10 of my favorite AUNT moments from this trip to Ecuador

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My niece and my nephew live in Chile (You can see all my posts visiting them HERE). We see each other once a year- well, twice if we are lucky. This means that I love to make sure I'm bonding with them so they won't forget me until we see each other again.  You would see me playing random games, and running around.

So here are 10 of my favorite AUNT moments from the past trip to Ecuador:

1. My nephew carrying a gift for my baby while saying "Any this is for your baby" I almost melted.

2. My niece learning how to do makeup- she is such a girly girl and loves to do everyone's makeup. She would also ask me to put red lipstick on her (which I wouldn't because my brother would kill me)

3. Borrowing my older brother's collective toys for a bit because my nephew couldn't understand how his uncle had toys but wouldn't play with them.

4. Apparently my niece loves gum so we would steal mints and gum from my mom's purse. She would find it hilarious to be all mischievous.

5. Seeing Gabe run around with both of them until they complained about starting to sweat haha.

6. I laughed a lot because my niece wouldn't understand how there was a baby in my belly. She kept saying to me that I look small. At the time I was 20 weeks pregnant.

7. Seeing my nephew play superheroes with my brother. They were dad-son goals! It makes me super excited to meet my baby boy.

8. Feeding the birds with my niece at this park. We were laughing SO hard. I'm terrified of birds but I was trying to look all strong for her.

9. Collecting seashells at the seashore so they could decorate their sandcastles!

10. My niece screaming while driving away saying "TE AMO DANI". She has a big personality so saying that was priceless. SO SWEET!

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  1. Pasar momentos especiales con la familia es lo mejor que podemos hacer. Leer este post fue bonito y super emotivo. Ademas, me ayuda a mejorar mi reading ahora que ando aprendiendo ingles! Jaja. Gracias Daniii




  3. how fun are these pictures and those super cute earrings!


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