Monday, August 17, 2020

*Sponsored by Vera Bradley and Shopstyle*

 Nico, our two-year-old, was supposed to start school this season. We had chosen a little school for him to go half day. Since my husband and I work together, this would have given us time to focus on our projects for a few hours a day. Also, we wanted him to start interacting with other kids, and learn something every day.

Well, this year is definitely different from anything we would have ever imagine, and our plans changed. However, the current worldwide circumstances might have postponed OUR planes, but it doesn’t stop him from growing and needing to learn new things.

So, I’ve been googling activities with him, and to have some sort of learning environment and stimulate his brain in a playful way. I’ve ordered a few things: canvas, kid friendly paint, more colors, playdough, books, etc.

I also got this beautiful Vera Bradley backpack; and yes, it is for me! I loved the print and I know I’m going to use it when we travel or as a diaper bag (because it has so many compartments and it fits EVERYTHING, even a 15’ laptop).  

This backpack is super lightweight but it fits all of his home-school things. I have everything organized inside so when it’s time to learn I take the backpack and I quickly set up whatever we are doing that afternoon.

It comes in 7 extremely cute patterns, and 4 solid colors. But I haven’t mentioned the best part, it is made from recycled water bottles (24 go into every pack), it is also durable and water repellent!

I can’t wait for him to get his own little backpack and go to school- but for now, I’ll enjoy this Vera Bradley for me and I’ll enjoy all the time I’m able to spend with him.

I’m absolutely loving the whole Back To School collection from Vera Bradley, there are also lunch boxesstationary, and dorm accessories (all in a vast array of the cutest patterns and colors). And until 8/17/, there is a 25% Back-To-School essentials! Click here to learn more!

I also got this lunch cooler that I think it’s going to be perfect for the beach or picnics at the park!

We shouldn’t let this year get the back-to-school excitement from us and our little ones!

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