Everyday COMFORT...with NIKE

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I love dressing up, but if I could live in activewear…I absolutely would!

Since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been focusing on COMFORT. I’ve traded my heels for sneakers, my high waisted stuff for loose dresses, and jeans for leggings or joggers. But that doesn’t mean I want to look like I’m in my PJs. I love turning activewear into cute wearable BUT comfortable outfits.

Here I’m wearing the new Nike Free Run 2018 sneakers; they just came out on February 15th, and they have that “I’m walking barefoot on a cloud” type of feel. They were made for short runs (so yes, they are perfect for your favorite workout with your favorite leggings and sports bra) but they are perfectly gorgeous in different environments (aka. running errands, casual date around town, travel, etc). 

If you want extreme versatility, check them out in White/Black or Black/Anthracite.  I always get sneakers  in neutral colors but this Crimson color I got is absolutely perfect for SPRING 2018 and more versatile that I would have ever imagined.

This time I paired the sneakers with the most comfortable Nike joggers; they are made for dancing but I love the fit for everyday (plus I know they would be my go-to in airplanes!!). My first thought was to go with a simple white tee but again, let’s always stay out of our comfort zones! So I got this fun Nike deep floral top that works from the gym to the town. Final touch: the leather jacket over the shoulder for extra layering and to give my outfit the “blogger seal of approval”.


Friday, February 23, 2018

I took these photos in January and never published them because I felt there was absolutely nothing special about them. The outfit was just "okay", the shirt was a bit wrinkled, and I could have added a hat or some burgundy lipstick. I could have gone to a cooler place.

I honestly miss the days when the bloggers wore normal clothes,   when it wasn't about who was doing which campaign or who was getting the most likes, when it wasn't about having 100 props and it was  jus aboutt shooting in front on your house with a simple camera, and when it was about shooting about what you actually wore instead of freezing in the snow for a cute shot.

I felt more inspired back them. There is something about today's perfection that doesn't resonate with me.  I look at these girls with their perfect makeup, with the latest trend (that most of the times, it is absolutely ridiculous), with the crazy fabulous trips, and I don't even aspire to be like them. 

Maybe  I didn't evolve with the time. 
Maybe I'm just being nostalgic of a simpler time.

Maybe I'll just keep being me and someone out there will identify with my imperfection.

REBECCA MINKOFF leather shorts
ZARA velvet boots
GITI ONLINE camo jacket
FOREVER 21 sunglasses

Visiting the Museum of Ice Cream...again. With Kendra Scott

Saturday, February 17, 2018

For a moment on my IG feed, it looked like we moved to the Museum of Ice Cream- but now, we were visiting again - but this time for the Kendra Scott Spring Collection Launch Celebration . It was such a great idea, they invited a big group of bloggers before the Museum opened for the day. As soon as we arrived, we got to choose our favorite piece from the collection and wear it throughout the museum (brilliant idea, since this is THE PLACE for pictures). I picked some statement ombré earrings in shades of pink/purple that went perfectly with my outfit.


¡No, no nos mudamos al Museo del Helado en Miami ! Esta vez pasamos para el lanzamiento de la colección primaveral de Kendra Scott. De verdad que fue una idea genial de parte del PR de Kendra Scott- invitaron a un grupo grande de bloggers antes de que el museo estuviese abierto al público. Al llegar, escogías tu pieza favorita de la colección y la usabas en el museo (que ya sabíamos que íbamos a tomar cientos de fotos allá adentro). Escogí unos aretes llamativos en ombré de tonos rosados/morados que me pareció que iban perfecto con mi look.  Les dejo más fotitos abajo.

The Only Kind of Roses I want

Thursday, February 15, 2018

This Miami Winter was extremely short but sweet. I've probably said it a million times but living in such a hot/humid city makes you appreciate the chilly days so much more.

The few days we got a little bit of a cold-front , I was wearing oversized sweaters with over the knee boots! This is actually a men’s sweater from Forever21, I got it last Fall. I wore it with sneakers for a longgg Ikea trip (which was a total fail, we didn’t find anything we were looking for). We were starting to look at cribs and changing tables but they were HUGE and we have limited space

Then I swapped the sneakers for these AWESOME booties; and we headed to dinner with friends

 Btw it’s not about “hiding the bump” , I just feel way way WAY more comfortable in looser silhouettes. Either way, at the pace this bump is growing...it will show in a LOSE dress.

