My Nordstrom Beauty Anniversary Sale picks

Monday, August 24, 2020


*Sponsored by Nordstrom Shopstyle*

As we all know Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is happening RIGHT NOW! And I might have picked a few fashion pieces (like the sweatpants and shirt I’m wearing because they are perfect to lounge at home), but I had to treat myself with some new beauty products- especially because now more than ever, it’s so important to pamper yourself!

Browsing the sale as soon as it launched, there were a few beauty exclusives that caught my eye- especially because they are products I LOVE and they came as sets (at a great value). Nordstrom is my one stop shop for all things beauty. So let me tell you what I got:

I was in urgent need of a toner and this one caught my eye. It comes with two full sizes and a travel size of the toner, and a travel size of the Rose Jelly Overnight Mask. 

 My first impression: it’s thicker than a regular toner, but you can instantly tell that’s to hydrate the skin. I’ve been using it for a few days, and my skin feels instantly clean and softer!

-MAC Dream Team Eye Kit

I was looking for an eyeshadow palette that works for my everyday look (aka my everyday look for shooting styling videos and content!). This set comes with a palette that has 8 neutral hues that can be used wet or dry, the Extreme Dimension 3D black Lash Mascara, and the Technakohl (a pencil styler liner that is super creamy).

 MAC Haute Gossip Mini Lipstick Kit ($32.50, $60 value)

Even though I keep my eyeshadow neutral, I’m a big fan of lipstick. This curated set of five mini lipsticks from MAC was too cute to pass. It also includes MY ABSOLUTE favorite nude: Velvet Teddy (matte), I can’t wait to try them all!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set

I’ve heard amazing things about Pillow Talk, and I really wanted to try this set- so far, I’m loving it! It comes with the liner, the lipstick and a “Collagen Lip Bath” that provides fuller looking lips! It sold out so quickly, so it must be amazing! I’m gonna link more of my favorites below!

I picked everything online but went to my local Nordstrom to pick it up- so easy and convenient. This is my third time doing curbside pickup and I love that I don’t even have to get out of the car. And then something AMAZING happened! I was actually the 10th customer of the day to pick curbside, so the many staff members came out with happy faces and I WON a $100 giftcard!! Feeling lucky!

You can become a member of “The Nordy Club” by signing up here : you earn 1 point per dollar, and you get Priority Access to Style Events, workshops, Curbside Pickup, and more!

Also, every day there is a special one-day only offer online and in-store! You can check the Nordstrom Beauty Daily Deals (8/19- 8/30) and all the Nordstrom Beauty deals HERE!


Friday, August 21, 2020


This is my 13th "10 ways to wear", YES I have shared over 130 outfits on Instagram- always featuring a key piece. BUT I want to give them some love on the blog too. I'm going to share more about each look and why/how I paired it and I will link the pieces!

I think these pants are a great addition to your fall wardrobe, and they are extremely versatile.

As I live in Miami, I wanted to start with the simple and least fall of them. I'm wearing a nude bodysuit, clear sandals, a nude bag, and a shiny headband!

My go-to for comfiness but still cute: a tee, denim jacket, and sneakers. My clear backpack is already a staple in the videos, it has been featured A LOT.

It wouldn't be a remix without a Rocker tee and a leather jacket. Don't be afraid to play with accessories like the leopard booties and the Burgundy hat.

As the camel is a neutral, it looks amazing with colorful sweaters. Final touch: Iadded a white bag and some white booties (oh and some colorful hair clips that I wish you could see better)

5) The "I can't wait for Halloween":
I know it's still August but I really can't wait for Halloween! The cat sweater is so adorable.  This look was school/college inspired with the button down underneath and comfy flats!

As always, I add a business-y look with a blazer and my favorite square bag (it is vintage LV!!)

7)Wishing for Colder Weather:
Yes I live in Miami but I can play dress up for the ladies that are lucky enough to experience seasons. This coat is out of this world and I cannot wait to travel and wear it!

I love rocker combos but I have a big feminine/girly side. I really like how camel looks with pink so I decided to play around with all the pink possible (shirt, headband, and bag).  The shoes are THE OG floral shoes you all remember from 2010!

I don't know why but the inspiration behind this look was going to a "game"- super comfy and easy layers.

Finally, these camel pants/leggings are so comfy that you can wear them around the house/working from home. I stole a shirt from my husband's closet, added a cardigan and some fun slippers...and ready!!



Monday, August 17, 2020

*Sponsored by Vera Bradley and Shopstyle*

 Nico, our two-year-old, was supposed to start school this season. We had chosen a little school for him to go half day. Since my husband and I work together, this would have given us time to focus on our projects for a few hours a day. Also, we wanted him to start interacting with other kids, and learn something every day.

Well, this year is definitely different from anything we would have ever imagine, and our plans changed. However, the current worldwide circumstances might have postponed OUR planes, but it doesn’t stop him from growing and needing to learn new things.

So, I’ve been googling activities with him, and to have some sort of learning environment and stimulate his brain in a playful way. I’ve ordered a few things: canvas, kid friendly paint, more colors, playdough, books, etc.

I also got this beautiful Vera Bradley backpack; and yes, it is for me! I loved the print and I know I’m going to use it when we travel or as a diaper bag (because it has so many compartments and it fits EVERYTHING, even a 15’ laptop).  

