state of shock.

The second day we headed backstage and it was so incredible. We talked with the costume designers, we saw all of JLo’s outfits (if I’m not mistaken, they said she changes 13 times!! So crazy). We also saw the props that are used, the stage…even Jennifer’s dressing room! Now we were EXTRA excited for the concert.

We headed back to the room to rest a little and change for the night. I should really re-shoot my outfit for the concert; I thought we couldn’t bring the professional camera so I only have iphone pics (and well, my pic with JLo..but wait for that second encounter).  We had basically the best seats…we were super close, front, and center! We danced, sang…really had a blast!  The concert is a great mix of all her best-hits, with jaw-dropping choreography,  excellent dancers, and backdrops.

After the concert, we stayed for the quick meet-and-greet. That’s when they took our cameras and bags, and no iphone shots with her. We only had ONE chance, ONE picture. I was pretty sure I was going to look crazy beside her gorgeousness (everyone asked me, YES she looks as gorgeous in person and her body is perfection!). But I’m happy I don’t look that crazy in the one shot, and the outfit also looks cute, right?

Hope you like the pics! XOXO

FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kohl’s. All opinions and creative direction are my own


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  4. ¡Que pasada haber posado con la mismísima J.Lo! El evento es genial :)

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