5 tips to keep your skin hydrated after and when traveling

Monday, August 29, 2016

I love traveling. I love visiting new places and exploring new cities. But getting there can be exhausting and stressful — the plane seats are getting smaller and smaller and the delays give us extra headaches. 

But what about in the beauty department? Air travel is terrible for your skin. The pressurized air of a plane pulls water out of the top layer of your skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull. Traveling also has an anxiety effect (delays, airport security, etc.) that increases stress hormones that lead to inflammation, acne and redness. That’s why your face instantly shows if you have been traveling.

Most of my travels are work related, and I cannot look tired or dull if there is a photo shoot involved as soon as I land. In the past month, I’ve been in dry heat, humid and hot weather, and hot and dry weather. All these climate changes are harsh on my skin, so today I want to share five easy tips to take care of your skin and keep it hydrated and glowing while traveling.

Roadtrip to San Francisco 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I absolutely love San Francisco, I think I would move there in a heartbeat.

I love its weather, its views, its delicious food...everything! I have been living in Miami for 10 years, where it's almost Summer all year around...you have no idea how much I wish we had this amazing weather to play with layers and just not be sweating every time you go out.

I love that we found so many vegan places and how people just hang out at parks.

During our first day there, we did the most touristy stuff ever...stop for Golden Gate Bridge pics and visit the park from the Full House opening.

My outfit was a little improvised, I quickly added a jacket and sweater to my look because it was colder than I expected.

Hope you like the pics! 

De verdad que me encanta San Francisco...me mudaría para allá sin pensarlo.

Me encanta el clima, la arquitectura, la comida, las casita inclinadas..¡TODO! Llevo ya 10 años viviendo en Miami, donde es verano casi todo el año... y suspiro de pensar que hay una ciudad con este clima tan perfecto todo el año- donde puedes usar capas y sin sudar cada vez que sales afuera.

También me encanto la cantidad de lugares veganos y como la gente disfruta en los parques (hay uno en cada esquina).

Durante nuestro primer día ahí, hicimos lo más cliché: fotos en el famoso puente y visitamos el parque de Full House (o Tres por Tres).

Mi outfit fue un poco improvisado porque veníamos de Napa donde hacía mucho calor...así que rápidamente agregué este suéter y chaqueta.

Espero que disfruten las fotos.

10 Back-to-School Essentials 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Last year I graduated from my Master’s Degree in Design and Media Management….this is my official first year out of “school” since…well, pre-school.  However, one of the most requested questions I get all the time is about “what to wear to school”…and I get all sentimental thinking about what “back-to-school” felt like, a year to start from scratch.

I really encourage you to start the School-Year with with a huge boost of confidence, and a designer smile. Reason why I want to talk about a few essentials that will get your ready, it might be a colorful backpack or a fun hairstyle…dare to try something new and just have fun while feeling like a new YOU.

I absolutely love a fun colorful backpack. Get one that reflects your personality; one with polka-dots if you are retro…maybe a tribal backpack if you love color…or a clear one if you are edgy.  Make sure they are comfortable enough to fit your books and/or your computer/ipad.
I remember when I was little, I would sit with my mom a week before school to personalize all my notebooks and books. Nowadays there are so many cute notebooks to choose from and at great prices. Again, look for ones that fit your personality…or buy basic ones and start DIY-ing them! You can even plan a date with your friends and spend the whole afternoon having a blast customizing them.

3. Fun-Phone Cases
I know you shouldn’t be on your phone during class, BUT this is the perfect excuse to get a new case that matches the vibe of all your new supplies. I’m in my 20s and my iPhone case is a Shell-phone.

You should get your eyes checked once a year. When I was in 10th grade I realized I couldn’t see the blackboard as good as I should. Now I go every year to update my recipe and get a new pair of cute glasses. My favorite shape are oversized or cat-eye…what about yours?

Your best accessory is your smile…the more you smile, the more confident you will feel (there are scientific studies on this, it’s true!). If you want to start the school year with a whiter, brighter smile, I recommend you using Colgate Optic White High Impact White.

 I always have this toothpaste and the Optic White toothbrush + Built In Whitening pen in my makeup bag to brush my teeth after lunch or dinner.

We often forget that makeup expires and back-to-school is the perfect time to throw away that old lipstick...and of course, buy a new color. I’m not saying you should wear a lot of make up to school, save that for a romantic date during the weekend.  Your makeup bag should have bb cream, mascara, concealer, blush, and a tinted lip-balm.

Water bottles should be switched yearly (thanks new school year for the reminder) and it will help you stay hydrated throughout the day without having to go to the water fountains in-between classes.

8. New Hairstyles
My school was very strict when it came to makeup- they would make us wipe it off. They even had nail polish remover in case you had anything that wasn’t neutral. If your school is as mine…dare to play with hairstyles. Dare yourself to even wear a different hairstyle every day of the week.

Monday: fishtail braid
Tuesday: side dutch braid.
Wednesday: sleek ponytail
Thursday:   Crown braid
Friday: Soft waves.

