Baby Shower Errands.... Floral & Denim

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I already told you ALL ABOUT MY BABY shower (Don't forget to check it out HERE). However, like I mentioned, there was a lot planning behind it. At least two trips to the Dollar Tree, two to Target, one to Walmart, Home Depot, the flower shop, etc.

This meant lots of walking, and for a pregnant lady, that means the comfiest shoes possible.  Let's break it down piece by piece!

Ya les conté todo sobre mi Baby Shower (pasen por acá si no lo han visto). Pero como les mencioné, hubo mucho corazón planeando todo. También muchos viajes a tiendas como la Dollar Store, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, floristerías, etc.

Esto significaba looks cómodos pero ustedes me conocen, me canso de los leggings rápidamente. Les cuento pieza por pieza:

The dress is from Alice + Olivia; so easy to dress up and to dress down. You cannot go wrong with a denim jacket to dress down a floral dress.  I got it during the store preview in a size bigger so I could wear it while the belly grew. I think I doesn't fit anymore but I can't wait to wear it after baby.

This denim jacket has been with me even before the blog. It used to be a dark denim wash but Gabe helped me bleached it. In my opinion, the lighter was is a bit more timeless! I think it's time for a Remix with it!! There are probably so many looks with it and since 2011. Would you still like to see it?

These white sneakers have been a favorite of mine for almost two years- it might be time to update them but I get attached to anything and everything.

The light pink bag is from Rebecca Minkoff but I designed it. This was one of my OMG-I can't-Believe-It campaigns. I got to design a bag inspired by Miami.  I'm definitely proud of the thing I've got to do.

Hope you liked the look and the pics! This place is in North Biscayne, not sure what street but it should be around 60th.  I've seen it on Instagram and I definitely wanted to shoot there. I'm not going to lie, it did need a lot of photoshoot because it needs to be re-painted! So don't be sad if you arrive there and it doesn't look that amazing, it's all about the angles and a lot of cleaning on an editing app.

TARGET white sneakers
FOREVER 21 denim jacket
FOREVER 21 pink tint eyeglasses
COACH burgundy watch


  1. I love how you blend in with the background

  2. Love your outfit, floral dress with denim jacket, an easy and beautiiful outfit idea.
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