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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I get tons of questions about if ever get tired of dressing up and taking pictures…and of course I do!! There are days that nothing (and anyone) would take me out of my pajamas…or exercise clothing (because I sleep in exercise clothing very frequently). Last Sunday, a couple of friends wanted to go out an eat pizza in a cool place around midtown…but I felt like staying home AND eating pizza- that's why I went for the comfiest look ever! 

I paired these "leggings" (I say "leggings" because they are actually activewear- however, the plaid makes it  appropriate for many laid-back situations) with a basic white tee, a denim shirt around the waist (that I ended up wearing because it really is getting chillier in Miami). To add even more comfiness, I added tsome Nike sneakers…which were an early birthday gift from Gabe. Why early? The other day we went to the mall because I was looking specifically for these shoes…and he kept on insisting NOT to get them (I instantly knew it…he got them for me- since I am very impatient, he gave them to me a little early!). Talking about Gabe, these are actually his sunglasses (we always share the Ray-Bans). We got them at Nordstrom Rack and they were 60% off!

This is it for TODAY! XOXO!!


Muchas veces me han preguntado que si no me caso de vestirme todos los días y tomar fotos….la respuesta: ¡por supuesto que claro que si!. Hay días que nadie me puede sacar de mis pijamas…o ropa de hacer ejercicio. El domingo unos amigos quería ir a comer pizza.. y yo andaba más bien con ganas de comer pizza y ver películas en la casa….por ende, uno de los looks más cómodos y relajados que ha salido en el blog.

Combiné estos "leggings" (los pongo entre comillas porque también son pantalones para hacer ejercicio, pero tiene un estampado de cuadritos que hacen que funcionen para otras ocasiones) con una camisa blanca básica y una blusa de mezclilla a la cintura (porque aunque no lo crean, me dió frió en el sitio de pizzas). Y para finalizar el toque cómodo, agregué estos Nike…que fueron mi regalo, adelantado, de cumpleaños de parte de Gabo- adelantado porque yo sabía lo que era y me antojé de usarlos antes de tiempo (El otro día fui a comprarlos y Gabo estuvo muy insistente en que no los comprara…se delató el mismo). Hablando de Gabo, estos lentes son de el…los encontramos en Nordstrom Rack a mitad de precio (si buscan lentes marca Ray Ban, Nordstrom Rack siempre tiene variedad y a mitad de precio!).

Eso es todo por hoy…¡BESOTES Y ABRAZOS!

PIMA DOLL basic white tee
ABERCROMBIE denim shirt
SOLE SOCIETY studded backpack (for sale on my Poshmark)


  1. Awesome look! I don't think there is anything more chic than being comfortable and relaxed in your clothing.

    Styled By Noosh

    - Noosh

  2. Very cute look!! Lovely photos!

  3. love this look!

  4. Me encanta este look deportivo!

  5. Such a stunner Daniella x

  6. This is a great laid-back, cool and modern look! …and I couldn't agree with you more! You have to take a break every now and then to recharge.
    Red Reticule

  7. Love still look so stylish in this outfit....

  8. por supuesto que claro que si!! jajaja me encanta! super comodo.
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  9. super cool look, Dani! Love that chilly side on you, too!!

    xoxo, Nina


  10. Such a beautiful look. Your style is flawless and I love these black sneaks - great way to complete your ensemble!

  11. I love this! I'm getting more and more into laid back looks since always being busy with college, and you're a great inspiration for all that :)

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  13. Impecable como siempre! Me encantó el look!

    Cindy González.