The Only Kind of Roses I want

Thursday, February 15, 2018

This Miami Winter was extremely short but sweet. I've probably said it a million times but living in such a hot/humid city makes you appreciate the chilly days so much more.

The few days we got a little bit of a cold-front , I was wearing oversized sweaters with over the knee boots! This is actually a men’s sweater from Forever21, I got it last Fall. I wore it with sneakers for a longgg Ikea trip (which was a total fail, we didn’t find anything we were looking for). We were starting to look at cribs and changing tables but they were HUGE and we have limited space

Then I swapped the sneakers for these AWESOME booties; and we headed to dinner with friends

 Btw it’s not about “hiding the bump” , I just feel way way WAY more comfortable in looser silhouettes. Either way, at the pace this bump is will show in a LOSE dress.

Hope you are having an amazing week!

Trying to highlight was is left of my waist!


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