Thursday, April 26, 2018

Over the years, I've focused in recommending you guys versatile pieces that can create an even more versatile closet.

However,  unique statement pieces can also be as fun to play around. I personally take it as a challenge- this article would have been 100% easier if the beret was black, right?

So let's get into it.  How STYLE A PINK BERET?

 I went for a midi dress by Sincerely Jules. If you look closely, you will  notice the pattern has a bit of the same pink than the beret.  I finished up the look with some white booties and a black bag. It was comfortable and chic, one of those three-pieces outfits that look completely put together!

This dress isn't maternity, BUT I got it in a bigger size and the boyish fit seemed to work for my growing belly.

While shooting these pics, I was like "WE HAVE TO GET SOME BUBBLEGUM".   It was so hard to make the right bubble, they kept blowing up in my face or wouldn't get big enough.  It was hilarious.

I added the denim jacket because I love how the pink of the beret looks with a light-denim wash- and this one says "HELLO BOMBSHELL" in the same shade of pink!

 I would have worn a simple white tee with some denim shorts or denim jeans + white sneakers. HOWEVER, my bottoms do not fit at the moment and I cannot continue to buy pregnancy jeans! But I think you can get the overall idea!



  1. the beret are amazing, and when you find a pink

  2. Me encanta tu estilo y mas como lo has traspolado al embarazo; viƩndote glamourosa y/o fashion siempre �� Me preguntaba si piensas re-abrir alguna tienda online de piezas de tu closet :)