9. Emergency kit:
Get a small makeup pouch and get ready with some basics that might save your life or a friends. Include: tampons and panty liners, deodorant, hair ties and bobby pins, nail file, sewing kit, anti-bacterial, and a hair brush. My recommendation is to get these in travel sizes so they fit the small pouch.

10. Killer jeans:
Jeans are the most versatile item for the school year. Get a new pair that makes you feel amazing that will work with many tops in your closet.

What are some of your back-to-school essentials?

FTC: This post was sponsored by Optic White and Walmart. All opinions are my own.

10 FASHIONABLE WAYS to #BeComfydent

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I believe that you can achieve anything when you are confident + comfortable. Reason why I’m so excited to partner with Hanes again to continue talking about the importance of feeling comfydent.

1) Always start with the first layer: UNDERWEAR. Go for breathable and soft fabrics. My current faves: my Hanes Cool Comfort® Microfiber Brief Panties
- no panty lines and so comfortable even in the hottest Miami Summer day.

2) Stop letting a size define you. Don’t squeeze yourself in a smaller size of jeans - your clothes will fit better if you wear the right size…and you feel better comfortable because you will be able to move around.

3) Try that fashion trend you are afraid of BUT absolutely love. Don’t be afraid to break the fashion rules- I’m petite and I’m always wearing trends that magazines say I shouldn’t and I love that feeling of “See, I can do whatever I want”

4) Don’t feel guilty about splurging from time to time. Take it as an investment, never as an impulse buy. You worked hard, you saved some money…you deserve that pair of designer shoes and that new it-bag. Go buy it…and it might be just a fashion item but it will give you #GirlPower!

5) Try a new hairstyle, hair cut or hair color. It doesn’t have to be a full transformation- but little changes can give you a boost of confidence. Just make sure it’s a style you can do on the everyday.

6) Wear a bright lipstick. My favorite is red lipstick- it has a confidence boost power, especially when it’s that perfect shade for you. Go for a liquid matte so you can be comfortable and not worry about retouching.

7) Your smile is your greatest accessory, it radiates confidence from within. So show those pearly whites whenever you go, whatever you are wearing.

8) You don’t always have to wear heels to feel confident. I’ve realized that those extra inches might make my legs longer, but my feet do not appreciate it. I prefer to be wearing killer sneakers and be able to mingle, explore the world, and be me!

9) If you love an item in your closet, don’t be afraid to wear it and re-wear it. Just be creative and find different ways to make the full outfit look different.

10) A good bra is everything. You can be wearing the most gorgeous dress but if you feel a wire poking your skin…comfydence goes out the door! The Get Cozy ComfortFlex Fit® Wire Free Bra is EVERYTHING! It has smart sizing…which means the perfect bra size instantly. It also has a sleek silhouette that won’t show under any outfit. I went out of my comfort zone by wearing with my white overalls and floral bomber.

What are your secret weapons to stay COMFYDENT?

Embroidered jeans

Thursday, August 4, 2016

I feel like my posts are getting crazy out of order. We were in San Francisco last week and now we are on a cruise! I haven't posted much about it on Snapchat or IG stories because it is a family trip with my parents to celebrate my mom's 60th bday..and I really want to enjoy it with them!

 But today, we are at sea heading to Mexico and I decided to share some pics we took the first day when we boarded the ship in Ft. Lauderdale.  I went for a comfy look but still on trend and perfect to explore the ship the first day.

I love denim on denim looks; they look very effortlessly cool. If you have been thinking of a way to update your denim on denim go for a trend that was seen all over the runways for this season: EMBELLISHED jeans...especially embroidery. This intricately stitched denim just adds something extra to your favorite styles. I'm loving this pair from Soho (available on NY&Company). It's very on trend but the pattern doesn't overwhelm the style...making it versatile and fun!

The ship is HUGE; there is a whole area called Central Park..that well, no explanation necessary, it looks like a park (bird effects included and everything). Around the park there are little shops, restaurants, and cafe...I grabbed a much needed cup of coffee to make sure I get to enjoy the trip as much as possible.

How do you feel about the embroidery trend?  Raise your -emoji- hand if you love it as much as I do! XOXO

Siento que las estoy confundiendo y va a parecer un juego de "¿en que parte del mundo está Daniela?. Estuvimos en San Francisco la semana pasada, de ese viaje tengo muchas fotos!! Y ahora estoy en un crucero, no he compartido mucho en Snap/ Stories porque es el cumpleaños de mi mamá y ha sido más que todo familiar.

Pero hoy estamos en alta mar camino a Mexico y quise compartir unas del día que nos montamos en el barco. Quería un look cómodo, que pudiese usar para abordar, y luego ir a comer en el mismo barco.

Yo adoro los looks de mezclilla con mezclilla; me parecen tan fáciles de usar y se ven muy cool. Pero hoy quiero hablarles de una tendencia en dado caso que quieran actualizar sus jeans favoritos: JEANS BORDADOS. Esta tendencia la vimos en muchísimas pasarelas para el verano del 2016.  Estos bordados le dan un toque extra a tus jeans sin tener que dejar de usar tu estilo favorito. Este par es de Soho (disponible NY&Company)- está muy en tendencia pero el diseño no es abrumador, vas a poder usar mucho estos jeans sin que la gente se de cuenta.