Hope you are having an amazing week!

Trying to highlight was is left of my waist!


10 of my favorite AUNT moments from this trip to Ecuador

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My niece and my nephew live in Chile (You can see all my posts visiting them HERE). We see each other once a year- well, twice if we are lucky. This means that I love to make sure I'm bonding with them so they won't forget me until we see each other again.  You would see me playing random games, and running around.

So here are 10 of my favorite AUNT moments from the past trip to Ecuador:

1. My nephew carrying a gift for my baby while saying "Any this is for your baby" I almost melted.

2. My niece learning how to do makeup- she is such a girly girl and loves to do everyone's makeup. She would also ask me to put red lipstick on her (which I wouldn't because my brother would kill me)

3. Borrowing my older brother's collective toys for a bit because my nephew couldn't understand how his uncle had toys but wouldn't play with them.

4. Apparently my niece loves gum so we would steal mints and gum from my mom's purse. She would find it hilarious to be all mischievous.

5. Seeing Gabe run around with both of them until they complained about starting to sweat haha.

6. I laughed a lot because my niece wouldn't understand how there was a baby in my belly. She kept saying to me that I look small. At the time I was 20 weeks pregnant.

7. Seeing my nephew play superheroes with my brother. They were dad-son goals! It makes me super excited to meet my baby boy.

8. Feeding the birds with my niece at this park. We were laughing SO hard. I'm terrified of birds but I was trying to look all strong for her.

9. Collecting seashells at the seashore so they could decorate their sandcastles!

10. My niece screaming while driving away saying "TE AMO DANI". She has a big personality so saying that was priceless. SO SWEET!

GAROTA army jacket
TARGET white sneakers
BAUBLE BAR earrings


REMIX: 4 ways to style an Army Green Bomber Jacket

Monday, February 12, 2018

Like I've mentioned, I'm in total nesting mode This means I've been spending too much time at home in sweatpants making room for the baby. That leads to the fact I haven't been shooting as many looks as I would want to. Finally making me want to look back to my archives and start publishing ALL the remixes I should have published before.

Here I'm showing you 4 ways I've worn this army green bomber jacket. It's such a fun piece that works from errands to a romantic date.

Let me know which look is your favorite.

Como les he contado, ando en modo de preparación total para el bebé. Hemos hecho tanto espacio y todavía seguimos sacando cosas. Ya su mini-cuartico empieza a agarrar forma. Pero eso significa que no he estado tomando tantas fotos como debería. Y esto me ha hecho ponerme a revisar fotos viejas y me he dado cuenta que estaré compartiendo más remixes de lo normal- todos aquellos que les debo.

Hoy les muestro 4 maneras como pueden usar una chaqueta bomber en color verde militar. 

Cuéntame que look es tu favorito.


Visiting the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Letting some things go 🎈🎈 but YOU, don’t you dare let go

Finally got to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami ...and it was so much fun, so get ready for a lot of photos because every corner is a photo opportunity. I wanted to go a few months ago but it sold out so quickly. Thankfully they extended their stay and I got to check it out. Many people say it's a bit pricey for what it is, but I had an absolute blast.

Por despistada no pude comprar entradas para el Museo del Helado en Miami...pero extendieron sus fechas hasta finales de febrero prepárense para mucho fotos en este post porque cada esquina es para tomarse fotos. Mucha gente dice que es un poco costoso para lo que es, pero a mi me pareció una experiencia muy única y la disfruté mucho.

Tthing they ask you when you visit this museum is  your favorite ice-cream flavor and what would be your ice-cream name....so I want to know YOURS! 🍦🍦
I love the tropical fruity ones: coconut, mango or passion fruit... so let's call me TROPICAL NANY-BANANA.


Apenas entras al museo , lo primero que te preguntan es tu sabor de helado favorito y como te llamarías.

Llos míos son los tropicales: coco, mango, y parchita! Así que digamos que me llamaría TROPICAL NANY-NANA ¿El tuyo?🍦🍨🍧

Always a dreamer 🌹 💓

Confession time:
 1. This shirt is sold as a PJ but I loved it so no Fs given
 2. These shorts are the only pre-bump bottoms that fit me comfortably! I don’t want to go crazy buying maternity clothes sooo flowy dresses and leggings here we go!