This backpack is super lightweight but it fits all of his home-school things. I have everything organized inside so when it’s time to learn I take the backpack and I quickly set up whatever we are doing that afternoon.

It comes in 7 extremely cute patterns, and 4 solid colors. But I haven’t mentioned the best part, it is made from recycled water bottles (24 go into every pack), it is also durable and water repellent!

I can’t wait for him to get his own little backpack and go to school- but for now, I’ll enjoy this Vera Bradley for me and I’ll enjoy all the time I’m able to spend with him.

I’m absolutely loving the whole Back To School collection from Vera Bradley, there are also lunch boxesstationary, and dorm accessories (all in a vast array of the cutest patterns and colors). And until 8/17/, there is a 25% Back-To-School essentials! Click here to learn more!

I also got this lunch cooler that I think it’s going to be perfect for the beach or picnics at the park!

We shouldn’t let this year get the back-to-school excitement from us and our little ones!

Recreating 5 LOOKS from 2011

Saturday, August 1, 2020

I feel this video is for all the amazing girls that have followed me since the lookbook days, it was super fun and at the same time super nostalgic for me to make it. 

The idea behind it was to wear looks inspired by my past looks- and making them a bit more 2020! I'm not saying there is nothing wrong with them, it's just how I would wear the same combos NOW!


Siento que este video es para todas las que me han acompañado en esta aventura desde hace una década. Fue super divertido, pero también estaba mega nostálgica porque no puedo creer la cantidad de tiempo que ha pasado.. ¡y todo lo que ha pasado!!

La idea era inspirarme en mis looks del pasado, y modernizarlos un poco. No significa necesariamente que estén "mal", pero es la versión que usaría AHORA (con las piezas que tengo ahora!).


- I switched the classic leopard maxi for a slit one!
- The jean jacket is the exact same one, I bleached it in 2012 and it's still my favorite denim jacket and I still like the lighter wash better. 
- Instead of sandals, I wore sneakers...because it felt more 2020 me!

- Cambié la falda maxi por una con una apertura de seda- es un poco más moderna y más divertida.
- La chaqueta es la MISMA. La decoloré en el 2012 y la he usado sin parar desde hace más de 10 años. El denim más claro me parece como vintage, haciendo que me guste más.
- En vez de sandalias, usé zapatos de goma blancos. Así me siento más yo, y no tengo sandalias marrones!


- For the second look, instead of the asymmetrical dolman sleeves that were very IN in 2011, I wore a shoulder padded tank top that are very on trend right now. 
- I still added the chain necklace (which it's definitely back in fashion). 
- For the shorts, I'll admit I love the high waisted ones from 2011 a bit better! And I swapped my favorite boots in 2011 for my favorite boots in 2020!!

- En el segundo look, en vez de usar una camisa asimétrica con las mangas "dolman", que estuvieron MUY de moda en el 2011, la cambié por la camisa que anda en todas las tiendas ahora mismo: que parece que tiene hombreras en las mangas.
- Los shorts, bueno, admito que los shorts a la cintura me gustan un poco más. 
- Y cambié mis botas favoritas del 2011 por mis botas favoritas del 2020.


This look originally was inspired by Victoria Beckham.
- The 2020 pants look more like the ones Victoria was wearing, just high waisted !
- For the gray top, the 2020 is a bit more dressy to go with the vibe of the look.
- I could have added an oversized blazer but I still have the same why not!?
- The nude pumps are pointed instead of round- which are definitely more elegant!

Este look fue inspirado en Victoria Beckham.
- Los pantalones del 2020 se parecen más a los que tenía puesto Victoria, solo que a la cintura.
- La camisa era muy informal, en vez de tela de camiseta , esta se siente más elegante.
- Pude haber usado un blazer grande como los que están de moda- pero mejor usar EL MISMO BLAZER.
- Los pumps color nude puntiagudos en vez de redondos definitivamente son más 2020.


I wore this to my first Taylor Swift concert- yeap, I'm a fan!
- First I updated the shorts to high waisted denim shorts.
- A moto jacket instead of a leather bomber.
- Since I was wearing a jacket, I thought it made more sense to wear booties than high heeled sandals.
- And well, I added a hat...because it's more me!

Este look lo utilicé para ver a Taylor Swift- y sí, la amo.
- Lo primero fue cambiar los shorts a la cadera por unos a la cintura.
- Una chaqueta de cuero estilo motociclista en vez de bomber.
- Y como estaba usando una chaqueta, preferí usar botas- me parece que iban mejor con el look.
- Añadí un sombrero porque los amo y quería darle un toque extra.


- I still think a trench is timeless, but that style isn't that timeless. I don't own a classic trench coat, and I think a camel coat is even more versatile.
- I ended up making the whole look more winter because of the leather pants and coat, with a black turtle-neck and leopard booties instead of pumps!

-  Considero que las gabardinas son MEGA MEGA clásica pero el corté que yo llevaba no lo es. Ya que no tengo una gabardina, me pareció que un abrigo camel es hasta aún más versátil.
- Ya que tenía un abrigo y los pantalones de cuero, preferí hacer el look más invernal con una camisa cuello tortuga y unas botitas de leopardo en vez de tacones de leopardo.

I was 21 years old then , and it's crazy to look back! Thank you SO SO MUCH for being part of this fun adventure! I'm super grateful for all the love and support for so many years!

Let me know if you liked thissss!