El barco es INMENSO; hay un area llamada "Central Park"- que ,bueno, su nombre habla por si solo: parece un parque (con sonidos de animales incluidos y todo). En el parque hay pequeños restaurantes, cafés, y tienditas. Agarré un café, que lo necesitaba y seguimos paseando por el barco.

¿Qué te parece esta tendencia de bordado en jeans? Levanten las manitos de emoji si les encanta como a mi.

Take your SkinCare Routine to the Next Level…with Clinique

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

When I was 16,  I started getting acne in the cheek area and my mom instantly took me to a dermatologist. At that very moment, I began taking my skincare routine very seriously. For the past 11 years, I have been very strict with it; I religiously remove my makeup every night and I always follow an easy 3-step-routine at day and at night.

Cuando tenía 16 años, me empezaron a salir granitos en la zona de los cachetes y mi mamá me llevo inmediatamente al dermatólogo. En ese momento empecé a cuidar a piel religiosamente…y puedo decir que en los últimos 11 años he sido muy constante; siempre me quito el maquillaje y llevo una rutina sencilla de 3 pasos.

His and Hers: Golden Gate Park …with Brooks Heritage

Monday, August 1, 2016

San Francisco is such a gorgeous city; I’m absolutely in love with its architecture, with the parks in every corner, the delicious food, the weather …<3

We heard that the Golden Gate Park is even bigger than Central Park in NYC; reason why, when checking it out, we decided to rent a bike. We found a little bike shop two blocks from the park (hey,  those hills are steep- the closer to the park , the better!!). There are so many attractions to see from the Japanese Tea Garden to De Young Museum and the Conservatory of Flowers. So we hopped on our bikes and try to visit everything we could.

Fashion-wise,  I’m obsessed with how the weather allowed me to play with layers- and Gabe was so excited about being able to wear long pants and long sleeves ( The Miami heat barely let us!). But the true must-have for exploring San Francisco was this pair of Brooks Heritage sneakers. I’m wearing the Medalist Chariot in a fun red/black combo and Gabe is wearing Academia Fusion in the perfect shade of burgundy. The Chariot style pays tribute the running shoes of the eighties- I love how Brooks Heritage celebrates the history, heritage, and spirit of the run. While it was worn with leg warmers back in the day, this casual lifestyle shoe is extremely versatile. Here I’m wearing them with leather shorts, a plaid shirt around the waist and a military jacket. I also wore them with sweatpants and a jean jacket to the airport; and even with a striped dress and a varsity jacket…..they go with everything.

After biking a couple of miles, we stopped at a vegan place and had the most amazing beet burger. We were amazed by all the organic vegan places in San Francisco…Miami definitely needs to take some notes. We walked around some more, exploring new cities is the best…as long as you are wearing comfy shoes! <3


San Francisco nos dejo enamorados. A mi personalmente me encanta su arquitectura, los parques en cada esquina, la comida es deliciosa.. y por supuesto: EL CLIMA.

Habíamos ido que el Parque Golden Gate es hasta más grande que Central Park en Nueva York (parque que aunque he ido muchas veces me sigue impresionando por lo grande que es). Así que decidimos alquilar una bicicleta en un lugar pequeñito a dos cuadras del parque (¡No me juzguen, pero es que esas colinas son tan inclinadas que entre más cerca del parque mejor). Hay tantos lugares por ver adentro del parque...desde el jardín botánico japonés hasta el museo De Young y un Conservatorio de Flores. 

Hablando de moda....yo estaba fascinada que el clima nos dejaba jugar con capas- y bueno Gabo estaba era contento de poder usar pantalones y camisas largas (cosa que en Miami nunca puede). Pero el verdadero esencial para explorar San Francisco fue nuestros sneakers de  Brooks Heritage  . Yo estoy usando el modelo "Medalist Chariot" en rojo con negro y Gabo está usando el Academia Fusion en el borgoña más lindo del mundo. El Medalist Chariot  está inspirado en los zapatos de correr de los ochentas.  Viendo los modelos me parece muy divertido que cada uno de los estilos está inspirado en una década pero hechos para que sean modernos, cómodos y versátiles. Aquí los estoy usando con unos shorts de cuero, una camisa de cuadros a la cintura y una chaqueta militar. También los use con sudadera y jeans para viajar...y con un vestido de rayas y una chaqueta para un toque deportivo.

Después de manejar un par de km, paramos a comer en un sitio vegano y nos comimos la hamburguesa de remolacha más deliciosa que hemos probado. Esa fue otra de las cosas que nos encantó de San Francisco: la variedad de comida orgánica y vegana...Miami debería seguir ese ejemplo. Caminamos muchísimo...de verdad que visitar nuevas ciudades es increíble- especialmente si estás usando zapatos cómodos <3