¡Les confieso que: esta camisa la venden como pijama  pero puess yo la amé! Y estos shorts son parte de lo poco que me queda!! Me dí cuenta que tengo demasiadas cosas a la cintura pero me rehuso a gastar demasiado dinero en ropa de embarazada . Leggings y vestidos anchitos...voy por ustedes! 

The story behind the FLAMINGO SHIRT! 
Gabe got this shirt a while ago, and I'll admit it: every time he wanted to wear it I was like "seriously? NOT NOW". In my defense, not because it isn't awesome, but because it was always for non appropriate occasions (for example, he wanted to wear it to Santa's Enchanted Forest- a freaking Christmas themed park and flamingos, nope haha🤣🤣) So yes, I finally "let him wear it" and he ended up being for sure the coolest dude at the museum! 


Gabe se compró esta camisa hace un tiempito... y admito que cada vez que se la quería poner, "yo no lo dejaba". Y no porque no fuese la camisa más mayamera de la existencia si no que siempre se la quería poner en ocasiones CERO apropiadas (por ejemplo casi se la pone para el parque tématico navideño- ¡se podrán imaginar que nada que ver!). Así que si, soné como la esposa bruja que no lo dejaba poner su camisa de flamencos jajaja pero esta ocasión fue perfecta y 100% era el más cool en el museo.


REMIX: 3 ways to style a Lavender Oversized Sweater

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I can officially say that I was pregnant in all of these pictures! Almost 25 weeks in the the first photo with the shorts + boots ,  around 16 in the second photo with the leggings, and 10 with the flared jeans!

I have to say I'm glad I've been pregnant in the nice/cooler months in Miami. I love wearing oversized sweaters- so cozy and comfortable! But hey, these aren't maternity looks AT ALL. I will rock them with the waist I miss haha.

Let me know which look is your favorite! I think mine is #2!

ps: the sweater is currently on SALE for $52. Get it HERE!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sponsored by Juicy Couture Fragrance and ShopStyle

Every day should be Valentine’s Day. Every day should be a Soirée.

When Gabe and I started dating, we promised each other day would be Valentine’s Day. We promised that we didn’t need a specific day to buy flowers or chocolates, and that if we felt like dressing up and heading to a fancy restaurant, we just would. And most importantly: if we wanted to stay in during February 14th and hang out in our PJS, that was totally okay too.

We should celebrate LOVE every day.  Just like that, I’m also inspired by the new Juicy Couture perfume “Viva La Juicy Soirée” to make every day a Soirée. We work hard, we deserve to indulge and have fun! It doesn’t matter if it’s pampering yourself with a relaxing bath, planning a Galentine’s Day with your besties, or heading to a surprise location with your significant other.

I absolutely love perfumes, how every scent reminds me of a different time in my life, and how it is that final (and invisible) accessory that complements any outfit. 

 I recently just finished another bottle of the timeless Viva La Juicy (one of my all time favorites!). Reason why I was so excited to try the new addition to the Viva la Juicy portfolio: Viva la Juicy Soirée…and I have to say: did I find another fave!? It’s fresh because of jeweled fruits like pink kiwi and sparkling mandarin, and feminine because of the jasmine and water lily. It really takes you to a fantastical escape from reality! PLUS, the gorgeous colors of the bottle make it the perfect addition to your vanity.

Now I know that Viva La Juicy Soirée will always remind me to the last few months as US three (Chiki always counts) and that beautiful excitement of what’s to come.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Hey loves! On Instagram I told you girls to ASK AWAY any your questions about my pregnancy. Again, I don't want to FULLY turn into mom blogger but this blog is my life adventure and I want to take you all with me in the biggest adventure ever: MOTHERHOOD!

So I picked most from the comments in a picture or from the DMs I got.

Let's do this!!

¡Hola hermosas! En Instagram les pedí que me preguntaran sin pena cualquier duda o cosas que quisiesen saber sobre mi embarazo. Mi meta no es convertir este blog  en uno de mamá pero si quiero compartir con ustedes esta gran aventura que nos viene.

Escogí las preguntas más frecuentes o divertidas de los comentarios y de los mensajes privados. Por ahora están en ingles pero porque quiero hacer un video para mi Youtube en español!