Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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We just welcomed FALL last week! Well, in Miami we are not so lucky, but hopefully you are enjoying nicer weather!

If you are embracing the cooler temperatures and you feel you need a few new pieces to update your fall-winter wardrobe, check out my favorite fall trends and tons of options from Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom Rack is my favorite stop for designer brands at a great price (you can save up to 70% offf designer brands). I wanted to pick pieces that are trendy but still comfortable and functional, so you can rock them while working from home, or baking an apple pie with family, heading to the park with the pup!


I’m absolutely loving the “faux fur” jacket trend. It feels super cozy, I can picture comfy fall outfits outdoor wearing these jackets and eating S’mores by a fire. And at the same time you can dress them up and feel all glammed strolling in your city!


 Even though the preppy trend is also super in this season, I love the idea of PUNK plaid- aka plaid with a 90s touch and edgier vibes. Add leather/dark pieces and a lot of attitude!

Okay they said you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day (I totally disagree though), BUT what about ALL SHADES OF NUDES? Go for it in sweaters, jackets, coats, pants….and if it’s an monochromatic look, even better!

2020 wasn’t what we were expecting so embrace that out-of-the-box with fun and bold geometric shapes. If you want to try this trend but still have a timeless print in your closet, go for houndstooth!

My inner bohemian self absolutely loves the idea of a little fringe in cozy sweaters and jackets. It adds a fun touch to your otherwise basic pieces. 

What was your favorite trend? I can’t pick my fave!

Counting the days for OCTOBER!

Monday, September 28, 2020

I'm super excited that October is right around the corner, it is my birth month and I absolutely love dressing up. I'm a scorpio so my inner witchy side is more than happy to show. 

I know I'll wear this black leather skirt a lot, but I'm most excited about these tights. I've been looking for a pair of tights like this since the last Holiday season. I honestly can't wait to wear them for a Holiday party or for New Years eve.

I also added a few spooky books to start feeling the Halloween vibe.


Estoy super emocionada que Octubre está a la vuelta de la esquina, este mes cumplo años y AMO disfrazarme. También soy Escorpio entonces mi bruit interna está más que feliz de asomarse a finales de septiembre.

Sé que esta falda la usaré muchísimo pero estoy más emocionada aún por estas medias panty de estrellas. Llevaba buscando unas desde las Navidades pasadas y sé que también las voy a usar para alguna fiesta navideña o para el fin de año.

También añadí un par de libros de Halloween a mi decoración para darle otro toque más Halloween a la casa.



3 Toddler Educational Activities with Etsy

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sponsored by Etsy. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

This year definitely is a lot different from what we were expecting. We had everything planned for Nico to start school, but the universe had a different plan. 

Today I want to tell you a bit of the toddler activities that we have been doing at home to make sure Nico is learning what the fundamentals for his age while having fun. 

Etsy is my go-to for one-of-a kind finds in absolutely every department. You can find Back To School items that are functional and unique WHILE supporting small businesses. 

He is wearing the cutest alphabet sweatshirt- he was super excited when he saw it. He said random letters in Spanish and wanted to put it on instantly (I also had my eye on this one that you can customize) 

So now that we have our alphabet sweatshirt on, here are some of of Toddler Educational Ac- tivities you can find: 

1) Wooden Puzzle: 

They are an amazing learning toy, to practice spelling their name and learning the letters. I really liked this one that includes a bear and a mountain on each side of the customized named. 

Another option I loved was this one that also includes shapes, colors, and numbers. I ordered it recently, and it should be arriving very soon! 

2) Sensory kits: 

Sensory play is crucial for child development as it encourages imaginative play, helps develop fine motor skills, and building help connections in the brain. 

We have a dinosaur one that is absolutely adorable. Also check out the construction sensory kit, and a mermaid one

3) Wooden Block Sets 

Such a classic activity but it truly helps them practice hand-eye coordination, shape recogni- tion, and encourages open ended play with endless imagination. 

-This one includes 100 wooden pieces in 9 different shapes.

 - This other set has 29 blocks in various shapes and color! 

What’s a must activity you do or did with your toddler? Share it with us!