5 tips to keep your skin hydrated after and when traveling

Monday, August 29, 2016

I love traveling. I love visiting new places and exploring new cities. But getting there can be exhausting and stressful — the plane seats are getting smaller and smaller and the delays give us extra headaches. 

But what about in the beauty department? Air travel is terrible for your skin. The pressurized air of a plane pulls water out of the top layer of your skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull. Traveling also has an anxiety effect (delays, airport security, etc.) that increases stress hormones that lead to inflammation, acne and redness. That’s why your face instantly shows if you have been traveling.

Most of my travels are work related, and I cannot look tired or dull if there is a photo shoot involved as soon as I land. In the past month, I’ve been in dry heat, humid and hot weather, and hot and dry weather. All these climate changes are harsh on my skin, so today I want to share five easy tips to take care of your skin and keep it hydrated and glowing while traveling.

1. Apply a moisturizing mask the night before
During these past few trips, I tried a new product and it instantly became my travel essential: nügg Beauty face masks. I have dry skin, so I went for the 4 Day Dry Skin Regime. It’s really easy to use and comes in four single pods that you use four days in a row for an intense skin boost. (By the way, the pods are perfect on-the-go size and security approved — check and check!) I love how it’s made with 90 percent natural ingredients and no chemicals, and it’s not tested on animals!

2. If possible, skip makeup in midair
I always try to go on a plane with a clean, makeup-free face. You can also have makeup wipes in your carry-on to take it off before boarding. This way, your skin can breathe during your flight. You should also apply a little bit of sunscreen (hey, those UV rays are still harmful at 35,000 feet).

3. Water is your bff
When the flight attendant is passing by, avoid coffee, alcohol and soda. Instead, go for water or tea. The rule of thumb is one full bottle of water per hour in flight. We all know waters are expensive at airports, so always take an empty water bottle and fill it in the water fountain.

4. Get some sleep
To avoid jet lag (and look less zombie tired), try to sleep as much as you can. Get a neck pillow and an eye mask, put some music on, and relax… time really flies by (pun intended!). 

5. Apply basic makeup for landing
If someone is waiting for you at the airport, apply the basics: bb cream, mascara, blush and eyebrow powder. I like doing this while waiting for my bag, but if you only have a carry-on, go for it after the first landing announcement.

What are your beauty tips to keep your skin hydrated at 35,000 feet? Let me know in the comments.

P.S., These nügg Beauty face masks are little life savers, and I have a special code that gives you 10 percent off your purchase (promo code: DANIELA10 — it expires September 30). Let me know if you try them! Nügg uses an innovative natural oil dispersion technology and delivers natural oils and actives to the skin.


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