In Brooklyn..

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hey everyone! I' writing from Brooklyn while I wait for my car to head to the airport and go back home. So in the meantime, here's what I wore to the opening of Nordstrom Rack in Brooklyn. I originally wanted to wear something dressier but…at the end, I just wanted to be comfortable while shopping (plus I knew it was going to be a LONG day).

I woke up and I started getting ready while watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer (yes,  I have been watching it on Hulu for a while..and I'm on mid-Season 6). Then I met with Annabelle from Viva Luxury to go together to the event. We ended on the wrong side of the mall and we walked more than we expected (she was wearing super high heels…I don't know how she does it!). We got there to style our mannequins; without even planning it, our mannequins matched and were within the same color palette.

Then, I wanted to shop…I tried on many shoes and especially looked at bags….but nothing really caught my eye (and believe me, I was ready to buy something as a pre-birthday gift to myself haha).  I was so excited because I got to meet a couple of readers and they were all so sweet. I also finally met Camila from Camila's Closet (she was also a contributor on my first blog…so believe me I was so excited!).

After hanging out, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up to go to dinner. We went to a mexican restaurant called Xixa -A-MA-ZING…we ate so much …food coma was real last night- but I really recommended if you live in the area. So that's it…that was my day in Brooklyn!! <3 XOXO


¡Hola! Les escribo desde Brooklyn esperando que me vengan a buscar para ir al aeropuerto y regresar a mi casa :) Mientras tanto les muestro lo que utilicé para el evento celebrando el nuevo Nordstrom Rack de Brooklyn. Originalmente quería utilizar algo más arreglado…pero quería estar cómoda para comprar y disfrutar con las chicas que fueron! 

Me desperté, me arreglé con calma y de ahí me reuní con Annabelle de Viva Luxury para irnos juntas a la tienda. No tienen idea la perdida que nos echamos, terminamos caminando más de la cuenta. Llegamos a vestir a nuestros maniquís… sin planearlo, ambos maniquís combinaban perfectamente usando tonos de gris, blanco, negro, y vinotinto.

Luego de muchas vueltas, tengo que admitir que no compré nada…quería regalarme una cartera de cumpleaños adelantado pero no vi ninguna que me fascinara (aunque admito que le tengo el ojo puesto a una Phillip Lim en Poshmark). Conocí a varias seguidoras del blog, súper lindas todas <3 También finalmente conocí a Camila de Camila's Closet…quien fue escritora en Fab Chic and Fit hace años y le tengo un cariño súper especial. 

Nos regresamos al hotel para descansar dos minutos y prepararnos para ir a cenar… yo apenas me eché un poco de perfume. Fuimos a un restaurante llamado XIXA, de comida mexicana…pedimos demasiado, quedé que no podía más- recomendadísimo si están visitando o viven en el área.

¡Y ese fue mi día en Brooklyn! Les mando un abrazo gigante!!

H&M burgundy coated pants ---- H&M black ankle booties ---- Parental Advisory long-sleeve top
TED BAKER handbag ---- SUGARLIPS cargo jacket --- NEFF black beanie
RAY-BAN clubmaster sunglasses


  1. I love your tee!


  2. So cute! xx

    Cyn from

  3. Stunning photos! Love the top and the pants together. The sunglasses look good on you!

  4. Amazing look, I love how when I look at it, it SCREAMS Brooklyn to me!!

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  5. Gorgeous post! You look amazing! In love with your burgundy jeans!

  6. Amazing style, Love those heels!

  7. Sounds like a busy day! I think you made the right choice! I think comfort is imperative whilst shopping, especially for long periods of time! I love the pants! xx Danielle

  8. Love how you styled your hair and you have such a pretty smile! xo